Watching skies

In the lull between Christmas and New Year I find myself becalmed.  Part of me looks back in wonder at the year that’s gone (was it really only this year that my Florence dream came true?  It seems so distant, yet the images so clear)  The other part squirms with excitement at what might lay ahead.  I still have carefully nurtured memories of Portugal to share with you, but I’ll stay in the moment, for now.

There have been so many lovely skies this month, especially if you’ve been following Becky.  I feel like I’ve put my series to bed now.

A Sunday silhouette

What to do when a good friend becomes so obsessed with squares that she wants to turn the sky square?  Humour her, of course.  This photo was taken in Cascais.  All you need is a Square Sky photo and you can join in, any day in December.




Capturing fading light seems to have been one of my preoccupations on my recent trip to the Algarve.  I always have difficulty keeping these things to myself, so I was happy when Paula requested Backlit images on Thursday’s Special.

Fronds of palm, backlit

Shadows creeping silently

Whispering of night


A strong subject in the foreground is what’s required, so I’ve included the one above, which I don’t like so much, and a couple of fishermen, taken much earlier in the day.  I rather like the fishermen.  They were much too busy to notice me.


As always, Paula does it with style and a very special Thursday photo.  My lovely friend Gilly is always here on a Thursday, too- her Lazy Poet’s haiku is simply too good to miss.

I really shouldn’t be loitering here because I’ve still much to do. See you!

Musings at sunset


Ponte Romana, Tavira

How many times have you seen this image, or one very like it, on my site?  I make no apologies.  It holds for me many happy memories and I hope to return to Tavira later this month to make a few more.  Today’s photo was prompted by Sylvain who asks for something classic and simple- a sunset- for this week’s challenge.  He has some beauties, so do go and look.


It was a beautiful evening

This month is very busy for me.  Today I’m heading to the Lake District.  I thought I might capture a little window of sunshine but the forecast is wet! wet! wet!  So, that waterfall I planned to see will be full! full! full!

Next week Lumiere comes to Durham.  The last show in 2013 was fabulous.  This year I’m excited to see where Stuart’s sea glass wave fits in.

And then Tavira!  No matter what the weather throws at me, I’m determined to enjoy November.  I hope you do too.

Six word Saturday


To be at peace with myself.

Like those clouds, i'm going to let it all drift away

Like those clouds, I’d like to let it all just drift away

How quickly a week passes!  After last week’s funk and all your kind wishes, I’m resolved to stop skittering about and simply enjoy what comes my way.

I love clouds!  Except, of course, when I’m bumping down through them on an aircraft, but that’s a different story. I’m only two weeks away from my next visit to the Algarve, and the tingle of excitement is there already.  Before that I have a couple of days in London, so peace will not come so easily.  The buzz of the city will surround me.

I have lots of cloud photos! These were snatched from the car

I have so many cloud photos!  These were snatched from the car

These too!

These too!

So many times I’ve watched the sun come up through my front window and set again in the evening, behind my home.  The peace and wonder of it all envelopes me, and I love it.

That first glimmer of sunlight

That first glimmer of sunlight

And the last curtain fall

Till the last curtain fall

And set behind the house

Just beautiful, isn’t it?

Wishing you all peace this weekend.  I may post for Six Word Saturday next week, but I’ll be in transit so my response will be slow.  In any case, the world will keep on turning.  I hadn’t seen the Daily Post challenge when I posted this, but really- what could be more serene?

Please don’t forget to share your week with Cate at Show My Face, and maybe join me for a walk on Monday?  I’ll look forward to it.


A festive Sunset

I love a bit of drama in the sky

I love a bit of drama in the sky

Walking home after a lovely lunchtime with a good friend, I was full of Christmas cheer. The sky was a blaze of fire but the chill was nipping at my toes.  As the Christmas lights came on in our town centre, I just had to stand a little while and admire.

It only needed a few minutes

It only needed a few minutes


For the colours to fade

Paula has chosen a spectacular way to say ‘farewell’ to the Thursday Special until the New Year. If you like a bit of drama too, that’s the place to be.