Hi!  I’m Jo!  Johanna when I’m feeling posh, I was always Jan to my Dad, and Joasiu to my Polish family.  A bit of a mix-up, I guess.  The one definite, however, is my restless nature.  I can’t be still for too long, unless of course it’s sunny and I’ve got a good book.  I love to travel and to explore our world.  It doesn’t have to be the big wide world- I can be ridiculously happy not too far from home, so long as I’m out there, just embracing life. I’m a North East of England lass and love our coastline and moorlands- so wonderful for walking.

The climate?  Well, not so great, but I’m lucky and can sometimes escape to our little place in the sun in the unspoilt Eastern Algarve.  Nor does it end there. We’re not far from the Spanish border so visits to Seville, Granada and Cordoba and beyond are possible.  I continue to drag my poor defenceless husband ever further, though he’s a home body really. (classic case of mismatching!)  

And the rocks below.

Coastal walking near Whitby in north east England 

And then there’s the Polish saga.  The family make me welcome whenever I can get there, and boy, do they know how to party!  You can follow the story on My Personal A-Z of Poland page.

Of course I still have a wish list, and it was to help me fulfil my dreams that I started to write travel guides for a venture called Simonseeks.  I’d always kept a travel diary, and it was hugely satisfying both to share my experiences and make new friends with the same passion for travel. Simonseeks hit a few troubles, but bounced back, and is still a good source of travel information.  You can find me on there with this link.

Meantime I’d developed the writing bug and become addicted to writing about my travels. So, the blog came about, and I’m loving it.  The blogging community are so supportive and encouraging.  I’ve made loads of new friends.  You can be restless with me any time!  

I’m also quite happy to write material for others.  I’ve travelled fairly extensively so if you can use my services at all please contact me at johanna.bradley@ntlworld.com.


  1. Hi there. Just want to let you know that I nominated you for a blogging award today. You are always so nice to me. Thank you for that. Here is the link if you’d like to check it out: htt’s://unmeasuredjourneys.com/2017/06/14/blogging-friends/ Thank you!

    1. Thanks so much, hon. I’ve got lazy over awards. There just isn’t enough time! I’ll hop over and read but I can’t guarantee to take part. Sending hugs! 🙂

      1. I understand. Taking part isn’t necessary. Just wanted to include some blogs that have been kind to me. Hope you have a wonderful day.

      2. Thank you so much 🙂 I’m just working on my walk for next Monday as I’ll be with my daughter this weekend. So looking forward to it! 🙂 🙂

  2. Hi Jo,

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    I thought your blog readers might especially find our trips of interest,

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    One of our unique features is we offer an optional before breakfast group pleasure walk for travelers who would like to start their vacation day with some morning exercise.

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  3. Hi Jo! I think serendipity played a hand in my visiting today. I noticed you liked one of my posts so I in turn visited your blog where I read about your polish heritage on your “about” page. My best friend Grace, was from Poland and sadly died almost three years ago due to a sudden unexpected illness.. She was so proud of being Polish and speaking the language and often spoke about her homeland. I will take this as not only viewing some beautiful photos today but also perhaps a hello from my lost but not forgotten friend. I wrote a short tribute to Grace on my blog if you would like to read entitled “Amazing Grace.” https://nynkblog.wordpress.com/2015/02/09/amazing-grace-2/ Have nice day.

    1. What a shame, Kathy! I’m sorry about your friend. Polish people in my experience are very proud and rightly so. They’ve not had an easy time. I’ll come and read your tribute. 🙂

  4. Wow you have travelled a lot and quite extensively at that O_o Love your blog and the posts and it would be my pleasure to follow you 🙂 Hoping to connect with you more in this wonderful world of blogs. Cheers and warmest wishes, Minaxi 🙂

  5. Hello ! I love that mosaic header in your page..Its very interesting..who’s work was it?
    I love the air in your page, so flamboyant,so fresh & yet so calm.
    You have a wonderful way of writing & lovely gallery in your posts..I would like to know more about your world and your travels..
    I hope you don’t mind If i follow your Blog.

