Six Word Saturday

Six word Saturday

The message is ‘stay at home!’

A glorious, but empty, sight.  Though, to be fair, it’s pouring again today.  And there was me, getting ready to sing on the balcony!  No, we haven’t reached lockdown yet, but our President is trying his best to contain the beast with State of Emergency measures.  We can only respect that.

Meanwhile, Debbie is making the earth move.  In Six Words.  Join me for another walk on Monday and some virtual fresh air.


Six word Saturday

The biggest, and still the best!

From lovely Marilyn, and the Oscars

Through scary Pirates of the Caribbean

Every show needs a Mad Hatter!

And a Joker in the pack

European politics always play their part

And there’s something for the kids

While Avatar brings us bodies beautiful

And never forgetting the chorus line!

I’m known to cheat on occasion, but I think Loulé Carnival 2020 can provide many of the items Tina was looking for in her Treasure Hunt.  And hopefully she’ll have fun looking.  While Debbie continues to amaze with her ingenuity.  Happy Saturday everyone!



Six word Saturday

Shall we keep the light burning?

I could as well have said ‘are you all still seeing squares?’ but I suspect those might be Becky’s Six Words.  I’d like to keep that lovely glow we’ve created, wouldn’t you?  It’s up to us!  Let’s start today.  Happy Saturday!