1Day 1World Project: 9.00-10.00pm


Approaching Hart Village as night falls

I’ve followed this project almost from it’s beginnings and every week I mean to join in.  We’ve had a couple of lovely sunsets this week but I was bored with my usual ‘back bedroom window’ scenario.  Trouble is, most of my days are pretty busy and I can rarely summon the energy for an evening stroll.

It seems such a waste when those Summer nights will be shortening soon.  So, I grabbed my jacket and off I went, up the hill in search of a sunset.

The sun's last rays were just gilding this statue, at the Golf Club

The sun’s last rays were just gilding this statue, at the Golf Club

I scurried up the hill, which is quite steep (another reason I don’t do evening strolls), desperate to reach the top before the light faded.  Cars swept past me, racing for home, or the pub.

That glow on the horizon lured me on

That glow on the horizon urged me on

I was on the edge of the village- almost there!

I was on the edge of the village- almost there!

But still I couldn’t find the vantage point I really wanted, and those sweeping views I had in mind. I raced up through the village, nodding to the occasional dog walker.  Past St. Mary Magdalene’s lovely church and into Butts Lane, I started to look at my watch. Time in the allotted slot was ticking away.  I’ve never been very good with deadlines!

But then I thought to myself, ‘does it really matter?’  Here I am, out in the world with my camera, doing what I love best.  Lucky to be alive.

And the sheep seemed to concur!

And the sheep seemed to concur!

You’ve seen these sheep already today, on Paula’s Thursday’s Special.  They were very interested in what I was up to, lurking on the outskirts of Hart Village.

I peeped in through the farmyard gates

I peeped in through the farmyard gates

And admired the sign

And admired the sign

And then it was time to head for home, tired but happy.  I had already walked to Hart earlier in the day for a t’ai chi class, and retraced my walk for Christine on the return journey.  Thankfully, my days are not always so hectic.

I glanced in at the village pub, half tempted

I glanced in at the village pub, half tempted

But I didn’t fancy the walk back to town in the dark.  A quiet glass of wine at home would be my reward, and it was all downhill on the return journey.

Admiring the fish-shaped clouds

Admiring the fish-shaped clouds

I cannot claim that this was a typical evening, but I enjoyed it very much.  I hope that you did too. The photos were all taken between 9.00 and 10.00pm.

Lisa’s 1 Day 1 World Project is an interesting one.  Why not follow the links and join in?




  1. I can just see you hiking with determination through the streets, camera in hand, looking for that perfect vantage point within the allotted time. Good for you! Now I know why the sheep were so interested! They wondered who was this lurking stranger in their midst, and at such an odd hour. 🙂

    1. The opportunities pass so quickly, Cathy! Already the days are starting to feel shorter. This promises to be a miserable damp weekend but we haven’t had one for ages so I’ll not complain. 🙂

  2. I do love this time of day, the sky is soft and peaceful, and you captured it well. Our weather has been hazy and cloudy this summer, with not many memorable sunsets. I’m glad you shared this one…and your thoughts of a glass of wine, cozy, at home.

  3. … the restless part of restlessjo. You really are indeed one. Loved your spirit and energy from the very beginning. I too had a good chunk of sunset misses.

    1. Last week was an exceptional one, even by my standards, Rommel. There are days when I just want to slump in the garden with a book 🙂 (then it rains!) Thank you. Many more happy sunsets to you!

  4. Thanks so much for getting out one more time before the end of the day, Jo and sharing your photos with us! Really thinking about one hour each week has been a great benefit of this project and it’s definitely making me more mindful of the great things around that are part of our daily lives.

  5. A pleasure to see the sheep in context! My favourites are the ones with the silhouette of grasses in the foreground.

    Evening strolls were one of my goals for this three-month journey on the other side of the world, but the days are very long. The best I manage is dinner at the pub as the light (and I) begin to fade. Thank you for the vicarious achievement.

    1. Thank you for the pleasure of your company 🙂 (bobs curtsy!) As I remarked to a lady at t’ai chi the other day, I’m often up around 6 and seldom in bed by midnight, but still I can’t fit everything in!

      1. 🙂 no problem. My particular combination of names gets so often misspelt, transposed, etc I am totally cool about it. Hope all is well with you 🙂

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