    Thanks & hope you have a nice day!

  6. Hi Jo, lovely to meet you via Thirdeyemum, I found you on her blog. I’m really looking forward to reading more and learning more about you. Already I feel as though I resonate with you through what I’ve seen. Happy traveling and cheers from Australia.

  7. WOW I made it to the bottom of this about me page! I am so excited to follow! And be apart of the adventure!

  8. Hi Jo! Thank you for visiting my blog. You have an awesome blog and take great photos! Looking forward to more posts and also exploring more of your blog. Thanks for sharing 🙂 – Faye

  9. Hi Jo, I just discovered your blog for the first time and am really enjoying it. I look forward to catching up on some of your older posts and following new posts in the future! Best wishes, Susan

    1. Thank you very much! I appreciate you linking to my walks. Not everyone does and I certainly don’t insist, but it is a kind thing to do. I’m not very into awards- largely lack of time to visit everyone- but I’ll certainly hop over to ‘accept’.

  10. Hi Jo – love the blog. We are not so far away from each other in the grand scheme of things! I know the North East well as I used to commute down from Edinburgh to a job in Newcastle for a couple of years. I loved the magical train journey along the east coast – one of the best routes in the country, I think! 🙂

    1. I don’t get to Edinburgh as often as I’d like. It’s a fabulous city! Was last there the Christmas before last. (sorry, that sounds Irish! 🙂 ) I’d love to come back to walk some of the Water of Leith. 🙂

      1. We love it here. We moved up from London 6 years ago and still feel like we are permanently on holiday!! Yes, the Water of Leith is a beautiful walk. Arthur’s Seat of course, Crammond, the Pentlands, let alone strolling around the nooks & crannies of the city itself….

      2. My husband changed jobs (voluntarily) – it was unexpected but the best thing ever as it has turned out. We lived in central London (Pimlico) when we first got together and enjoyed ‘gallivanting’ (!) about for a while, before moving out to Ealing and pretending to be a bit more sensible 🙂

  11. Hi Jo
    Thanks for dropping by my blog, and taking the time to leave a comment, appreciated :-). Perhaps your restless nature will prompt you to explore South Africa too 🙂

    1. That’s one of the great things about the weekly challenge. The new friendships you can make. I don’t often have time for it but it’s always interesting. Lovely to meet you and thanks!

      1. Likewise 🙂 This so called virtual world is certainly very real and I think really does give us back more than a 100 fold through the connections we make and new worlds we see. Lovely:)

  12. Hi Jo
    I believe you follow my wife’s blog navasolanature.wordpress.com
    We love the Alentejo coast too though only really know Sines, Aljezur and south – maybe the latter is the Algarve but still west coast.
    Also see you refer to having a retreat in the Eastern Algarve as do we – in Cabanas. Then you have a picture of Whitby whilst I have a house in Humberside. Sort of small world!

  13. Hi Jo, just to let you know that I have nominated you for the 5 day – 5 photo challenge. Please take a look at https://annikaperry.wordpress.com. I realise it is a bit of a commitment but I thought of all the beautiful photographs in your posts and lovely vibrant writing so perhaps it will be of interest. With warmest wishes, Annika

    1. Thank you very much, Annika. 🙂 I completed the 5 photos last month some time and did tales of my Polish family. At the time a few people said I should carry on and do another 5 but it’s a bit too tying to post daily. I enjoyed it though. Thanks for thinking of me. 🙂

  14. Hi Jo, the main square photo in your window gazing krakow post really looks familiar so i thumbed through my library and there it was amongst several photos i took at the main square three years ago. 🙂 i thought it’s neat so i might post it in the 5-photos 5 stories challenge next week. i hope don’t mind.
    thanks again for your beautiful posts; sharing the world to us 🙂

    1. It’s definitely my best side, and my husband took it when I was totally unaware. Welcome to my world, which has been a little chaotic lately. I’m newly back from Poland and will be trying to catch up in the next few days. 🙂

  15. Hi Jo,

    I’ve nominated you to take part in the “five photos, five stories” challenge and do so hope you will accept. There’s absolutely no requirement to do so of course although I hope you will as you have some lovely stories and photos here on your blog. You can see your nomination here: http://wp.me/p3Prsl-xu and this will be published at 07:00 GMT on 25th April.

