Six word Saturday


What else we did at Easter


Phone a friend, of course!  One of the lovely aspects of this Easter was that Lisa was able to renew a friendship from her very earliest years.

This exquisitely folded book, made by Joanne, is a lasting memento of their meeting.  It fits so well in Lisa’s beautiful, artistic home, with her hand-painted flowers and birds.  There’s always a project at Lisa’s, and after our visit to Butterfly World, she asked for some photos to begin another. That evening we dragged out old photo albums from school days and giggled over the pigtails and pinafore frocks.

The weekend weather was a little unpredictable, and Sunday brought a good soaking in the park, complete with hail stones.  On Monday we opted to spend time in the Museum of Hartlepool, safe from the elements, before a swift stride along the seafront.

Tuesday saw the lovely lady heading home, and me bereft, for a while.  But I have so much joy to look back on.  How about you?

You can join me at Six Word Saturday, if you like.  If not, I’ll see you on Monday, for a rather unusual, industrial walk.



    1. There’s a heap of old albums that should have gone back in the loft, but they didn’t make it. 🙂 One of these days… 🙂 (I keep saying we’ll ‘sort the study’ the next rainy day, but…

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  1. How does one read from a teapot book? 😀 Is that a model of a lighthouse? It’s lovely. I love your portrait of Lisa. A glamorous lady 🙂


    1. I suspect the answer is ‘with great difficulty’, Paula. 🙂 🙂 I liked the lighthouse details too. Yes- a total glamour puss! We have so little in common, it’s unreal 🙂 I was thrilled with that photo of her. I told her to not to look at the camera but carry on with what she was doing (texting Joanne 🙂 ) and it turned out really well.


  2. le piccole, grandi cose della vita che ci permettono di goderne al meglio! La tua figlia dai capelli rossi si fa sempre più bella! spero avrai passato una pasqua serena il loro compagnia
    un grosso bacio


  3. That really was a weekend to treasure with Lisa wasn’t it? She is a very special and talented young woman, love her art and how her nails and hair match 🙂 I’ve seen pics of folded books before, but never ‘in the page’, the two if them have much in common.
    The museum looks cool too, some interesting pieces, I thought the chess piece was a bit of carved beeswax!
    I went to Hampshire yesterday to see Nina and family, five hours driving so I’m shot today but always worth it, the babies are all about the kisses and are growing so quickly. Oh well, catch up day today, have a good one sweetheart.


    1. Hi Gilly! 🙂 Thought you might be with the G-babies as we’re still in school hols. That’s a lot of solo driving!
      Yes, Lisa feels like she’s found a soulmate. They haven’t seen each other since leaving school (nearly 30 years ago- though she doesn’t look it!) but have an amazing amount in common. I’ve seen more of Joanne’s books on Facebook and they’re fabulous! Rest up, sweetheart! I’m writing my Monday walk, beneath miserable skies. 🙂 🙂

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      1. It’s very grey here too, but I could do with staying in even if I get stir crazy! Lisa doesn’t look more than thirty, good genes I suppose 😉 I tried to take pics on a walk in the water meadows with the girls yesterday but they’re too wobbly to be any use!


      2. 45, Gilly! Much better at preserving her youth than me. 🙂 I have lots of walks this week so no worries. Wondering about Jude. She should have a Sunday post up. I’ll go and check. Hugs, darlin’. 🙂

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  4. It must have been wonderful to have your daughter with you, Jo. I always feel a little lost and out-of-sorts when my kids’ visit is over 😦

    I have never seen a folded book – fantastic! 😉

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  5. What a special time to have together Jo. Your daughter is beautiful and very artistic. As you know my daughter now lives in the same city. When she didn’t I found the goodbyes very hard. Sending you an extra hug today my friend.

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