Jo’s Monday walk : the marina

Shadows lengthen in Hartlepool marina

Shadows lengthen in Hartlepool marina

I’ve been scrolling back through my Monday walks, trying to decide where to take you next.  I still have a few, unshared, Algarve memories, but I think today we’ll just have a peaceful stroll around our marina.  I’m continuing my hassle free mood.  The Christmas rush will arrive soon enough.

Though the last few days here have been damp and dreary, last weekend the sunsets were liquid and beautiful.   Perfect for a stroll!  Dusk comes early at this time of year and, with the sun so low in the sky, the light and shade has a magic all its own.

The view from Jackson's Landing

The view from Jackson’s Landing

Looking down towards the marina

Looking down towards the marina

The colours reflect so well in the still water

The colours reflect so well in the calm water

The sun bounces from the flats to the water

The sun bounces off the apartments

And then fades!

And then fades!

You’ve probably noticed, I can always loiter by boats.  And with the sun descending into a liquid pool, the temptation is even greater.  I succumb every time!

The sun, lending highlights to the boats

The sun paints highlights on the boats

Caressing the red  lovingly

Lovingly caressing the red

And lighting up the water

Then sinking gently towards the water

Isn't it magical?

Magical, isn’t it?

I linger till the light's almost gone

I struggle to tear myself away!

Light is a deceptive thing because, as I look back, the boats appear still well lit.  I look towards the sea, and wonder if I might make it to the sea wall in the time remaining before sunset.

Looking back across the marina

Looking back across the marina

Beyond the lock gates, two overgrown, ramshackle piers reach out to meet their mate across the water.  There is a poignancy to them, with their neglected grassy tufts.  The new sea defense walls make them look very shabby, but it’s atmospheric out there, with the evening shadows.

Can you see the fishermen, huddled against the rocks?

Can you see the fishermen, huddled against the rocks?

The sun has almost set

A last dazzle of sunlight

A cycle path leads around the back of the apartment blocks, and back to Jackson’s landing, where we started out.  A smokey haze rests on the water as the final clouds drift up and away.

The clouds drift up and away

Dying light!

I hope you enjoyed my very local stroll this week.  No place like home?  I’ve had the saddest weekend and would like to extend huge thanks to my blogging friends.  They’re always there when I need them.  Spending time on this post helped a little to distract me from the sudden and tragic death of a dear friend and neighbour in the Algarve.

walking logo

If you’d like to join me on a walk, short or long, you’d be more than welcome.  The logo above will take you to my Jo’s Monday walks page.  Meanwhile, many thanks for all these great contributions.  Time to put the kettle on, and enjoy.

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Early Christmas walk

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Eastwoodhill- a tree lover’s sanctuary

Have a great week of walking!  I hope your weather’s good.


  1. It was a wonderful walk, for and for us both. Thank you, Jo. 🙂
    You do make me want to go down, 100 miles south, to Galveston. I have not been there since before Hurricane Ike came through. We do have a small marina here where we live. All pleasure boats, no shipping or fishing boats so not very pretty or diverse. Ours is an inland man made lake, Lake Conroe.

  2. Jo, I’m sorry for your loss.
    Is that a grenade or bomb on the poppy memorial photo? I’m talking about that green metal object.
    You captured the most beautiful part of the day perfectly.

    1. Thanks, Rosemay 🙂 Yes- life goes on, doesn’t it? Quiet weekend planned (and some online Christmas shopping- I guess I’ll have to start!) Many thanks for your contribution 🙂

      1. You’re very welcome Jo 🙂 I do most of my shopping for Christmas online these days – much easier than posting to England. Hope you’ll start to feel better soon but it does take time, enjoy your quiet weekend 🙂

  3. What a lovely place. It looks like a place one could spend hours just relaxing in the sun. A very nice series of photo. On a different note, I am sorry to read about your friend that has passed away. You have my sympathies.

    1. Fleeting life, hey, Otto? Thanks a lot 🙂
      I do tend to take our marina for granted because it’s on the doorstep, but with the right weather it can hold it’s own, I think.

  4. Hi, Jo. You live in such a beautiful area. The sunsetting and reflections are so beautiful. Of course, just being around water and boats is the best of therapies especially when hearing of such sad news. So unexpected which makes it worse. Hope you are feeling better. We’re still on our road trip and three days from getting home. Then, it’s catch up time.