    Alison x

    1. Hello Alison 🙂 I’m just back from the Algarve and desperately trying to prioritise as I’m off to Poland with Dad on Thursday. I’ll pop over and read your post tomorrow but I can’t promise to take part. 🙂 If it can keep till I’m back from Poland then maybe I can take part. Thanks for thinking of me 🙂

      1. I don’t think there’s a deadline for taking part – it can be done at anytime! There’s also no obligation – it’s just a way of highlighting a few of your favourite blogs. Don’t worry if you don’t have the time, just enjoy the readers that may come your way via my link!! ☺

  16. I spent most of the summer of 1966 in Lisboa but never made it to the Algarve. You’re fortunate to find a refuge there and to have so many scenic (and photogenic) things in the vicinity.

    1. Hi Steve 🙂 Thanks for following me back here. As you’ll have seen I’m no photographer but I do appreciate the beauty that surrounds me. And yes, the Algarve is a wonderful and much needed refuge sometimes 🙂

  17. Thanks for visiting my blog, Jo. I am glad you did, so I have a chance coming here. You have a wonderful blog here. I am looking forward to reading more. Thanks again.

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Helen. I meant to say so in response to your comments about my identity but I zapped the button before I thought. A common occurence 🙂 🙂 Many thanks for your company.

    1. Hi Wilbur! 🙂 I’ve been dodging this one ever since I got back from the Algarve 🙂 I’m not much into black and white, but I have seen some interesting results of the challenge. I succumbed the other day and am already holding a nomination I’ve agreed to, so when I’ve taken a deep breath and plunged in, I’ll include a link to yours.

    1. Doesn’t matter where you put it, Pauline 🙂 I saw your post arrive earlier this morning but Mick is decorating at the moment and I felt guilty sitting at my laptop so off I went to be ‘helpful’ 🙂

      1. Helping is always appreciated, even if it is just keeping the cups of tea coming along, and saying how good the job looks, lots of positive encouragement is always a good help…

  18. Hi Jo. I can via Sherri Matthews, taken with Monday walks. I’m an avid walker and have to follow tis blog to join in. I think I have the idea; post a link to a walk post on your Monday Walks tab. Hopefully we can enjoy lots of ideas where to get a grand day out walking.

  19. Hi jo

    I loved browsing through your blog space. Very interesting post. Thank you for stopping by my photographic journey at my blog.


  20. Margaret-Rose has baked you some marvel of a cake 😀 I have remembered even without her delicious post for you. Enjoy your day, girl, and have a safe trip home the day after tomorrow! Many happy returns 🙂

    1. I haven’t had time to visit M-R yet, Paula- my comments are through the roof! Trying to get a thank you out in the form of a 6WS this morning but I spotted your comment and was hoping you were fit and well again. I will pop by later. I had a wonderful holiday despite dropping my phone overboard on the ferry and coming home with sore throat 🙂 (there’s always something, isn’t there?) Still smiling! Take care 🙂

  21. What a lot of comments!! Happy Birthday Jo, and hope you are soaking up the sunshine and celebrating to the full. Every good wish for a fulfilling year ahead! 🙂

  22. Jo, since I always wonder what they see or hope to see when people follow my blog, here’s why I follow yours: First, I love the idea of taking pictures while on walks (and I do it rather often); it seems to connect the flâneur to photography which I think is a classic. And then you show us a part of my favourite travel destination – Great Britain – which I do not know (or only kind of know from David Peace’s dreary) and now learn is worth a visit. Cheers, Tobias

    1. Thanks for that, Tobias 🙂 I don’t follow too many blogs back because I struggle to keep up with those I already have. I admire anyone who can take good photos. I’m in the point and shoot category and like to tell a story or two. Very happy to have you on board and I will visit yours as often as I can. 🙂

  23. I so appreciated you visiting my blog and in return I had to come visit yours. Love your enthusiastic and positive approach to life!

