Six word Saturday

It wouldn’t be Summer without Saltburn!

I’m sure they need no introduction. (6) The yarn bombers efforts for 2018. (6)  I’ve never seen it so busy! (6 more)

Awesome, aren’t they?  Every year they pull it off!  Recognise a few characters?  Sorry I’ll not have much time to chat this weekend.  We have a house viewing then we’re off up the coast to celebrate our anniversary.  Don’t forget your Six Words, will you, and have a great weekend!  See you Monday!

Finding a sequence

This is SO not the day for a walk, as storm Caroline huffs and puffs her way towards us, but Paula’s magnificent Sequence this morning sent my mind drifting back to late summer.  I was pootling around in Saltburn-by-the-Sea when I spotted a signpost promising a clifftop walk to Marske.  It was only a mile or 2 down the coast, but the climb up to the cliffs appeared a little daunting.  I knew the views would be great, though!

With a sense of achievement after my climb I set off on the clifftop, peering over the edge at a lone rider and, off in the distance, the towering offshore wind farm at Redcar.  Sweeping views right along the coast.

Soon Marske was ahead of me and I needed to get down off the cliff top.  Uncertain of which way to choose, I made a delightful discovery.  A row of terraced houses with themed seaside gardens overlooking a lovely cove.

And what else, draped in all their winter finery, but a Sequence of tractors, for Thursday’s Special.

Can I just remind you that Becky is playing with square skies all of December?  The lead photo needs to be square, and contain sky.  Like mine!

Six word Saturday

It’s that time of year again!

Very cute, our seahorse, isn’t he?  Yet again the good folks of Saltburn by the Sea have decorated their pier with yarn bombing.  It’s a Summer tradition.  Are they in good Order?  I think I should let you be the judge of that.

There are some wild hairdo’s, aren’t there?  You can probably tell that there was a fresh breeze that day, but still lots of people.

Let’s end with a bit of a gallop, down by the sea.  Such skilled handiwork, as well as being completely adorable.

That’s it for another year.  The next day it simply poured, and has continued to do so.  The shopaholics amongst you will adore Debbie’s Six Word Saturday this week.  Me, I just want to go to Madrid!  Wishing you a happy weekend!

Six word Saturday


Pie and mash and a pier



Relaxing comes in all shapes and sizes.  A bath, a book and a glass of wine is one of mine.  But I do have a weakness for a magnificent landscape, and any time that someone else is doing the cooking, that’s relaxation for me.

Strolling down the pier at Saltburn-by-the-Sea, how is it possible to have a care in the world?  The shoreline is inexplicably festooned in seaweed, and in the shops swathes of tinsel drape the trees.  Cocooned in the warm, the simple pleasures of pie and mash will do me just fine.

You want to join in?  It’s Six Word Saturday and time to simply Relax.


Six word Saturday


Strange place to find yarn bombing!


Being in Saltburn last week reminded me of an unexpected find on my recent trip to the Algarve.  It was a grey and slightly surly day, with just a hint of sunshine, and I was strolling the seafront at Quarteira, seeking distraction.  Near neighbours with Vilamoura and its extravagant bevy of yachts, Quarteira is a rather more ‘homely’ resort.  Market day on Wednesday draws a crowd, and there are inevitably folk ‘taking the air’ on the long promenade.  Efforts are being made to lure holiday makers further along the coast, with a new stretch of promenade and cafes beyond the small fishing harbour.  Always nosy, I was wandering over to take a look when I spied these.


They couldn’t fail to brighten up a grey day, could they?  I’m quite looking forward to seeing if Saltburn brighten up their pier again this summer. Do you remember last year’s yarn bombing?

Hope you have a colourful weekend.  Mine will be full of washing.  I guess that’s colourful enough!  Have fun, and maybe pop in and see Cate at Six Word Saturday.  See you on Monday for another walk.


Jo’s Monday walk : Through the Valley


Handsome chap, isn’t he?  You’ll meet him later.  I often accompany my husband if he’s out on a job and it’s a nice day.  He goes to work and I go off to play. Almost fair, isn’t it?  This week he was back in Saltburn and after two dreary, wet days I was determined to find myself a walk. The day was still a little overcast but I had high hopes.

My walk started on Marske Mill Road, on the outskirts of Saltburn, where I had spotted a public footpath sign.  The path tumbled quite rapidly downhill and soon I was at a junction.  The branch to my left was clearly signed ‘Valley Gardens’, but the more tantalising option had no marked destination.  It’s obvious which I chose, isn’t it?  This was my reward.

