Christmas lights

Saying goodbye

It isn’t easy to post this week. I have a myriad of beautiful images of the Christmas lights sparkling around the Algarve, but on this day I will be saying goodbye to two men. One, a family member- my stepbrother who loved and cared for my Dad like his own. The other, a man who loved life and was loved in return. Both leave behind grieving widows, and families who are shocked at an unexpected turn of events. It’s never easy, but this is a time of year when everybody is set to celebrate. Without them.

Boa viagem- safe journey!

RIP Tony and Terje.

Six word Saturday


The quiet bit in the middle

With just a hint of sparkle

With just a hint of sparkle

One set of lights have already blown on my tree, but we’re still looking festive.  Just a quick round-up of the neighbours… the photo above is for Colline.

And, of course, lovely cards!

And, of course, beautiful cards!

That sum’s it up, doesn’t it?  Hope you had a good Christmas and are looking forward to a new year.  I’m just going to pop in on Cate at Six Word Saturday.  See you soon!


A festive Sunset

I love a bit of drama in the sky

I love a bit of drama in the sky

Walking home after a lovely lunchtime with a good friend, I was full of Christmas cheer. The sky was a blaze of fire but the chill was nipping at my toes.  As the Christmas lights came on in our town centre, I just had to stand a little while and admire.

It only needed a few minutes

It only needed a few minutes


For the colours to fade

Paula has chosen a spectacular way to say ‘farewell’ to the Thursday Special until the New Year. If you like a bit of drama too, that’s the place to be.