      1. Oh I completely understand! Blogging can be a full time job (and of course, the real full time job gets in the way!).

  24. I was lucky enough to live in England briefly. Your wonderful blog is reminding me why I loved it there so much!

      1. We lived on an Army base in rural Warwickshire. Although the base itself wasn’t very pretty, the surrounding area was stunning. I did lots of walking and cycling (even though it was unnerving for me to ride on the “wrong” side of the road!)

  25. Hi Jo – I really enjoy your photos and writing – wow, did not know about your Polish heritage – Joasiu…..
    I have some Polish in my background as well and I am looking forward to checking out your A to Z page next.

    1. Many thanks, Y 🙂 I don’t even know what the Y stands for? Yvonne comes to mind?
      It’s been a strange journey, the Polish one. Reminds me, I need to post another letter.

      1. well it is Yvette – and I was named after an old girlfriend my dad had – and my momma never minded that! 🙂 they had six kids and took turns naming us.

        anyhow, my polish side is from my dad’s side of the family – and it is a heritage I am proud of and hope to explore more years from now. In the meantime, I am pleasantly surprised to find this page on your blog….

        (and a very old nickname that I have(from the 80’s) – who only a few people use – is Vette-ski – which hints at my polish roots….)

  26. Hi Jo, just wanted to come over and see more of your lovely blog and your terrific photographs. I looking forward to seeing more. I spent a lovely couple of days many years ago when my children were young in Whitby, loved the Abbey and the views. Beautiful place, I’ve never forgotten it. Lovely to meet you … Sherri 🙂

      1. Great to know of you too Jo! Hope to see more of your posts, it’s nice to hear of others’ perspective :).

  27. Thank you friends for sharing the article is quite interesting, hopefully we all get that true happiness rays began to warm our hearts and make the heart glad, when we can share with each other sincerely. Lots of love from Gede Prama 🙂 🙂

    1. Hi Gede 🙂 The world could be a wonderful place for all of us, couldn’t it? This morning I am looking at the most beautiful salmon pink sunrise. Thank you for your lovely comment.

  28. Wow what a fantastic blog, I am only sorry that it has taken me so long to find you. We have been considering a trip to Portugal for several years now and so you insights I am sure will be invaluable to our planning. Looking forward to reding more about your travels in 2014! 🙂

    1. Thank you so much! 🙂 I’m only 2 days away from going back to the Algarve, so you’ve just caught me. I don’t use technology when I’m over there so I’m normally out of the picture for a little while. Thank you for following and best wishes for 2014.

  29. Hi, Jo. I found your blog via Vivinfrance who mentioned you on my own page. I’m from Hartlepool too and my forebears fished out of Sandwell Chare from late 16thC to the time The Croft was demolished. I was much taken by the header you use – a lovely image of The Town Wall and Sandwell Gate.
    Best wishes
    Harry Nicholson

  30. Hi, thanks for visiting my blog! It is always nice to come across another blogger from the North East! I agree with you about our climate, it must be lovely to have some guaranteed sun to escape to, especially in the winter!

    1. Thanks a lot, Aly. Just back from Barcelona with mountains of stuff to do, but of course I’m happy that you’ve included me. Will come and say hi a little later 🙂

  31. I love the way you crafted your “about” page. It seems so authentic and natural; like a person having a conversation with another. I will be following your blog to see what you are up to. If you get time, please check my blog as well. God bless.

  32. Hi Jo, Restless? Tell me about it. I was passed from pillar to post as a baby and it seeped into my blood I think. I’ve travelled far and wide and like you I’m just as happy to venture down a new street so to speak. Anything for a change of scenery. I even appreciate the change in weather as it makes things look different. That’s probably why I love England so much. Anyway, I’m rambling. Look forward to sharing with you. Happy blogging!

