1. Jo, a whimsical scene with which to start the day! 🙂

    Their curious gazes remind me some of the creatures we’ve been meeting by our home away from home in Bulgaria. (Lots of goats, horses and cows here!)


  2. I too find one shot a hard call. It’s one of my blogging challenges when I go home – shot of the week, or one-shot Wednesday or something minimalist.

    This one shot is a beauty: I love the almost-but-not-quite horizontal lines of your composition. After a week with the twins I had to resist the urge to say “Baaa” when I saw those sheep.


    1. I’ll sing the nursery rhyme with you, Meg 🙂 I’m chasing my tail a little bit this week. Why is it that some weeks go faster than others?
      If I just posted one shot on a regular basis, I’d find myself going down the digital route, seeking perfection. Because there’s usually a raft of them, they always have to speak for themselves. Is that another way of saying I’m lazy? 🙂
      Hope all’s well with you.


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