Burgeoning Spring

IMG_4866Blustery showers, radiant sunshine, raging clouds and nodding ‘daffs’- it must be April again!

I was feeling a little sorry for the horses who live in a field, near to my home.  The ground has never fully dried out from persistent rain earlier in the year, and plodging seems to be the order of the day.  Not that they appear to mind, and there’s plenty of ‘dry’ field for them, if they decline to paddle.  I stopped to watch for a while. The grass must have been extra juicy for it’s drowning, because they were quite single-minded in their munching.  Excepting for one, very determined, guy.  I thought he was trying to eat the fence post, in a form of protest.  As I watched, it dawned on me that he was actually trying to dislodge it, rocking it back and forth with his teeth. Crafty fellow!  A getaway in the making.

While Jude potters around in her new found garden, ‘getting a little closer’ to new growth, I’ve been out poking in a few hedgerows.  My finds… a woodland creature, sculpted smooth by nature’s hand…  tiny buds of blossom, sparkling on bare branches… catkins aplenty.



I’d wandered into Summerhill Country Park.  It being school holidays there are youngsters burning up energy on the BMX track. They wave at me and ask if I’ll take their photos.  I smile, and oblige.  Why not?

Those clouds are creeping up on me again, and it’s time to head for home.  In a gully I spot what I take to be wild anemones.  Bright yellow in colour, I promised to ‘ping’ Tish if they crept into a post.  There’s a lot of nature sharing going on these days.


I don’t expect Jude will mind them either.  And she’ll know if anemones can be yellow as well as white, and blue.


Funny, they look just like buttercups when I view them up close, but they were twice as big.  I’ll never make a botanist.  Do join Jude in her Garden Challenge.  This month the theme is Macro.


  1. A lovely spring walk! I too wondered if the horse managed to escape. That’s pretty clever. I remember once (in England) waiting my turn to climb over a stile, and suddenly I was shoved forward by a strong pressure in my back — one of the horses we had walked past had come up and butted me with his head! Cheeky.


  2. What a lovely title for your post Jo and so apt . I love your dainty lamb’s tails trembling in the breeze and pale blossoms ? apple cherry , and those little yellow flowers always make a nice pop of colour low down . There’s a distinct feeling it really is Springtime out there … I love it when the hedgerows start to bud and then day by day they fast become a green living wall . Cheeky horse 😉


  3. I’ve been offline for a few days. What a delight this is. And you’ve introduced me to celandines. You’ve captured them beautifully. I find that moist gleam almost impossible to photograph. I’m wondering if that’s what I see coming out in parkland just Outside, that strange country I haven’t been in since Tuesday.


    1. Oh dear- doesn’t sound like a rapid recovery you’re making. Or were you being disciplined with the ‘offline’? I’m only off when I escape to the Algarve and it’s a welcome respite. Thanks, darlin’. 🙂


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