    1. Many thanks for your visit. I appreciate that videos give people a better idea of a place, but I’m usually too busy looking and enjoying to wield a camcorder myself. 🙂

  33. Nice reading about you

    Thanks for visiting my blog. Be in touch. Browse through the category sections, I feel you may find something of your interest.

      1. Ah, that would be great! The best thing is to brainstorm everything that you love about the place (no room for averages in a two hundred word limit as you can imagine) and then prune it into paragraphs like a finely sculpted garden hedge…I’ve also been longing to visit Portugal for some time now so your post will no doubt feed that desire!

    1. Many thanks, Jackie. One of the best things about the challenges is the introduction it gives you to other bloggers. I’ll find time to explore yours later. 🙂

  34. Hi Jo … and hello from San Francisco, USA! I just discovered your blog, and permit me to say that it’s awesome!!! Love the sense of fun, love the sense of adventure and wanderlust, LOVE the pics! Thanks for sharing your interesting world with us here in the greater blogosphere!!! Cheers!

      1. I see you have shown a clematis vine, do you collect seeds and grow more plants? I like to grow things from seeds, I now have some clematis seedling growing. 🙂 Germination will take 3-5 months but it is easy.

      2. My husband is the gardener (he designs too). I mostly just admire and do a bit of tidying here and there. No, he doesn’t, but I’m not sure why as he does take cuttings of many plants. I’ll ask. 🙂

  35. Hi Jo
    Nice to meet you. What a great blog you have here. Did a quick bit of a wander through – all the info on Portugal sure interests me. We nearly went a couple of years ago but ended up in Spain instead (Costa del Sol – beautiful).
    Thanks for the ‘like’ and the follow of my blog. What a treat to have you along for the journey. Hope you enjoy our ramblings.

    1. You were on Gallivance Awards page and I just had time for a quick peak as I’m with family in Krakow right now. Will communicate more when I’m home. Thanks for your lovely words. 🙂

    1. Thanks, Letizia! I needed a nudge because I already have a nomination for this, so there should be a post coming up soon. Here’s another weekend almost gone! Hope you had a nice one. 🙂

  36. Hi Jo, i would like to thank you for always leaving me heartfelt encouragements. your restlessness has evoked heart memories and stories that have been good reads. thank you for visiting always — April

  37. Hi jo wanted to stop by and stay hi and thanks for following over on our blog. We’ve travelled around a lot of Europe but sorry to say and have yet to make it to Portugal. But there’s still time for a few more adventures!

    1. Absolutely! Thanks for returning the visit. These days I shuttle mostly between UK, Algarve and Poland (Dad’s Polish) but I’d still love to return to Croatia some day. I was in Dubrovnik (of course!) and Cavtat many years ago. Wonderful memories.

  38. Hi Johanna, congrats for your blog! If you ever will come to Italy for one of your travels let me know – in my blog bulloanitalianblog.com I wrote about Italy best venues 😉 I will be happy to give advices to another passionate travel blogger

    1. Hi Martina! Thanks for your visit. I holidayed in Italy several years running when our son was young (he loves pasta!) and would love to return some day. I’ll have a look at your blog.

    1. How can anyone object to being dubbed Very Inspiring Blogger, Cath! I think I already have that one, so I’ll put a link to yours on my Awards page. Many thanks.

  39. Thanks for liking and commenting on my recent challenges posts. You have a beautiful blog here and I am now following you. Glad to meet you in blog sphere.

  40. I am so envious of all your travels. It is so easy for you to travel around Europe. I hope someday to make it to England and walk the coastal areas with my camera. Maybe I’ll put a good English novel on my ipod and listen to it when I do. I think I am going to enjoy following your blog.

    1. I’m pretty envious myself, Nana Tee! Some of my photos are going back 20 years and I sometimes feel quite restricted these days. The Far East has been a dream for me for so long, but I doubt I’ll ever make it. Many thanks for your kind comments and I hope you enjoy strolling with me.

