Watching skies

In the lull between Christmas and New Year I find myself becalmed.  Part of me looks back in wonder at the year that’s gone (was it really only this year that my Florence dream came true?  It seems so distant, yet the images so clear)  The other part squirms with excitement at what might lay ahead.  I still have carefully nurtured memories of Portugal to share with you, but I’ll stay in the moment, for now.

There have been so many lovely skies this month, especially if you’ve been following Becky.  I feel like I’ve put my series to bed now.


  1. These are amazing Jo, and what a wonderful way to close the challenge. Part of me is sorry I found these so late, but another part of me is delighted that these will be some of the last I see. Truly stupendous – thank you so much xxx


  2. So happy for your wonderful year Jo and that Florence dreams came true. Sending very best wishes to you and your Hubby for 2018. Looking forward to walking along with you. xo


    1. Sitting beside my Christmas tree, clutching hot coffee and with my back to the slippery white world outside, Sue. It’s almost like being in Canada. 🙂 🙂 Thank you for your lovely company throughout the year. And I’ll end with a hug!


  3. Oh but I love a beautiful sunset, Jo! I love these photos. I, too, wonder what the year ahead has for us. I don’t have any particular plans to look forward to, but I just by nature have an optimism and hopefulness as I look ahead. I’ll certainly enjoy sharing your walks. 🙂

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    1. This year I hope to be with the Polish family in Norfolk on New Year’s Eve, Debbie. Something I’ve never done. By our standards it’s a long drive, but the company will be wonderful. A good way to say goodbye to a worn out year. 🙂 🙂 Wishing us all peace, good health and love.


  4. Our skies have not been too spectacular this season so I’m really enjoying the beauty and calmness of your sunsets Jo. The image with the silhouettes of boat rigging against the glorious sunset sky is a winner, gets my gypsy heart beating “I must go down to the sea again!!!”

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  5. Squirm on (what a weird word that is!): your excitement is what makes your blog so enticing. I’m feeling a bit sunset deprived here, what with you and Jude. Vicarious is good, but I probably need to seek out a few in the real world. Trouble is all to the west is bush. Not much in the way of open skies. So thank you for filling the sunset gap in my world. End of year hugs to you. You don’t have to stay up till midnight to get them, but I bet you do!

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    1. End of year I’m expecting to be at an all night party in the Parish hall, Meg. I shall have to summon up some stamina (and a bit spare for Mick 🙂 ) It hardly seems fair that you always celebrate events ahead of us. I can never get to grips with tilting earth and time zones. Where’s the equality in that? 🙂 And my hugs will have to speed extra swiftly to get there in time. 🙂 🙂 Hope they make it! Good health and happiness always, darlin.


      1. Some sun this morning, but rain this afternoon. Finished my book and did some washing! Don’t know if I have ever been to Thirsk, though I have an idea it is quite a lovely town.


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