    1. It really was, Lucy, then we’ve had a week of gloomy grey stuff! 😦 The sun was back today but I needed a few more jumpers. I can cope (in the short term!) You expect it to be cold at Christmas, don’t you? (though I would settle for a tropical island) 🙂

  5. Nice photos, especially with the soft sunlight. I took a walk with a group of friends to Lower Austria over the weekend. I do not have photos, but it was beautiful with early dinner at a heuriger (wine tavern) tucked in at the end of the walk.

  6. Dear Jo…as I walked with you I was thinking how calming and peaceful it is to walk by the water at this time of year, with the pale sunshine casting such tranquil reflections in the water and admiring your lovely photographs, but when I read your last paragraph I was deeply saddened to read of your news. I am so very sorry. I’m only just getting to your blog after taking a break since last week’s post and having the family home. Just know I’m thinking of you and now it is my turn to send you as many huge hugs as I possibly can… ❤

    1. Thanks, Sherri 🙂 I’m feeling lucky and very blessed right now. It’s been a terrible few days and I’ve had gastric problems too, but compared to Marie’s situation the sun is shining on me.

    1. Hi Paula! It was a real shock because he was fit and healthy when I last saw him on 6th November (and laughing at the way I lost my phone!) I’ve had a mild dose of food poisoning (or stomach virus, not sure which) in the last few days so a thoroughly miserable time all round. But I’m still very lucky not to be his wife. Her life fell apart overnight.
      Thank you 🙂

      1. Oh Jo, I so wish there was something I could do to change that! But there isn’t, so I am continuing to think of you and send wishes that the days will get better and that in the meantime you will be fully enveloped with armloads of love and support.

  7. Oh I am so very sorry to hear of your loss. So heartbreaking. Know that I am sending you very big hugs and my heartfelt sympathy. Your beautiful photos with their lovely reflections a fitting tribute to your friend.

    1. Thanks, Sue. He was cremated today and I cannot imagine the grief and loss Marie is experiencing right now. They were a very happy, self sufficient couple, living the dream…..

      1. Oh goodness Jo my heart breaks for your friend left behind. We just never know in life do we? Let her unimaginable loss be a reminder to us to live big every single day as really each sunrise that finds us with our partner is a gift. Xoxo

  8. ah, I wish I could take you to a stroll down to a marina in my lovely Odessa! Another reason to go on a visit, isn’t it? Your Marina reminds me of Odessa’s pretty much. Though ours is tiny compared to Hartlepool’s, the boats are just as – if not even more – luxurious! But where is the lighthouse?! I could not spot it in your photos!~

  9. You sunset and reflections make an undistinguished apartment block quite beautiful. You keep revealing new beauties close to home in both your words and your images.
    Stay relaxed – and relax a bit for me. I’m in the chaos of packing for a month away. Leave in four hours and I’ve barely started. Taking everything is not as easy as it sounded: exactly which everything?!

    1. Totally horizontal on your behalf, Meg 🙂 I just wish it could help! Take care on the journey, and enjoy it when you get there. Hugs to take along with you- they don’t need packing 🙂

  10. Beautiful place for a walk! And I love the way you wrapped this following sentence “A smokey haze rests on the water as the final clouds drift up and away.” gosh, it feels like reading a poem…hugs from Rotterdam..

  11. So sad to lose a dear friend, Jo. Sending you hugs and sympathy. Thanks for taking me with you on your walk. What a beautiful marina, and I love the way you have captured the sunlight on the boats, and the mesmerising reflections.

  12. so sorry to hear about your friend – hear is a blog hug dear Jo ((((<3 ))))

    and wonderful marian stroll – and as always I find that your little notes and comments make it more alive. I usually scroll once without reading and then go back to read – and it is cool. for example, I did not notice the fishermen – and that entire image change for me to see them there – it was this vast – powerful splash from the sea – but then turned milder to see life amidst it – and was just cool. I also looked your reflection on the light changes – so cool – and here's to the light of friends remaining with us – and in us – ❤

  13. Lovely images – we had the same fantastic weather in Portpatrick yesterday, but all back to dullness today again. I didn’t know that Hartlepool is such a big place …. looking at your marina it much be a big town. Beautiful walk and stunning images, I can feel the fresh ocean air in my lungs by looking at your shots.
    Sitting at Stranraer library just now. Have problems with the wifi on the hotel. Scottish hugs >>>>

    1. Hello lovely lady 🙂 My Belfast postcard arrived today! Thank you 🙂 I’ve been a sickly bunny all weekend but had arranged to meet a friend in Newcastle today. Glad I’m home again. Do they have a wee dram of whisky in Scottish libraries?
      Hartlepool is sizeable, I suppose, but the shopping centre is hopeless. You’d never manage a shopping spree here, Vivi. Hugs, darlin’.

