Burgeoning Spring

IMG_4866Blustery showers, radiant sunshine, raging clouds and nodding ‘daffs’- it must be April again!

I was feeling a little sorry for the horses who live in a field, near to my home.  The ground has never fully dried out from persistent rain earlier in the year, and plodging seems to be the order of the day.  Not that they appear to mind, and there’s plenty of ‘dry’ field for them, if they decline to paddle.  I stopped to watch for a while. The grass must have been extra juicy for it’s drowning, because they were quite single-minded in their munching.  Excepting for one, very determined, guy.  I thought he was trying to eat the fence post, in a form of protest.  As I watched, it dawned on me that he was actually trying to dislodge it, rocking it back and forth with his teeth. Crafty fellow!  A getaway in the making.

While Jude potters around in her new found garden, ‘getting a little closer’ to new growth, I’ve been out poking in a few hedgerows.  My finds… a woodland creature, sculpted smooth by nature’s hand…  tiny buds of blossom, sparkling on bare branches… catkins aplenty.



I’d wandered into Summerhill Country Park.  It being school holidays there are youngsters burning up energy on the BMX track. They wave at me and ask if I’ll take their photos.  I smile, and oblige.  Why not?

Those clouds are creeping up on me again, and it’s time to head for home.  In a gully I spot what I take to be wild anemones.  Bright yellow in colour, I promised to ‘ping’ Tish if they crept into a post.  There’s a lot of nature sharing going on these days.


I don’t expect Jude will mind them either.  And she’ll know if anemones can be yellow as well as white, and blue.


Funny, they look just like buttercups when I view them up close, but they were twice as big.  I’ll never make a botanist.  Do join Jude in her Garden Challenge.  This month the theme is Macro.


  1. A lovely spring walk! I too wondered if the horse managed to escape. That’s pretty clever. I remember once (in England) waiting my turn to climb over a stile, and suddenly I was shoved forward by a strong pressure in my back — one of the horses we had walked past had come up and butted me with his head! Cheeky.

  2. What a lovely title for your post Jo and so apt . I love your dainty lamb’s tails trembling in the breeze and pale blossoms ? apple cherry , and those little yellow flowers always make a nice pop of colour low down . There’s a distinct feeling it really is Springtime out there … I love it when the hedgerows start to bud and then day by day they fast become a green living wall . Cheeky horse 😉

  3. I’ve been offline for a few days. What a delight this is. And you’ve introduced me to celandines. You’ve captured them beautifully. I find that moist gleam almost impossible to photograph. I’m wondering if that’s what I see coming out in parkland just Outside, that strange country I haven’t been in since Tuesday.

    1. Oh dear- doesn’t sound like a rapid recovery you’re making. Or were you being disciplined with the ‘offline’? I’m only off when I escape to the Algarve and it’s a welcome respite. Thanks, darlin’. 🙂

  4. I don’t know about all this burgeoning Spring stuff when we’re heading into winter but since our winters are nowhere near as bad as yours, it would be churlish to complain. I like the yellow ones – they’re pretty.

  5. Ah, this did brighten my day, Jo! Yellow is such a cheerful colour. As we do not see the sun because of all the showers…i’m so greatful for your little sunshines! Have a great weekend!

  6. Nothing better than finding a flower where you don’t expect it. I too would fail a test if I had to name each flower in my yard, let alone what I discover on a trail.

      1. I’ve been sidelined this week by a sore back but still planning to get a hike in this weekend. The spring flowers this year abound due to the rain we have received here in Northern California. Been busy pulling weeds from the garden. A great time of the year to be enjoying the outdoors.

  7. Hi Jo! I’m popping in to say hello although I’m not back to blogging properly. I miss you and your beautiful walks, always a delight. You had smiling me at your first photo of the catkins – I love them 😉 Have a lovely weekend…and thank you for checking in on me during a difficult time. Mum is recovering, now I need to do the same 😉 I hope all is well with you…big hugs dear Jo ❤ xx

    1. Hello sweetheart! Good to hear from you. 🙂 I’ve looked on FB for an update and I hoped things were going better so I’m very happy to hear you say so. I didn’t like to intrude, Sherri, but it’s nice to have company sometimes, even if it’s only online. Sending hugs back to you. 🙂

      1. Arggh…I’ve been bad at keeping up to date on FB but will put a post and few pics up there today as you’ll see 🙂 Your online company has helped me more than you know dear Jo…thank you so much… 🙂 xx

    2. I only visit FB to do my promo on the other walks on a Tuesday or otherwise if I’m in transit (bus to Dad’s 🙂 ) and have a spare few minutes, Sherri. It’s good for keeping in touch with distant friends but I don’t want to know what everyone has for breakfast. Ooh, I can be mean! 🙂 🙂 More hugs, sweetheart. Going offline soon- Algarve bound Wednesday. Take care!

      1. I hear you Jo, I’m the same. I don’t understand the need to post every waking moment. Boring!!! So even more I appreciate you taking the time to leave your kind message when I posted about my mum ❤ Oh how lovely…back to your beautiful Algarve! Have a wondeful time lovely lady, see you when you get back! 🙂 xx

  8. I didn’t think I’d be the first to say they’re Celandines, gorgeous eh? Woohoo spring has me all excited, I’m glad you’re getting some before you go away, Mind you, it’s been really cold here in the mornings, Lovely catkins against blue sky and the horse is very cheeky!

