Musings at sunset


Ponte Romana, Tavira

How many times have you seen this image, or one very like it, on my site?  I make no apologies.  It holds for me many happy memories and I hope to return to Tavira later this month to make a few more.  Today’s photo was prompted by Sylvain who asks for something classic and simple- a sunset- for this week’s challenge.  He has some beauties, so do go and look.


It was a beautiful evening

This month is very busy for me.  Today I’m heading to the Lake District.  I thought I might capture a little window of sunshine but the forecast is wet! wet! wet!  So, that waterfall I planned to see will be full! full! full!

Next week Lumiere comes to Durham.  The last show in 2013 was fabulous.  This year I’m excited to see where Stuart’s sea glass wave fits in.

And then Tavira!  No matter what the weather throws at me, I’m determined to enjoy November.  I hope you do too.


    1. Eek- I’ve just turned on my laptop after almost a fortnight’s absence and it’s snowing! 🙂 🙂 I must disable the WP snow till I’ve posted some Algarve sunshine. Thanks, I did! Seems so long ago. 🙂

  1. Jo, I can’t tell you how much your sunset photographs made my day. The beautiful deep peach colors in the sky against the soft whites and taupes of the buildings made my heart soar. Thank you thank you for sharing. And safe travels to you!

  2. November is a lot like January – it can be blah. Leaves are gone, it’s getting cold, but at least we have Thanksgiving to look forward to. January is just endless – you have the right idea, though, Jo – a getaway, even if it’s wet.

  3. Only bad clothing as they say Jo 😉 I can’t imagine you won’t enjoy the Lakes in some way !
    Many Happy Returns x Can see whyTavira pulls you back time and time again ….

  4. Pretty in Pink. Ah, my daughter loved that film 😀
    Hope it stays dry for you, we were forecast heavy rain too from this morning, but so far the sky is simply glowering. I guess it is waiting for me to go out.

    Many many happies of the day – I shall open a bottle tonight to drink to your health and happiness in the year ahead – no need to thank me 😉

  5. Well, I haven’t seen it before so thank you for posting and introducing it to me. Absolutely divine. What an unusual sunset! Have fun on your travels and may this rain let up…Lake District and rain are often synonymous.

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