    1. Hi again, Mona. No, I haven’t used them. They contacted me and asked to exchange links, but I do love the idea and would be interested in any feedback if you pursue this. They seem like a decent outfit. Maybe I’ll get to use them when we move to the Algarve (fingers and eyes crossed tight!)- some day. Thank you!

  41. Thank you for stopping by my blog. I’m looking forward to reading more of yours. Loved that photo of you in the Downton Abbey frock. It’s not being aired here but I’m going to get my hands on a DVD of the series soon…

    Warm regards from across the seas,

  42. Hi Jo,
    We have really been enjoying your excellent blog, so we wanted to let you know that we’ve nominated you for The Shine On Award. It highlights bloggers who are shining stars in the vast array of available blogs. We think your blog brings smiles to all who read it!

    Please see your award and details on our site. We think it’s a great opportunity to introduce your wonderful blog to more readers. They’re gonna love you!

    All the Best,
    Terri & James @ Gallivance.net

  43. I had to smile when I read “about” you. I am the same way, loving to travel, even if only a few miles away; it’s just getting out there and seeing different places that is so much fun. I wonder what it is that creates this attribute in some of us, but not others (read husbands). You have a lovely blog.

  44. Ahhh….someone who travels! I can live through you can’t I? I’ve always wanted to just up and travel! But, I am also a homebody as well! I love meeting new friends from different parts of the world.

    1. Lovely to meet you, Stephanie. Yes, I’m old enough to know better but I still can’t shake that restless streak. My husband’s a homebody though, so we compromise. Welcome aboard.

  45. Hi Johanna,

    Love your site! You have some great photography and stories. If you are ever interested in submitting some to us at BarrelHopping, we have ongoing contests where you can win cash and get some additional exposure to your content. Check us out when you have time.

    1. What we know as The Headland or Old Hartlepool, Claire. The town wall of the original settlement of my home town. It’s quite a nice place for a stroll by the sea on a sunny day.

  46. Hi Jo .. got more of a picture of you now so to speak!
    It’s easy to miss something first time round . Lovely to have the moorlands and coast near, best of both worlds I would say ….we have Hills but the sea is a good drive away but always worth it !

    Fantastic you have a ‘PlaceInTheSun’ to nip off to when the weather here is *Grim* there’s nothing like a clear blue sky and some golden rays to shrug off beastlybritishweatherblues I say 😉

    1. Me and Mick are both water signs, but about the only thing we agree on is that we couldn’t live anywhere that didn’t have water close by. I ‘m seriously hankering after the Algarve again already but my daughter gets married in February and it might have to wait till after that. Horrors!

    1. Hi Deepali, that’s so kind of you to say. Yours is a beautiful blog too. I still have some awards to catch up on, so I’ll pop over to yours to accept first of all.

  47. Jo, I appreciate your comment on my writer’s retreat in Italy. I studied abroad in England (Uni of Warwick) and visited the Algarve with friends who had an apartment there. Lovely place! Nice to “meet” you!

  48. Just wanted to take a second and thank you for stopping by and following my blog… I hope I can can offer you lots of reasons to keep returning… cheers!

  49. I am honoured to nominate you for the One Lovely Blog Award! Please pick up your award at http://travelswithtoby.wordpress.com/. Copy and Paste the Award to your blog and follow the rules of acceptance. I am very aware that some people do not wish to participate in Awards, and I completely respect that… no strings! But in any case, Congratulations, you have a Lovely Blog!

    1. Hi Paula! It’s on Hartlepool Headland, the old side of what used to be West Hartlepool, my home town. It has remnants of a town wall and a beautiful beach. On a sunny day it’s very nice for a stroll.

  50. Jumping around, here and there, then ended up on your ‘About’. Writing for a living?! What a dream come true that would be. And about traveling no less! Good luck in your search for the dream job. I look forward to seeing the world, both near and far, and reading about your adventures. I’ll live vicariously through you, if that’s ok?