Viaducts are always an arresting sight, especially when they appear unexpectedly.  The ground was quite moist, and I could hear the chuckling sound of water.  Intrigued and captivated, I followed a concrete path which led me beneath the viaduct.


Ahead, a metal bridge crosses the churning stream.  Aged sleepers form steps and the path leads up, beside the viaduct.  A hint of blue had appeared in the sky and soon the bare woodlands are transformed.  I exchange greetings with a couple of dog walkers and stop to admire the tree patterns cast by the sun.  This little chap, sitting on the path, was most suspicious of my activities.

I fell into step with his owner and we began to chat.  I had assumed that the path would lead me back into Saltburn at some point. Completely wrong!  We were headed inland, in the direction of Skelton village, where she lived.  The notorious sense of direction working well again.  I enjoyed her company a little further, but then decided to retrace my steps the short distance back to the viaduct. By now the pale sunlight had begun to sneak into crevasses, and glint on the frothing water.

Back across the bridge I went, and up to the junction where the sign so clearly announced ‘Valley Gardens’.  I may have taken the wrong turn, but I was quite delighted by my little escapade.  The woodland gardens were now washed in gentle sunshine- that welcoming bench, not too far ahead.


Joyful Spring burgeonings were everywhere as I followed the path through the woods.  Just above the formal Italian gardens, a quirky little corner is being developed by the Friends of the Valley- a Bumblebee Bistro.  It’s good to see the nurturing process continue in these Valley Gardens, which date right back to 1860.  The mischief in me wants to link this post to Jude and her Wildlife Garden, but I know I’ll get no thanks!

You might remember these beguiling mosaics from my last visit to Saltburn.  At the Woodlands Centre, created to encourage children to interact with nature, I managed to find some more.  Appealing to adults, too, I think.  Cute badger and bunnies!


The Valley Gardens Tearooms is a nice little spot to sit beneath the trees, but I needed to press on through the valley.  I wasn’t too sure how much time I had, but you’ll be pleased to know that I did make a stop at Camfields.  It’s a favourite of mine for its friendly service, not to mention cakes.

A quick text message established that I had half an hour left to play.  Just time for one last treat.  I’m heading for the cliff top.  Can you keep up?



The path leads up to the cliffs from just behind ‘The Ship Inn’.  There you can join the Cleveland Way, a superb 110 mile coastal walk. Just three and a half miles away, the first stop is Skinningrove.  But I think that’s enough for one day.  Don’t you?

I may have rambled a little today but this map from National Trails will give you an excellent overview of my walk.  I hope you enjoyed it?  Definitely time to put the kettle on, and settle in for a good read.

walking logo

Many thanks to all my lovely contributors.  My Monday walks wouldn’t be the same without you.  If you’re new here you can find details of how to join in on my Jo’s Monday walk page.  Just click on the logo above.  You’ll be made very welcome.


Last week, Paula gave me a beautiful start to the walks :

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Kananaskis, Alberta

But Gilly has found glorious Springtime for us :

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Another week of fabulous contributions.  Thank you everybody and I hope you have a great week.

Note to Jude- there’s a dog, and he’s wild!  Well, quite cross, anyway.

Jo’s Monday walk : Saltburn in Winter


Some towns work really hard at making the best of what they have.  Saltburn-by-the-Sea, on the North Yorkshire coast, is certainly one of those. The second you step out of the railway station, you are welcomed by a frieze of mosaics, colourfully depicting many of the town’s landmarks.  The towering cliffs of Huntcliff Nab form a constant and beautiful backdrop at the end of the street.


A saunter through majestic Victorian architecture will bring you down to the Valley Gardens.  A miniature steam train, ‘Prince Charles’, chuffs the length of the valley in the summer months.  Then there’s the beach, promenade and cliff lift, all offering their entertainments.  The pier stretches out to embrace the salt spray of the North Sea.  Parasols a-twirling, return to gaze upon Huntcliff Nab.




I love the whimsical nod to days gone by in these mosaics.  It’s an easy enough stroll.  Come with me and I’ll show you how it all looks this winter.

Followers of this blog will be no strangers to Saltburn.  We’ve walked here together before.  I hadn’t really intended to take you there today, but my husband was measuring the garden of a lovely old Grade II listed house, in the town.  With a couple of hours to kill, I wasn’t going to waste an opportunity, now was I?

Let’s start with a look at some of the quirky shop fronts.  Browsing here is seldom dull.  See anything you like?


