Ascending through grey

Slicing sad, foreboding clouds.

Miracle of flight



I’m struggling a bit with blogging at the minute.  All the zap seems to have gone out of me.  It’s natural enough, I suppose.  I hate these grey skies and Dad’s loss has left an emptiness.  The day I left Faro was one of the longest in my life.  The sky itself felt full of sorrow, and I both wanted, but dreaded, to be home again.  But down on the Praia life went on.  A battle with the elements that held me captive for a few sweet moments.


If there’s one thing you can rely on it’s that Thursday’s Special, and that Paula will do her best to make it so.  Thanks, lovely lady.

Six word Saturday


To be at peace with myself.

Like those clouds, i'm going to let it all drift away

Like those clouds, I’d like to let it all just drift away

How quickly a week passes!  After last week’s funk and all your kind wishes, I’m resolved to stop skittering about and simply enjoy what comes my way.

I love clouds!  Except, of course, when I’m bumping down through them on an aircraft, but that’s a different story. I’m only two weeks away from my next visit to the Algarve, and the tingle of excitement is there already.  Before that I have a couple of days in London, so peace will not come so easily.  The buzz of the city will surround me.

I have lots of cloud photos! These were snatched from the car

I have so many cloud photos!  These were snatched from the car

These too!

These too!

So many times I’ve watched the sun come up through my front window and set again in the evening, behind my home.  The peace and wonder of it all envelopes me, and I love it.

That first glimmer of sunlight

That first glimmer of sunlight

And the last curtain fall

Till the last curtain fall

And set behind the house

Just beautiful, isn’t it?

Wishing you all peace this weekend.  I may post for Six Word Saturday next week, but I’ll be in transit so my response will be slow.  In any case, the world will keep on turning.  I hadn’t seen the Daily Post challenge when I posted this, but really- what could be more serene?

Please don’t forget to share your week with Cate at Show My Face, and maybe join me for a walk on Monday?  I’ll look forward to it.


Remember those clouds?

The heavens descend to Hartlepool marina!

They landed in Hartlepool marina!

So much of photography is being in the right place at the right time, isn’t it?  I’ve done a lot of walking in the past few days because it’s been too nice to be indoors.  I was wearily heading home on Saturday teatime as the sun dipped in the sky.  Looking for the shortest possible route, I headed through Hartlepool marina, and this was my reward.

A handful of clouds had fallen in!

A handful of clouds were swimming

The boats reflected sharply in the sea of clouds.  I simply stood and stared.

An ordinary view, tinged with magic

An ordinary view, blessed with sky magic

A majestic pair

I felt like this majestic pair, totally at peace.

A smile on my face, I carried on towards home.  If you didn’t see it, I was chasing clouds on the horizon earlier in the week.  I seem to have shepherded them to our marina.

I’m linking this post to Paula’s Thursday’s Special.  So is Paula.  Go take a look.


My cloud fixation

The blue horizon

The blue horizon

These days I seem to have one eye permanently on the sky.  Cloud formations totally fascinate me.  They bump into and fold around each other with such gay abandon!  From the moment the sun slips over the horizon I’m aware of their constant movement.  Maybe it’s the restlessness in me that is drawn by them as they wander far and wide.

Nowhere are the clouds more wonderful to watch than on the coast.  Why is it that the sea seems to push the clouds away and hang on to the blue, even when the land is covered in thick cloud? I’m sure there must be a meteorological explanation.  Meantime, join me in a cliff top walk.

Layer upon layer of cloud rolls out to sea

Layer upon layer of cloud rolls out to sea

I was on the coast just north of here, not far from the former pit village of Easington.  There are few signs these days of the coal mining industry.  The occasional lift shaft is preserved as a reminder, along the coastal trail.  According to Wikipedia this is the only place on earth with dolomitic limestone cliffs on the coastline.  The railway runs up the north east coast, often providing sweeping views out to sea.