      1. Jo, what is going one …. you were full of cold only 10 days ago. No good girlfriend.
        Sitting at the Harbour House in Portpatrick just no waiting on my dishes from their Christmas menu …. some spinach stuffed chicken breast. I’m the first to try their menu out.
        Had a vodka & tonic …. don’t like whiskey, leave that for the pro’s.
        I thought Hartlepool was a little village … have to google.
        Dinner hug and please stay healthy. Glad you to got the card. *smile

  14. Hi Jo,
    That marina – and what I can see from Hartlepool in the pictures – looks quite different from what I remember when I was there in the 1980s.
    Have a nice week,

  15. Such a lovely walk – and not a soul in sight! Perfect for quiet contemplation as you stroll, camera in hand. So sorry to hear about your friend. I hope you managed a visit during your last trip there.

    I forgot to link up last week… but this week’s is up here

  16. You make the north-east look so delightful Jo – you have captured the warm light beautifully in this walk. I shall have to see what I can do in the west of NZ – hopefully a sunset or two, if it stops raining!
    Take care my friend, my heart is with you in your loss :-/

      1. Bless your cotton socks, hon! I’m smiling again this morning 🙂 I think I food poisoned myself on Saturday so it’s been an awful few days all round but I’m back on track. Hugs, Jude! Take care 🙂

      2. Oh, that’s not good. And I pinched the sciatic nerve on Saturday and could hardly move by the end of the day! Getting better, but I have to be so careful getting up from being seated – a 3 hour flight followed by a 2 hour drive hasn’t helped!

  17. My sympathies Jo on the loss of your dear friend.
    I enjoyed the photos of the sunset behind the boats. I am not surprised you find it difficult to tear yourself away.

    1. My husband had gone to the football, Colline, and it was far too nice to stay home. The marina and the football ground are happily quite close to each other. Thank you 🙂

  18. Jo, I’m so sorry to hear about the loss of your friend. That’s so sad to hear. It’s so difficult when we lose someone we love, isn’t it? Hugs to you. xxx

    I love your marina pictures in the waning light. I too love marinas and when you can visit them at sunset, you have the best of all worlds. Thanks for sharing your beautiful walk. I was hoping to get my long hike posted to add to your list, but I’m having trouble finding time once the work week begins. Happy holiday season to you!

    1. I think that Marie will now return to England, Tanya. I cannot imagine her in the Algarve without Bill. They have lovely grandkids in Harrogate and she was coming over with presents next week. A nightmare for her!

  19. Just the antidote as you say Jo. .. lovely peaceful images .Sorry to hear you had bad news .. it makes you take stock of everything doesn’t it .. we had similar news the day we returned from France . Still shocked .
    Hoping for a pull back on the grey blanket sky here too this morning !

    1. Three deaths this month, Poppy, but this was the most tragic by far. (Mick’s 98 year old auntie died while we were away, but for her I was happy)
      I couldn’t do a thing to shake off that grey blanket today. Tomorrow maybe 🙂

      1. That is hard Jo . I do know what you mean . For all the sorrow and what it entails the words or phrase carpe diem comes ever more to mind .

  20. I always love walking round marinas, they seem so interesting and lots of activity. I love the twilight time and the light it brings with it, everything seems so magical and we can see it in your photos.
    Sorry to hear about your friend in the Algarve, I hope you are feeling a little uplifted from your walk round the marina.

  21. Lovely photos, Jo, and I was thinking they even looked warm until I spotted the fisherman huddled against the rocks and shivered! I’m so sorry to read about the loss of your friend. That’s so tough. Take care and thanks so much for squeezing me in at the last minute. 🙂

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