    1. A joy for the eyes? Sometimes I use the translator but often I just guess, Annalisa. You can probably tell which times 🙂 🙂 Happy Friday to you too! Sending hugs 🙂

    1. I was pleased with them, Seonaid, because often I’ve taken shots and they look quite insignificant (or blurred, of course 🙂 ). Happy Springtime to you!

    1. And skitter around with the lambs? 🙂 🙂 As I stroll through my comments each day I try to keep track of anyone I haven’t seen in a while and I was just about to pay you a visit to check how things are. And here you are! 🙂 🙂 Thank you!

    1. I daren’t go back that way in case the field is empty, Sue. It will feel like it’s all my fault 😦 😦 (no- I didn’t bite the fence personally, before you ask 🙂 🙂 )

  9. I haven’t seen the word ‘plodging’ in many a long year. So descriptive. 🙂 Love that horse working on his escape plan. Those buttery anemones really do remind me of buttercups, and I’ve always loved the sight of catkins. Beautiful post, Jo, but I really would have loved to see those daring young BMX-ers. xx

    1. I just knew somebody was going to ask, Ad, and I might have known it would be you. 🙂 If you must know, I included a gallery of them but then thought better of it. ( It didn’t fit especially well and didn’t do anything for my reputation as a sports photographer 😦 ) I’m much better at catkins- even the moving ones. 🙂

  10. Mother Nature seems to be a big tease over here across the pond. Just when we think Spring has arrived, she tosses a little more snow our way!

      1. It’s not so bad, it melts pretty quickly. Supposed to warm up a wee bit next week so hopefully spring will have truly sprung!

  11. It is a Lesser Celandine flower (the yellow one) I think the first image has cyclamen leaves around it. I have a few in my ‘lawn’ – more like a wild meadow! They are of the same family as the buttercup (Ranunculus) and flower in March and April. I love your new word – plodging! I think I shall be doing a lot of that here, there seems to be an inordinate amount of MUD! And I like your catkins too – I took a photo of my corkscrew hazel catkins yesterday. I need to start my Cornwall blog and get posting 😀

    Thanks for joining in with the challenge Jo 🙂 I hope the sun is shining on you today. Glorious here, but VERY windy!

    1. Wild meadows are fashionable, chuck! Maybe you can charge an admission fee? The sun is beaming again now but I’ve been rained on twice today. We’d better get some wellies, I think. 🙂 I imagine blogging seems like an interruption to the Good Life at the minute?

      1. No blogging is an interruption to chores at the moment. The Good Life begins as soon as I feel comfortable (staring out the window at the view is rather a distraction too, which is why it is taking me so long…. 😉 )

      2. No pressure! I’m only gone 9 days. 🙂 But then it’s Poland. I shouldn’t be here. I should be polishing my non existent language skills. 🙂

      3. Just birthdays and my Dad’s ‘last’ visit to Poland- so he says. 🙂 We’ve not organised anything yet. I think Meg is flu bound, but we’ll have to exchange mobile nos and see if we can fix something.

      4. It must be very tiring for your Dad to make the journey. Maybe his relatives will make more visits to England, though I guess some of them are also elderly. Yes, poor Meg and the flu. Not nice.

  12. Actually horses can swim, but I believe they need more water – and not all the time – an inspiring collection of captures – agree with Jill “Someone needs to give the horse a carrot”… 🙂

    1. There’s a public footpath alongside their field, so I guess they’re used to people. I’m not very used to horses so I was a bit wary, but they were fascinating. 🙂

  13. Fabulously fresh gallery Jo! Your munching, plodging horses are adorable 🙂 The botanists among your readers will know for sure, but the yellow flower might be a wood anemone.

    1. I believe they are Lesser Celandines. Same family (Ranunculus) and you do get yellow wood anemones, but they only have 5 to 8 petals. Funnily enough they are also known as the buttercup anemone!

    2. Hi Madhu! 🙂 Lovely to have you around again. I was fascinated by the horses and stood watching for ages. Had to fit them into a post somewhere! 🙂 🙂

  14. What a lovely post Jo and I know first hand how crafty horses can be. My daughter’s horse is not called Merlin for nothing. He’s quite magical in making things disappear, pulling rugs off himself and having a chew on the gate!

  15. Amazing shots Jo! The horsies are just adorable and those blooms are gorgeous! The Wild Anemones are just gorgeous. Such bright, beautiful colours! Great for Jude’s challenge. 😀 ♥

      1. You’re very welcome Jo and hope you get lots of interesting things to see. Have fun! 😀 ♥

  16. Thank you for this makes me feel a little bit happier about returning home when I see Spring is returning.
    PS we’ll make a botanist of you yet!!

  17. Plodging – that’s a great word. I must remember it. It looks like spring is definitely on the way. Here, we’re halfway through autumn and it’s still 30 degrees C. Perfect for our beach holiday this week!

  18. Plodging – that’s a great word. I must remember that. It looks like spring is definitely on the way. Here, we’re halfway through autumn and it’s still 30 degrees C. Perfect for our holiday at the beach this week!

      1. Usually when they start licking or chewing on poles they can’t stop. Same with when they start chewing a stone. They won’t eat the whole day only chew or lick. Have a lovely Thursday too(mine is already over) Enjoy your weekend too. 🙂

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