Six word Saturday


Bringing Spring home from the Algarve

Irresistible blossom

Irresistible blossom

Dew-kissed Iris

Dew-kissed Iris

A downy head

A downy head

Deeper blossom

Deeper blossom

A gentle wash of colour

A gentle wash of colour

Over the garden wall

Over the garden wall

A single bougainvillea

A single bougainvillea

Spring’s gentle tones were everywhere in the Algarve.  Has Spring arrived where you are yet?  In Australia they will just be exhaling after the scorch of Summer.  My little corner of north eastern UK is shivery still.  Much to look forward to.

Wishing you all a happy weekend!  Have you got six words to share?  Cate at Show My Face will gladly host them.



    1. I’m just rambling through some Portuguese fields (preparing tomorrow’s walk) and they’re a sea of yellow. Not daffs but something I can’t identify. Have you ran/swam/rowed yet today? I haven’t had breakfast yet 🙂

      1. Oh yes. 16km run in the middle of the day. Sheesh. (I had to be on deck for the Learn to Row program in the morning and I had a rehearsal from 3-5.)
        Portuguese fields…. sigh. Would that I were there…

  1. Thanks for the glimpses of spring, Jo! Although I’ve been in the heat of summer in Myanmar, I still love all the flowers of spring. Is it still cold up in Yorkshire? 🙂

    1. Still 2 coats weather, Cathy 🙂 A mad flurry of snow yesterday then sunshine. The iris and crocus are out, though, so that’s encouraging. Promised ‘heatwave’ of 15C at the weekend. Yippee! 🙂 🙂

      1. I’m sorry it’s still so cold, Jo. I know the people on the East Coast in the States are suffering through one of the worst winters they’ve had in years. It’s nice to see those first peeps of spring, isn’t it? A heatwave of 15? That doesn’t sound half bad, really! 🙂 xxx

    1. I think it’s working, Ad! We’ve got as far as iris and crocuses, and the daffs are almost there 🙂 Might be a while yet for blossom but it’s nice to make it last. Thank you!

  2. The beginnings of a beautiful spring in the Algarve, you captured it wonderfully. Gorgeous photo of the single bougainvillea. Spring is poking its head out here in the West Country Jo, I took some photos this morning as it turned out, in the lovely sunshine, before sleet came down! I managed to get my walk in too, just in time! Hope you had a lovely weekend dear Jo, and a great week to come 🙂 xx

    1. I’m just back from a walk on the edge of the Moors this morning. There was a lovely dusting of snow lit by the sunlight but then it turned cool and we had to leg it for the cars. It’s going to be that kind of week! Hope you have a good one, Sherri. Hugs! 🙂

      1. Yes, I think so! Sounds beautiful though. Just had another downpour of sleet on the summerhouse roof but not settling. You too, thanks Jo and hugs back 🙂

    1. Bright and beautiful here this morning, Kat, but I’m sure it needs a topcoat (or 2) 🙂 How goes the magazine? I haven’t forgotten you- just haven’t found the time. What do I do with it???

      1. I know that feeling only too well. The magazine? Do you mean my alter ego ‘Travel With Kat’? The blog is going great but very little time for the magazine, sadly. Lots of ideas for special editions such as, an ‘A to Z of spices’ and ‘An edible journey in Italy’ but never seem to find the time!

  3. Beautiful and radiant blooms of Spring. Can’t wait to see the colors of Spring soon here in Texas as well. Thanks Jo. Wishing you a wonderful week ahead. Best of blessings to you and your family.

    1. Oh dear! 😦 😦 Our forecast’s not good for this week but then we’re promised REAL Spring 🙂 Warm clothes and hibernate, chuck (again!) How’s the hand?

  4. Ah the joy of spring Jo beautifully captured and surely it can’t be much longer you have to wait. We are now in autumn but it is not as you know it…

  5. Beautiful photos! I love the dew-kissed iris.

    Spring is early hear in the Pacific Northwest. The daffodils are blooming and the cherry trees are in blossom.

  6. Our blossoms should be blooming everywhere, but instead we are experiencing weather we haven’t seen at this time of year in many years. Love seeing your beautiful Spring photographs Jo!

  7. Lovely pictures….make me long for spring on this snowy day here in Kansas!
    I know it is just around the corner…and these pictures have encouraged me.
    Happy Saturday!
    Linda @ Truthful Tidbits

  8. No signs of spring in Utah; but that is as it should be. We are reliant on our snow and, after several years of drought, view it with relief, even in March. Ask me again in a month, though…

  9. Love all your springy photos Jo! We have had a very mild winter here in the Pacific Northwest but I am still ready for Spring to arrive. What is a downy head? Does it bloom? It kind of looks like our dandelions only larger…

  10. I believe we still have 6 weeks to endure this very bold Winter. It is supposed to snow again tonight. Everyone is already tired of this weather. Happy to see the splash of colors from your side of the world and I bet you it is warm too!

    1. Ours is a bit of a ‘mixed up crazy kid’ too this year, Bebs, but not so extreme, thank goodness. I really would have to move to the Algarve if that was the case. 🙂

  11. Yes technically summer has ended in Australia with the end of February, but wouldn’t you know it this week is going to be hotter than last week. I do remember the relief though at the end of the long British winter, enjoy it Jo!

  12. Woke up to negative 2 degrees. Should crawl up to the low 20s today. Still snow and ice most everywhere. Though, I did see a robin today. Any buds, I fear are quite a ways off. Images of spring flowers are most welcome. Thank You.

      1. Yes, it has been challenging. Seems to be growing more so every season. Basically, faux hibernation is the rule of thumb; venturing out only when absolutely necessary.

    1. It’s really hit and miss up here, Gilly. Mostly I’ve been wearing 2 coats since I got back from the Algarve 🙂 But we’ve got crocuses and ‘almost’ daffodils 🙂

  13. Spring has arrived here in the greater San Francisco area. We may actually have some rain showers in the early afternoon. Many trees are blooming around the Livermore valley. A very beautiful time of the year.

      1. I very seldom make into “The City”. This morning I gave a friend a ride into S.F. and was surprised by the changes along the Embarcadero and by Ferry Building. I still prefer it out here in the “other” wine country.

  14. oh what a lovely post filled with lovely flowers. ha ha!! for spring to arrive at the end of February here in the frozen tundra would take a miracle 😉 I loooooooooooooooooong for the day that I live in a place where spring arrives this early! some day, some day….thanks for reminding me what spring looks like. It will get here eventually 🙂

  15. Lucky you to get a foretaste of what we have to come. I feel sorry for those Americans who keep getting huge dumps of snow! We have got off lightly this winter, hardly any frosts here. Only another month before the gardens start to open and I can go for a snoop 🙂

  16. A few days ago, it seemed as if winter were ready to leave our town, but it has decided to linger here a few more days…

    Your photos are lovely. I’m looking forward to the time when we will be able to see flowers and blossoms like them where we live.

    1. I think one more little cold spell and we’ll be there, Jill 🙂 I’m hoping so anyway. Lovely big black clouds are encroaching 😦 Thanks, darlin’. Have a good weekend anyway 🙂

  17. Lovely photos – I think my favourites are the blossom, but I have a soft spot for bougainvillea. Spring is not particularly advanced here, and I feel as though the daffodils which I have in a tub are a bit later than usual this year in getting themselves going!

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