That’s quite enough of indulgence.  Keep that pie and mash shop in mind for later.  The owner looks very welcoming.  First we need a little bracing air.  It’s not too cold today, evidenced by the numbers on the beach.   The cliff lift stands lonely in silhouette, steps taking us down to the shoreline.



 No yarn bombing on the pier, as yet, but I’m sure that it will arrive in the summer.  Remember Alice, from last year?

The beach stretches off into the distance.  Children stamp and twirl gleefully on the sand.  Dog walkers are out in abundance.  A couple of opportunists sweep the beach in search of treasure.  Their find, multi-coloured pebbles, unwinking, except where caught in a flowing stream.  A life scored deep within their grooves and whorls.  Strands of seaweed, unfurling briny curls.



It’s time to turn and head back beside the crumbling cliffs.  Filigree patterns beneath the pier, and above, a bench to read on or simply watch the ebb and flow of tide.


There’s a lovely corner cafe, beside Cat Nab, just before you reach the brig.   You can watch the stream gushing into Valley Gardens from the outdoor terrace.  It’s a little muddy through there today.  So much rain in recent times!  It’s a steep pull back up to the cliff top, where you’ll be welcomed by the Victorian wicker family.  Some kind soul has knit them poppy buttonholes.


That’s it for another week!  Pie and mash, or did you indulge at the corner cafe?  Time to put the kettle on now, and join my walking friends.

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Huge thanks, as always, to my contributors, and to those of you who simply like to keep me company.  If you’d like to join in at any time, details are on my Jo’s Monday walk page.  Just click on the logo above.


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I learnt a little more Welsh today, with Student in Snowdonia.  ‘Yr Aran’ – The Peak :

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I like the idea of tapestries on my walls.  Maybe I should try life in a castle :

Bunratty Castle- Home of an Irish King

A great selection, aren’t they?  I had intended to close my walks for 2 weeks, but my lovely husband pointed out that we don’t leave for the Algarve until next Monday afternoon.  Plenty of time for another, he said!  It’s not the walking that’s hard.  It’s keeping up with the responses.  We’ll see! Have a wonderful week, meantime.



Six word Saturday


Alice in…  Saltburn-by-the-Sea

Hanging about on Saltburn pier

Just hanging about on Saltburn pier!

I could have chosen a better day to visit Saltburn, but the sun was shining when I left home.  At least I didn’t have to elbow my way through the crowds, but the wind had Alice and her friends bobbing about a bit!  Still good fun, though.  See how many characters you can recognise?

Of course, there was tea!

Of course, there was tea!

Even a slice of Battenberg!

Even a slice of Battenberg!

It's by invitation only

By invitation only

But at least there's plenty of time!

But at least there’s plenty of time!

Not the Ugly Bug Ball

Not the Ugly Bug Ball!

Don’t forget to click on the smaller photos for details!

Surely not?

Surely not?

Are you talking to me?

Are you talking to me?

I might be!

I’m feeling just a little cross!

It'll end in tears!

It’ll end in tears!

I had such fun playing with these guys!  Each year Saltburn comes up trumps with its yarn bombing, whatever the weather.  I hope you enjoyed it too.  Thanks to Elaine for reminding me, because I almost forgot.

Have a happy weekend, won’t you, and don’t forget to pop in on Cate at Show My Face with your ‘six’ words.  See you Monday!


Six word Saturday


Forget the football- enjoy the knitting!

No prizes for identifying Japan!  Lovely, isn't she?

No prizes for identifying Japan! Lovely, isn’t she?

Ooh, la, la!  The French, they are irresistible, 'non'?

Ooh, la, la! The French, they are irresistible, ‘non’?

Spain?  He's fell over!

Spain? He’s fell over!

Ivory Coast has a cute frog!

Ivory Coast has a cute frog!

And an elephant!

And a very cute elephant!

No foul play, please!

No foul play, please!

Greece seem to have brought along a gladiator to help!

Greece seem to have brought along a gladiator to help!  Or a Trojan?

They grow an awful lot of coffee in ...

They grow an awful lot of coffee in …

And beef in Argentina!

And beef in Argentina (sorry- Ana says it’s Uruguay, and she would know!)

And this guy seems to have crashed the party!

This guy seems to have crashed the party!

There's the sweetest of senoritas!

He has his eye on the sweet senorita!

And a lovely lady from Ghana

Another lovely lady hails from Ghana

Some of us are very laid back!

