Six word Saturday

The star of our Spring garden

She’s a beauty, isn’t she?  I can’t think of a better compliment to a blue sky.  It’s turned rather chilly now, but I’ve sat beneath our Amelanchier on every possible occasion this Spring.  Join Debbie with a smile and Six Words this Saturday.

Speak to me of Spring

Bristol’s incredible Floating Harbour has many faces.  Just downstream from Bristol Bridge lie Castle Park and the haunting ruins of St. Peter’s Church.  On the night of 24th November, 1940, this area was almost completely destroyed in the first major bombing raid on Bristol of the Second World War.  These days it’s a place for strolling and letting your cares drift away.

The church is no longer accessible to the public, but I was delighted to find, wrapped around it, a tiny physics garden.  Magnolia, fraying tulips and iris, all vernal creations if ever I saw one.

I often manage to link to Paula because Thursday’s Special, isn’t it?  Her version of Spring is exquisite.  But I’m very mean with Ailsa.  Let her take you for a walk in the Garden this week.

Six word Saturday


It’s not all lamb and salad!


Nor is it the best of photos, because it was an exceedingly murky day.  As Mam used to say, ‘it’s not all lamb and salad’- in other words you have to take the rough with the smooth.  Monday just gone was the perfect example of ‘rough’.  As a general rule, our group don’t walk when it’s wet, but we had already set out for Hurworth Burn when the weather decided not to cooperate.  Nothing for it but to pin on the grin and go.

The company was still good, even if the view was… indistinct.  Gorse provided a little colour, but it’s a real contrast with my Burgeoning Spring, isn’t it?  There’s usually a reason to be joyful if you look for it, and I did have the opportunity to practise some Macro.




Pussy willows are lovely, aren’t they, even when wet?  Can’t share them with Jude, because these aren’t in a garden.


I’m walking again next Monday (I’ve booked sunshine!), but that will be my last post for a while.  You might have noticed a lack of Algarve photos lately.  That obviously means it’s time for a bit more ‘lamb and salad’.

Have a happy weekend, whatever your weather!  Spare a minute to drop in on Cate with your six words?

P.S.  I don’t normally do ‘plugs’ but if you saw my 6WS last week and liked the ‘teapot book’ you might like to look at Joanne’s stuff.


Burgeoning Spring

IMG_4866Blustery showers, radiant sunshine, raging clouds and nodding ‘daffs’- it must be April again!

I was feeling a little sorry for the horses who live in a field, near to my home.  The ground has never fully dried out from persistent rain earlier in the year, and plodging seems to be the order of the day.  Not that they appear to mind, and there’s plenty of ‘dry’ field for them, if they decline to paddle.  I stopped to watch for a while. The grass must have been extra juicy for it’s drowning, because they were quite single-minded in their munching.  Excepting for one, very determined, guy.  I thought he was trying to eat the fence post, in a form of protest.  As I watched, it dawned on me that he was actually trying to dislodge it, rocking it back and forth with his teeth. Crafty fellow!  A getaway in the making.

While Jude potters around in her new found garden, ‘getting a little closer’ to new growth, I’ve been out poking in a few hedgerows.  My finds… a woodland creature, sculpted smooth by nature’s hand…  tiny buds of blossom, sparkling on bare branches… catkins aplenty.



I’d wandered into Summerhill Country Park.  It being school holidays there are youngsters burning up energy on the BMX track. They wave at me and ask if I’ll take their photos.  I smile, and oblige.  Why not?

Those clouds are creeping up on me again, and it’s time to head for home.  In a gully I spot what I take to be wild anemones.  Bright yellow in colour, I promised to ‘ping’ Tish if they crept into a post.  There’s a lot of nature sharing going on these days.


I don’t expect Jude will mind them either.  And she’ll know if anemones can be yellow as well as white, and blue.


Funny, they look just like buttercups when I view them up close, but they were twice as big.  I’ll never make a botanist.  Do join Jude in her Garden Challenge.  This month the theme is Macro.

Spring balls


Mimosa vibrates

With colour, to lift the gloom.

Small beacons of bright.

For years I’ve admired these small balls of Spring fuzz in the Algarve, not knowing what they were.  I guess the knowledge is worth a celebratory haiku.  Gilly is feeling rather sad this week, so I hope this might cheer her up.

I don’t know how much laptop time I’ll have this weekend, as I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of my daughter.  I’ll be around if I can, but in case I miss you, I wish you all a peaceful and happy Easter.

