Spring balls


Mimosa vibrates

With colour, to lift the gloom.

Small beacons of bright.

For years I’ve admired these small balls of Spring fuzz in the Algarve, not knowing what they were.  I guess the knowledge is worth a celebratory haiku.  Gilly is feeling rather sad this week, so I hope this might cheer her up.

I don’t know how much laptop time I’ll have this weekend, as I’m eagerly anticipating the arrival of my daughter.  I’ll be around if I can, but in case I miss you, I wish you all a peaceful and happy Easter.


    1. I’ll be back there soon! 🙂 🙂 13th April! Where are you next? Can’t keep up! Was admiring Debbie’s post on Belfast and wondering about later in the year.


      1. Pity I didn’t know .. because I have nothing booked for the this months and I think that the cheap flights to Faro has started by now. In May will I go back to Scotland for a wedding and 3 days later I’m off to Sopot for 5 days … staying just on the beach. Debbie’s post???? Where???? I will go back in end of October or begining November if you want to come along.


  1. What a lovely haiku! Your image and words are giving me ‘season’ envy as we head into a rainy fall here in Sydney. I have’t experienced a real spring since 2012 and I do miss it. The season of hope!


  2. Oh! Wattle! Beautiful, Jo! The mountains behind the farm are filled with these. I love them (but my sinuses disagree). Have a wonderful time with your daughter 😀


    1. And me, Seonaid, but even more so the discovery that they are what my Australian friends have been calling wattle! This was a win! win! post for me. 🙂 Happy Easter! Family gathering for you?

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      1. We headed north last night….its hubbys birthday and some of his friends will join us today for some walking, eating and guitar playing….meanwhile I’ll be out with my camera I hope😊💕


  3. I hope that you have a wonderful Easter Jo, and I’m so pleased you’re going to have daughter time. -) I love these “spring balls” and I wonder if I might be able to grow them in my climate, if I can locate them! They’re really spectacular!


    1. I gather they are also known as golden wattle, Debbie. I just never made the association with my Australian friends blogs, but the light finally dawned yesterday when one of them pointed it out (well, several did, actually 🙂 ). Yes, it’s wonderful to have her here! Thanks for your good wishes and a happy Easter to you and yours too 🙂


    1. I love that I’ve accidentally ‘discovered’ wattle, Meg! All these years of reading your posts and not realising it. The light bulb finally lit! 🙂 Enjoy your first Polish Easter, hon. It’ll be special 🙂


      1. Blessing of the basket tomorrow and Easter breakfast with Marcin’s parents on Sunday. Does Easter mean you have your daughter for more than two days? Enjoy her company – which you obviously do!


    2. Wonderful! 🙂 My first ever visit to Poland was 5 days in the run up to Easter but I had to fly home on Maunday Thursday because I was working over the holiday (care assistant to my lovely Vron 🙂 ). Lisa is here till Tuesday. I’m radiating joy and happiness this morning (and eating toast while I wait for them to get up 🙂 ) Hugs, Meg!


  4. LOVELY! Although we had wattle trees in the Cape and they were like weeds! Have a lovely weekend with Lisa and I hope we get some sun! Today was dire driving down here.


    1. I know I’ll be exhausted afterwards, Anna, but I can just collapse for a day or two. It’s so worth it to have them here. 🙂 Thanks, darlin! Happy Easter 🙂


  5. Love your mimosa balls!! Saw some in France when I was there recently, and when I was with a friend in Lucca some years ago we got little tiny sprigs of artificial mimosa on International Women’s Day and I still have it..


    1. What a nice memento, Sue! (funny word that, isn’t it? Thought I’d misspelt and it should be ‘momento’ but that goes with ‘prego’, doesn’t it?) I’m rambling again! Happy Easter to you!

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