Six word Saturday


Time to send a Spring bouquet!

Daphne (or so my husband tells me)

Daphne (or so my husband tells me)

And who shall I send it to?  Why, all of you, of course, but with a special thought for friends who are having a hard time right now.  I hope the flowers help to lift your spirits.  I wish you all a joyful weekend.  Keep smiling!

The spirit of Spring looks down?

The spirit of Spring, looking down?

Don’t forget to link to Cate with your six words, if you can.



  1. Iris blooming already over there ??? That is a summer flower for us … stunning pretty flowers. For once we seem to have spring on the same time, normally UK is 4-6 weeks earlier than over here. Love you 6 words of beauty … *smile

      1. I love the bouquet … I want one every day … from now on. We should get the flowers while we can see and smell them … not after we are dead. Thank you so much, SweatPea.

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