While some of us are awfully laid back! (here are Ana’s Argentinians)

And some have very noisy supporters (don't they, Paula?)

And some have very noisy supporters (don’t they, Paula?)

Some even have their own transport!

Some even have their own transport!  Must have been an omen.

Or a hot dog!

How about a hot dog, for after the match?

Ecuador has a lynx on guard duty

Ecuador has a lynx, or is he a wolf?

And a lady friend!

And a pretty lady friend!

And a puma seems to have crashed the party!

Such an alert-looking puma!

But this must be the ultimate accessory!

But for me, this is the ultimate accessory!  The Russian dolls are gorgeous.

You’ve guessed it!  Back in England, I’ve been hanging around on Saltburn pier again, and haven’t they done a grand job?  You might remember my yarn bombing post from last year, and I just had to go and see what they had made of the World Cup.  You don’t have to be a football supporter to love these.  Pick a winner?

Apologies to any I’ve left out (or got wrong!).  I’m not sure that all 32 were there.  Hope I’ve managed to raise a Saturday smile or two.

Don’t forget to share your Six word Saturday with Cate at Show My Face.


Jo’s Monday walk : A Saltburn stroll

Huntcliff Nab from the cliff top

Huntcliff Nab from the cliff top

I’m back on the north east coast of England for my walk today.  Saltburn-by-the-Sea may be familiar to some of you.  Anyone remember my yarn bombing post, on the pier last Summer?  The place really has so much charm.

But it can receive the full brunt of nature sometimes, when the North Sea comes thundering in.  I was there last week and repairs to the promenade were ongoing from the latest onslaught, just a few weeks ago.  Happily the Victorian Pier has resisted the storms so far.  The wind whips at the waves, but if you drop down into the Valley Gardens it’s a different world.

So, park up on the cliff top and admire the view above.  I’ve ordered sunshine but there’s always the chance of an April shower.  A choice of several footpaths take you down through the gardens but they all end up in the same place- some more steeply than others, so I’ll let you choose.

At Easter there’s a bustle of excitement because ‘Prince Charles’ is released from his winter hibernation and whistles his way through the gardens.  The miniature railway has been delighting Summer visitors for as long as I can remember.

The promenade leads directly to the pier

The promenade runs beneath the cliffs and past the pier

And you can walk out to the end

You can walk out to the end of the pier, if you like

And look back, if you like

And look back

Or you can carry on walking, if it's too cool

Or if it’s too cool, carry on walking

The pier has the usual entertainments, and there’s always a bag of chips to be eaten, out of the paper, as you’re strolling.  It’s a good way to keep your hands warm.

And a fine cliff top view

And a fine cliff top view

Pease was a local industrialist who had considerable impact on the way the town looks.  When Saltburn was just a green and pleasant valley he had a vision of the jewel it could be and set about fund raising to make it happen. This wasn’t too difficult as his father was wealthy and influential in the development of the Stockton to Darlington Railway.

The streets were constructed on a grid pattern with many of them running towards the sea, and named after precious jewels.  The buildings were faced with a white brick, locally made, with the name Pease engraved on them.  In prime position sat the Zetland Hotel- one of the world’s first railway hotels.

Marine Dri ve follows the cliff tops with beautiful views

Marine Drive follows the cliff tops, with lovely views out to sea

Until  you reach the iconic  cliff lift

Until you reach the iconic cliff lift with its stained glass windows

The distinctive housing on the cliff top

And the distinctive housing on the cliff top

Town map

Map of the town and Valley Gardens

The former 'Zetland Hotel' was the world's first railway hotel

The illustrious former ‘Zetland Hotel’

Just after the Zetland you cross over the road and find yourself back at your start point.  The whole will only take you an hour or so, but there are places you might want to linger.  If you arrive by train it’s just a 5 minute stroll downhill to Valley Gardens.

Two charming Victorians loiter by the Valley Gardens

Two charming Victorians, loitering by the Valley Gardens

This would make a perfect expedition for the Easter weekend.  It might even be fine enough to take a picnic?  Happy walking, everybody!

If you have a walk you’d like to share with me, I’d be so pleased to see it.  It can be as detailed or as simple as you like.  I really don’t mind.  I just love seeing new places.  Put a link in my comments, or link a post to me, any day you like.  I’ll have another walk for you next Monday.

I’m starting my shares this week with beautiful Lewes, in Sussex.  Many thanks, Sherri :

Dale got so enthusiastic, he’s given me a choice of two, so here’s the other :