Jo’s Monday walk : Sunrise on the Salt Pans

I sometimes do daft things!  When I saw a sunrise walk featured in Tavira, in Todos a Caminhar, I just knew I had to do it.  I’ve always wanted to live beside a beach, so that I could slip outside into that beguiling early morning light.  My reality is far from that, but a 20 minute stroll will bring me to the riverside, and beyond, a world of salt marshes and oyster catchers.

Trying not to disturb a certain person, I tiptoed down the stairs at 5.45, gulped a few mouthfuls of coffee, and out into the mild, morning air.  I thought I had made good time down to the Praca, but when I got there the place was deserted.  I hadn’t been sure how many other enthusiasts to expect, but the streets of Tavira were Sunday morning sleepy.  Just as I was deciding what to do, a lady in joggers sprinted into the square, threw off her jacket and made off at speed.  It was 6.18am!   I had missed the start by three minutes.  And sure enough, the sun was just starting to rise.

I had no intention of hot footing it after them.  I had all this to myself!  In lazy pursuit, I ambled out along the river.  The soft light pearled the water, the stillness unbroken.  Even the birds were enjoying a Sunday snooze.

As I reached the edge of the salt pans I smiled to myself.  There in the distance, lycra clad figures sped towards me.  All of this seemed wasted on them.  I continued to stroll and snap.  As they straggled past me, in twos and threes, I smiled ‘Bom dia!’ but most were focused on home.

Across the salt pans there was just enough light to reflect Tavira in the water.  Ahead, the small marina and boatyard of Quatro Aguas.  It’s a place that I love, but I had never seen it in such opalescent light.

Enjoying the early morning mellow.  Gently I retraced my steps, in the ever increasing light.  Mauve crept into the heather and bronze lit the sandbanks.  I played at being a birder for a while, an obliging chap posing for me.  The wrecked mill drew closer.

And then I was back in town, and crossing the flyover.  A fisherman, releasing his boat to catch the tide.  Passing the common, a strange sight caught my eye.  An inverted Minnie Mouse, remnant of last night’s festival revelry, perhaps?

An elderly gentleman with a nice smile had also observed the balloon.  As I stopped to take the shot, an agitated shrieking filled the air.  Body taut and wings beating rapidly, it flew overhead again and again.  I supposed it must have had young close by.  Feeling like an intruder, I wearily returned home, where all was still silent.  Time to put the kettle on and start the day.

I hope you enjoyed watching the sun rise with me.  I’d like to add it to Cathy’s Photographic challenge at Wander.essence.  She’s doing some fine work over there.  I tried to bring the salt marshes alive for you.  I’m half-tempted to add this to Tina’s Soft too.  I hope she won’t mind.  The light on the water was so very soft that morning.  Are you following the Lens Artists?

Many thanks to all of you who accompany me each week.  My wanderings would be nothing without you.  Join me here any time.


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That’s all folks!  Wishing you a wonderful week.  Hope you can get out and about a bit.  See you next week!

3 Days, 3 Quotes- Day 2


When I was much younger I had a bit of a yen for Kerouac, and the lifestyle.  Even today, ‘On the Road’ resonates, for a lady with a restless streak.


Another day dawns

Another adventure begins, in a place that I love.

I hope that it may long continue.

The Happy Traveler kindly nominated me for the 3 Days, 3 Quotes challenge.  I have one more quote to come tomorrow.  If any of you would like to join in with some quotes of your own, please do feel free.  Meantime, have a happy Friday!

Six word Saturday


To be at peace with myself.

Like those clouds, i'm going to let it all drift away

Like those clouds, I’d like to let it all just drift away

How quickly a week passes!  After last week’s funk and all your kind wishes, I’m resolved to stop skittering about and simply enjoy what comes my way.

I love clouds!  Except, of course, when I’m bumping down through them on an aircraft, but that’s a different story. I’m only two weeks away from my next visit to the Algarve, and the tingle of excitement is there already.  Before that I have a couple of days in London, so peace will not come so easily.  The buzz of the city will surround me.

I have lots of cloud photos! These were snatched from the car

I have so many cloud photos!  These were snatched from the car

These too!

These too!

So many times I’ve watched the sun come up through my front window and set again in the evening, behind my home.  The peace and wonder of it all envelopes me, and I love it.

That first glimmer of sunlight

That first glimmer of sunlight

And the last curtain fall

Till the last curtain fall

And set behind the house

Just beautiful, isn’t it?

Wishing you all peace this weekend.  I may post for Six Word Saturday next week, but I’ll be in transit so my response will be slow.  In any case, the world will keep on turning.  I hadn’t seen the Daily Post challenge when I posted this, but really- what could be more serene?

Please don’t forget to share your week with Cate at Show My Face, and maybe join me for a walk on Monday?  I’ll look forward to it.


Six word Saturday


A hope for peace and harmony

Each morning the beauty of the sky greets us

Each morning, the beauty of the sky awaits us

Unasked, the flowers turn their faces up to us

Unasked, the flowers turn their faces up

With all their shy beauty

With all their shy beauty



And delicacy

And delicacy

Each year they awaken and delight

Each year they awaken, to delight

Peeping out of their pots

Peeping out of their flowerpots

Or maybe we've brought them inside to enjoy

Or maybe we’ve brought some inside, to enjoy

Before the sun sets

Before the sun sets

With maybe just a hint of rain

With, maybe, just a hint of rain

And drains the colour from our world

Before the colour drains from our world

It is so simple, isn’t it?  So beautiful.

