Six word Saturday


What a year for blossom trees!

Like this cluster of pinkness!

Great clusters of pinkness!

I never tire of seeing them overhead

That almost take your breath away

So delicate yet so profuse

So delicate and yet so profuse

The darker pinks, more sparing of their favours

The darker pinks are a little more restrained

But happy to flirt with their showy neighbours

But happy to flirt with their showier neighbours!

Such a heady wash of colour

I never tire of looking up

Restful white

There are still a few delicate, restful whites around

And even a flash of black and white

And even a flash of black with the white!

Aren't the black ones just gorgeous?

Aren’t the little black ones simply gorgeous?

In a sea of colour

Just one more splash of colour!

I’ve gone a little blossom crazy because next week I go to Poland, and I know that when I come back they’ll mostly have vanished. Isn’t this the most beautiful time of year?

I won’t be posting 6WS next week, and I have just one more Monday walk to take before I’m gone. You can catch me there if you like, or even join in, if you have a walk you’d like to share.

Meantime, have a happy and colourful weekend, and don’t forget to visit Cate at Show My Face to post your Six word Saturday.




  1. Awesome shades of pink. quite lovely. I thought I had missed your walk this week, but it seems I didn’t. Great expectation of spring. thanks for sharing. vw


    1. Just home and trying to find my English head again πŸ™‚ I’ll be back with a Polish walk on Monday, and I have just a few shares for 6WS tomorrow. Thanks for looking for me!


  2. This is pure indulgence, Jo … !!!! And the wee lambs, I miss them so … the joy of spring in UK and Ireland. One of the things I miss most from my time over there. What a beautiful post. You have done it again, my heart has gone all fuzzy. *smile


    1. This one spammed too! I’m gonna kill WP! Now, is that a kind and charitable thing to say on a Sunday morning? Sorry Sweden didn’t win last night. Concita was so popular and a good wiiner, I think. Sunny hugs πŸ™‚


      1. And I’m so happy that you “found” me and my comments.
        We can’t win all the time .. I liked Denmark’s song and UK’s – you, haven’t been very lucky for years now, but yesterday UK got some points.
        Still the best son won. The Netherlander’s song I couldn’t connect with at all.


  3. Wonderful awesome pink and white! Great captures. I’d get stiffneck lookingbat those tree too. And yes, having seen cherry blossoms in Japan this year. I concur. This is the blossomest πŸ˜€ year for me by far.


    1. I asked the resident expert (my husband, Jackie πŸ™‚ ) and he said ‘there are hundreds of types’ so I’m afraid I can’t specify what type of cherry tree. But those are definitely lambs πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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