Notice the goods train in the foreground

Notice the goods train in the foreground

Walking back the sun glints off the water

Walking back the sun glints off the water

And I return to the pit lift, where I started out

And I return to the pit lift, where I started out

I hope you enjoyed cloud gazing with me.  See you next time!

Six word Saturday


Fluffy clouds





and boat people


Random moments from my Algarve week.  I seldom take photos of animals.  They have a habit of moving as soon as I point the camera.  The three cats intrigued me, however, as they sat and just stared, and stared.  I looked around for the hypnotist but he wasn’t anywhere about.  The boat, in “dry dock” in Albufeira, was equally unmoving.

It seems so much more than a week since I was there.  I have lots of golden moments to share, but there’s no time.  I’m off to Lisa’s wedding.  SO excited, I can barely type!  You can guess what next week’s 6WS is going to be.  Meantime, please visit Cate at Show My Face to share your week in six words.  Click on the header or the link for details.

I hope to catch up with some of you tomorrow, but I may be a bit giddy!


Six word Saturday

Sparkling sea, clouds, boats and adventure?

The seafront at Hartlepool

A bright, clear day like this one always propels me to the sea shore.  On the horizon the chimneys of industry and the Power Station pump smoke into the atmosphere.  But on a day like this the sparkling water captures the eye and just won’t let go.

The sea is kept at bay by a defensive wall of rocks

It’s not the prettiest seafront.  The concrete defences are a sad necessity these days.  The local tip is just across the road, behind a low fence.  Sea coal often coats the beach- gritty reality.  Still the sun and the waves have the power to transport me beyond the merely physical.

Heading back to the harbour, the distant Headland peaks over the sea wall

The lock gates open to embrace the sea

Boat repairs and the sales office live side by side with the Coastguard

And then you’re into the marina proper

And every variety of boat is there

Mostly they’re white

If you’re lucky, the water goes on sparkling

And the adventure?  How could the high seas not offer adventure?  But my adventure is of a different nature this week and it’s time I paid tribute to Life is a Journey.  Reena has honoured me with the Adventurous Blogger Award.  I am constantly amazed at how far and wide my readers range these days.  Reena hails from the Philippines and is a relative newcomer to blogging.  If her photos of Rome by night are any indication of her talents, we have some treats in store.

In accepting the award I need to answer a few simple questions:

1. Where would you like your next adventure to be?

I’ve mostly only adventured in Europe and I have a serious hankering after the Far East.  All those temples and pagodas hold me in totally in thrall.  One day…one day.  Anyone out there want to offer me an assignment? (I know- get in line!)

2. Where would you recommend for an adventurous time?

Strange though it might sound, the island of Madeira.  There are many more exotic locations, but the landscape of Madeira is spectacular and very accessible.  You can go canyonning and levada walking in quite challenging terrain, and be surrounded by natural beauty.

3. What do you regard as the most interesting culture?

There are many oriental cultures I would love to experience.  Japan I would really love to visit, and newly opened Burma looks incredible.

4. What is your favourite holiday activity?

Exploring, exploring and more exploring.  I hate to miss anything. (nosey, my husband says)

5. What is the most dangerous activity you’ve undertaken?

The donkey ride from the harbour up to the cliff tops in Santorini.  I’m a bit of a scaredy cat and looking down a donkey’s nose into the caldera way below was more than enough excitement for me.  I much preferred the cable car ride back down.

6. What is your favourite quotation?

Not strictly a quote, but my mother always used to say “never let the sun set on your anger” and I agree one hundred percent.

7. Happiness is?

For me, simply a sunny day.

There, I’m all done.  Six Word Saturday, huh?  I do go on a bit!

I’m not going to nominate specific people to receive this award.  You adventurous types all know who you are and are very welcome to take up the award and run with it.  A previous 6WS page explains it better.  Please do go and visit Reena and make her as welcome to the blogging world as you’ve made me.

Just remains to say thanks to Cate at Show My Face.  See you all later today as I check out what you’ve done with your week?  The button below links to my previous Six Word Saturdays.