Six word Saturday


It’s not all lamb and salad!


Nor is it the best of photos, because it was an exceedingly murky day.  As Mam used to say, ‘it’s not all lamb and salad’- in other words you have to take the rough with the smooth.  Monday just gone was the perfect example of ‘rough’.  As a general rule, our group don’t walk when it’s wet, but we had already set out for Hurworth Burn when the weather decided not to cooperate.  Nothing for it but to pin on the grin and go.

The company was still good, even if the view was… indistinct.  Gorse provided a little colour, but it’s a real contrast with my Burgeoning Spring, isn’t it?  There’s usually a reason to be joyful if you look for it, and I did have the opportunity to practise some Macro.




Pussy willows are lovely, aren’t they, even when wet?  Can’t share them with Jude, because these aren’t in a garden.


I’m walking again next Monday (I’ve booked sunshine!), but that will be my last post for a while.  You might have noticed a lack of Algarve photos lately.  That obviously means it’s time for a bit more ‘lamb and salad’.

Have a happy weekend, whatever your weather!  Spare a minute to drop in on Cate with your six words?

P.S.  I don’t normally do ‘plugs’ but if you saw my 6WS last week and liked the ‘teapot book’ you might like to look at Joanne’s stuff.



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