Six word Saturday


Bringing Spring home from the Algarve

Irresistible blossom

Irresistible blossom

Dew-kissed Iris

Dew-kissed Iris

A downy head

A downy head

Deeper blossom

Deeper blossom

A gentle wash of colour

A gentle wash of colour

Over the garden wall

Over the garden wall

A single bougainvillea

A single bougainvillea

Spring’s gentle tones were everywhere in the Algarve.  Has Spring arrived where you are yet?  In Australia they will just be exhaling after the scorch of Summer.  My little corner of north eastern UK is shivery still.  Much to look forward to.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!  Have you got six words to share?  Cate at Show My Face will gladly host them.


Six word Saturday


What a year for blossom trees!

Like this cluster of pinkness!

Great clusters of pinkness!

I never tire of seeing them overhead

That almost take your breath away

So delicate yet so profuse

So delicate and yet so profuse

The darker pinks, more sparing of their favours

The darker pinks are a little more restrained

But happy to flirt with their showy neighbours

But happy to flirt with their showier neighbours!

Such a heady wash of colour

I never tire of looking up

Restful white

There are still a few delicate, restful whites around

And even a flash of black and white

And even a flash of black with the white!

Aren't the black ones just gorgeous?

Aren’t the little black ones simply gorgeous?

In a sea of colour

Just one more splash of colour!

I’ve gone a little blossom crazy because next week I go to Poland, and I know that when I come back they’ll mostly have vanished. Isn’t this the most beautiful time of year?

I won’t be posting 6WS next week, and I have just one more Monday walk to take before I’m gone. You can catch me there if you like, or even join in, if you have a walk you’d like to share.

Meantime, have a happy and colourful weekend, and don’t forget to visit Cate at Show My Face to post your Six word Saturday.



Six word Saturday


Time to send a Spring bouquet!

Daphne (or so my husband tells me)

Daphne (or so my husband tells me)

And who shall I send it to?  Why, all of you, of course, but with a special thought for friends who are having a hard time right now.  I hope the flowers help to lift your spirits.  I wish you all a joyful weekend.  Keep smiling!

The spirit of Spring looks down?

The spirit of Spring, looking down?

Don’t forget to link to Cate with your six words, if you can.


WordPress Family Award


The sun is sparkling. the cherry blossom has finally arrived and once again I’ve received a big hug from my lovely world of bloggers.  Doesn’t that sound to you like the perfect day?

If I dip back into my blogging past, I will find countless kind and heartwarming comments from Sonel, and that’s really what this award is all about.  Simply extending the hand of friendship. Sonel loves the natural world and her superb photography reflects this.  May I simply say thank you Sonel, for this award and for your friendship, with a small gallery of Spring flowers?

You’ll be glad to know that there are no complicated rules to accepting the award, which makes it quick and easy to pass on.  I don’t even have to tell you how I can stand on one leg while playing the piano and juggling eggs at the same time. (but I will, if you want)

All I do is nominate 10 people who’ve made my blogging world a delight, link back to them of course, and don’t forget to tell them.

Dear Bliary 

There isn’t a kinder heart in the blogging world than Gemma’s, so many thanks Gem.

My guilty pleasures

I can hardly imagine life without Viveka- can you?

Francine in Retirement

Appreciation, of all things in life gifted from God, is this lady’s middle name.


Nicole wanders the world trying to do her very best to make it a better place.

The Urge to Wander

Warmth, encouragement, and understanding, coupled with gifted photography and prose- Madhu doesn’t stint on any of these.

Lost in Translation

I was awfully slow to realise what this lady does for a living, but Paula simply smiled, and acknowledged the friendship. 

The world is a book

Amy is yet another warm, encouraging lady, who puts enormous thought and effort into her blog.

Another day in paradise

Ad, Sylvia that is, makes me laugh.  What can be better than that?


Christine has a dream of a kinder world.  Her posts are always gentle and nurturing.

This man’s journey

Is there a more hard-working, inspirational man in the blogging world?  If there is, I don’t know him.

Lorna’s Tearoom Delights

Lorna, I don’t like to cook, hate tea, and food I can take or leave (within reason) but you’ve been a constant source of pleasure.

A Nomad in the land of Nizwa (Catbird in Oman)

Cath is here, there and everywhere, determined to live life to its very fullest.  I respect and admire her efforts.

I don’t think I can count, and as usual, now that I’ve started I could go on and on….  The full “rules” are on Sonel’s Corner.  I’d better set about complying.  Have a good weekend all.

Six word Saturday


A woodland walk in Spring sunshine

Not feeling too much like talking this week, so I’m letting the photos speak for me.  Click on a photo to start the gallery rolling, if you’d like.

Cate at Show My Face will be glad to have your company.  My thanks to her for being our kind hostess.  I actually didn’t go much past my Six Words this week!