Capturing fading light seems to have been one of my preoccupations on my recent trip to the Algarve.  I always have difficulty keeping these things to myself, so I was happy when Paula requested Backlit images on Thursday’s Special.

Fronds of palm, backlit

Shadows creeping silently

Whispering of night


A strong subject in the foreground is what’s required, so I’ve included the one above, which I don’t like so much, and a couple of fishermen, taken much earlier in the day.  I rather like the fishermen.  They were much too busy to notice me.


As always, Paula does it with style and a very special Thursday photo.  My lovely friend Gilly is always here on a Thursday, too- her Lazy Poet’s haiku is simply too good to miss.

I really shouldn’t be loitering here because I’ve still much to do. See you!


  1. Your first photo makes me think of the clouds as “hands” holding a crystal ball while a fortune teller leans forward to tell the lovely skies their fortune. 🙂


    1. What a lovely thought! 🙂 I sometimes struggle to visualise the post if I’m answering my comments (as now 🙂 ) in the drop down box at the top of screen. It’s so much quicker but not always a help. 🙂 Hope you and family had a wonderful time together this Christmas.


    1. Thank you very much 🙂 I’m about half way towards Christmas and I fluctuate between not caring at all and panic mode. 🙂 Fairly typical of me, really! Returning your good wishes. Merry Christmas to you and Monkey 🙂


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