  51. What a cute story! I’m also very restless and always have the urge to travel as well, and have been writing diaries for as long as I can … umm, write! LOL … I only recently started blogging this year to also share my sense of adventure! (While I drag my homebody husby around as well!!!) Hahaha .. keep up the awesome posts!

    1. Thanks Sam! I’m currently trying to keep pace with 6WS, the Jubilee, French Open tennis and catching up with my blog reading, not very successfully! Will come and visit soon.

  52. Dear Joanna, when I read you now you almost made me excited… 🙂 I love travel too… Last summer we were at Wiltshire, Devizes… I love your country… People, culture, landscapes, and language, I love all of them… You can find my UK travel in my other blog (it is written on the right side of my blog)…. And yes, I am excited to make a travel in your blog, through your photographs and posts… Thank you dear Joanna, for visiting my blog. Have a nice and enjoyable day, Blessing and Happiness, love, nia

    1. Nia you’re very kind and it’s always lovely to find someone with the same enthusiasms. Don’t worry about my name- I’m called everything from Jo to Janice and it really doesn’t matter at all. It’s just very nice that you like what you’ve seen and I’ll certainly be looking at your UK blog. Bye for now!

    1. Hi Currie Rose! Thank you so much, that’s very kind of you. It’s not too long since I accepted this award so I probably won’t do another post but I’ll certainly pop over and read all about you and your other nominees. Many thanks.

      The weather is dreary here but I’m rising above it and focussing on a lovely piece I’m writing on the Italian Lakes. Bye for now- take care!

  53. Love your about page. Will peruse your blog more thoroughly. Arrived here fromhttp://funandfabulousness.wordpress.com/2012/04/16/everyone-could-use-one/
    and so glad I did! Looking forward to more! And we are planning a fall trip to Paris, so I may be knocking on your blog door for advice!

  54. Hi Jo

    I look forward to following your travels and blogs.

    I would like to invite you to join us at http://www.homeexchange50plus.com if swapping homes for a vacation is of interest to you.

    We are still a ‘young’ website and in need of lots more members so please tell your friends about us with our thanks.

    If it is of interest we can send you an article about Home Exchange to include in your website as some of your readers may find this a great way to travel and perhaps we can exchange links as I am sure our members would enjoy reading your blog.


    Brian Luckhurst

  55. Wow, you have a fair few accolades here, and I like the fact that travelling, in your opinion, doesn’t have to cost the earth. This is a destination I’ll definitely be revisiting…

  56. Oh now there is something to add to my list this year, again…traveling abroad! Enjoy your weekend…you header photo is just inspiring…for making those travel plans! Thanks!

  57. Hi , Johanna!
    I just came here to thank you for liking my facebook page and several minutes later I’m still here reading, haha. But I’ve forced to stop after the post on Wolsingham railway (sorely tempted to start again on that post about the Templar castle in Portugal). Reading your posts felt like being on a pleasant walk with you, so thanks. Oh, I subscribed right back, too. 🙂

  58. Hello Jo, you sound just like me, husband traits included.

    I will go from point A to B in a second as long as finances permit it. Hubby on the other hand, has to be dragged along; but he always enjoys himself when we get there, wherever that may be.

    Lately I’ve taken to exploring my surroundings and writing about what I discover, it is amazing how much you can do without spending much; it is so satifying. This week, we will be going on a road trip and already have my camera and laptop ready to go.

    Your pictures are gorgeous, enjoyed reading your blog, be following you too.

    1. Hi Marcia! Many thanks for following- I’ll try not to disappoint. Agree with you about the local stuff- it doesn’t have to cost. Durham is only petrol money (or I could use my bus pass) away, and it’s the most beautiful city. Also we belong to walking groups, both here and in Portugal, and that gets us out and about.

  59. Thanks for your kind words Jo and nice to meet another poolie on wordpress. I enjoy taking photos and although there is probably a good storyline to accompany them I find it difficult to put it into words…or am I just lazy. You have a flair for a travel blog and I will come back often to check on your updates.

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