My wish for you at Easter is peace and love, with not too many raindrops. (and certainly no more snow for my Stateside friends!)

I almost forgot to link to Cate at Show My Face.  Even on Easter Saturday you can still share your six words.  Happy Easter!



Six word Saturday


I was so proud and happy

Downton Abbey frock

I have already completed 2 posts full of wedding photos, but failed to exhibit the Downton Abbey frock, with yours truly inside.  So, with humble apologies, here I am.  For those of you I meet here on Saturdays, who’ve probably missed all the good photos, here is the link for To the Manor Born.  Lisa and Leo will be back from their Venice honeymoon by the time you read this, but I haven’t yet disturbed them.  Let their bubble last just a little bit longer.


Proud and happy are also good descriptions for how I felt when I received the above award from GallivanceTHE SHINE ON AWARD highlights bloggers who are shining stars in the vast array of available blogs.  Wow!  Isn’t that just the best of compliments?  And here I am, dressed for the ceremony.  If you follow the link you will be introduced to a feast of talent.

In accepting this award, I’m tasked with sharing seven facts about myself :

1.  I rate pretty highly on the “World’s clumsiest people” list.  I even managed to collide with one of the antique chairs at the wedding reception. (ssh! I didn’t hurt it)  A limp and a purple knee are all the damage.

2.  I love sunrises and am awake to witness them probably more often than I would like. (a very pretty one is appearing over my shoulder as I type this)

3.  I fizz and enthuse absolutely to the point of “no further” on occasion.  That warning look appears in my husband’s eye, and I’ve learnt to “put a lid on it”. (well, almost)

4.  That sunrise really IS lovely.  I had to stop typing and grab the camera.


5.  As well as the travel bug, I am becoming increasingly obsessed with photography.  I can barely leave the house without a camera, and if I do, am constantly aware of superb photo opportunities everywhere.

6.  I’ve stopped again because I’m bathed in a golden glow from this sunrise.  Sadly it’s too bright to capture.  I’ve got sunspots before my eyes from the attempt.  My skill level in no way matches my enthusiasm.

7.  I am desperately heavy on shoes, so it’s a good job I like going barefoot.

That’s too much about me, isn’t it?  So, I’ve shared a link to Gallivance, listed my 7, and it’s time to pass on the award.  I follow so many inspirational bloggers, but I’ve narrowed it down to these 5.  I expect you already know some of them, but do spare the time to drop in.  You’ll be in for a treat.

A Nomad in the land of Nizwa–  I love Cath’s constant exploration of the world around her, and of herself.

Another day in Paradise–  You just know you’re going to have a smile on your face when you finish reading one of Sylvia’s posts.  And the photography- fabulous!

Jakesprinter–  I first got drawn into the photo challenges thanks to the talents of this remarkable guy.  I have absolutely no conception of how he achieves his graphics, but I am in awe.

The Urge to Wander–  Madhu already has a trophy cabinet full of awards, and deservedly so, but if I’m talking about shining stars in the blogging world, I can’t possibly leave her out.

First and Fabulous–  blogs about nothing, if you take Gemma at her word, but it’s often a very thought provoking nothing, and there’s a warm heart to this lady.

As usual, I’ve used and abused Cate’s 6WS, so go and see her to cheer her up at Show My Face.  The header or the link will take you there.  My previous posts are on my Six word Saturday page or the button below.  See you next week?


Six word Saturday


Flying south, but not for long


Just a week, in Tavira.  What will I find this trip?

Maybe a little local festival

Maybe, a little local festival?

Certainly a few walks, clifftop or otherwise (can you see the pirate ship?)

Certainly a few walks, clifftop or otherwise (can you see the pirate ship?)

Absolutely some apple blossom

Absolutely some apple blossom

Familiar steps

Familiar steps, leading up to the castle

Some winter flowers in the castle gardens

Some winter flowers in the castle gardens

The drama of those cliffs

The drama of those cliffs

My much loved hibiscus plants

My much loved hibiscus plants

And a sunset or two over the tracks

And a sunset or two over the tracks, as we walk down into town

When I return it’s just days to my daughter’s wedding and I can feel the excitement rising now.  I hope to find a minute or two to post a few pics, but otherwise you know there’ll be a wedding bonanza coming up.

Many thanks to Cate at Show My Face for being our genial lady hostess.  Click on the link or the header to see how you can join in.  The button below will take you to my previous Six word Saturdays.


Six word Saturday


Enjoying the lull.

Ready for fireworks?

Not a lot going on this week

Not a lot going on this week

A Hartlepool sunrise

A Hartlepool sunrise

A little more rain

A little more rain

A walk round Durham, the river brim full

A walk round Durham, the river brim full

Popped into the new T.I to avoid a shower

Popped into the new T.I., to avoid another shower

It's dark early

It’s dark early

Soon be time to take the tree down

Soon be time to take the tree down

Peaceful, huh?  Hope you enjoyed my Six word Saturday, and that your New Year celebrations are as raucous as you want them to be.  See you next year.

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And all of the precious moments in between.


I’m rising to Jakesprinter’s Challenge, Sunrise, this morning.  Just let me fetch another cup of coffee and I’ll be fine.

There now, that’s much better.  I do love that moment when the sun peeps breathtakingly over the horizon, though I’m usually tiptoeing around trying not to wake the other half.

Now we’re awake there’s just time to wander through the other entries for Jake’s challenge this week.  It’s always a source of inspiration.  Many thanks to Jake for hosting this event.  Are you going to join in?