Jo’s Monday walk : A Saltburn stroll

Huntcliff Nab from the cliff top

Huntcliff Nab from the cliff top

I’m back on the north east coast of England for my walk today.  Saltburn-by-the-Sea may be familiar to some of you.  Anyone remember my yarn bombing post, on the pier last Summer?  The place really has so much charm.

But it can receive the full brunt of nature sometimes, when the North Sea comes thundering in.  I was there last week and repairs to the promenade were ongoing from the latest onslaught, just a few weeks ago.  Happily the Victorian Pier has resisted the storms so far.  The wind whips at the waves, but if you drop down into the Valley Gardens it’s a different world.

So, park up on the cliff top and admire the view above.  I’ve ordered sunshine but there’s always the chance of an April shower.  A choice of several footpaths take you down through the gardens but they all end up in the same place- some more steeply than others, so I’ll let you choose.

At Easter there’s a bustle of excitement because ‘Prince Charles’ is released from his winter hibernation and whistles his way through the gardens.  The miniature railway has been delighting Summer visitors for as long as I can remember.

The promenade leads directly to the pier

The promenade runs beneath the cliffs and past the pier

And you can walk out to the end

You can walk out to the end of the pier, if you like

And look back, if you like

And look back

Or you can carry on walking, if it's too cool

Or if it’s too cool, carry on walking

The pier has the usual entertainments, and there’s always a bag of chips to be eaten, out of the paper, as you’re strolling.  It’s a good way to keep your hands warm.

And a fine cliff top view

And a fine cliff top view

Pease was a local industrialist who had considerable impact on the way the town looks.  When Saltburn was just a green and pleasant valley he had a vision of the jewel it could be and set about fund raising to make it happen. This wasn’t too difficult as his father was wealthy and influential in the development of the Stockton to Darlington Railway.

The streets were constructed on a grid pattern with many of them running towards the sea, and named after precious jewels.  The buildings were faced with a white brick, locally made, with the name Pease engraved on them.  In prime position sat the Zetland Hotel- one of the world’s first railway hotels.

Marine Dri ve follows the cliff tops with beautiful views

Marine Drive follows the cliff tops, with lovely views out to sea

Until  you reach the iconic  cliff lift

Until you reach the iconic cliff lift with its stained glass windows

The distinctive housing on the cliff top

And the distinctive housing on the cliff top

Town map

Map of the town and Valley Gardens

The former 'Zetland Hotel' was the world's first railway hotel

The illustrious former ‘Zetland Hotel’

Just after the Zetland you cross over the road and find yourself back at your start point.  The whole will only take you an hour or so, but there are places you might want to linger.  If you arrive by train it’s just a 5 minute stroll downhill to Valley Gardens.

Two charming Victorians loiter by the Valley Gardens

Two charming Victorians, loitering by the Valley Gardens

This would make a perfect expedition for the Easter weekend.  It might even be fine enough to take a picnic?  Happy walking, everybody!

If you have a walk you’d like to share with me, I’d be so pleased to see it.  It can be as detailed or as simple as you like.  I really don’t mind.  I just love seeing new places.  Put a link in my comments, or link a post to me, any day you like.  I’ll have another walk for you next Monday.

I’m starting my shares this week with beautiful Lewes, in Sussex.  Many thanks, Sherri :

Dale got so enthusiastic, he’s given me a choice of two, so here’s the other :


  1. Lovely write up and pictures of one of my favourite places. I love the history of the small inn and its connection with smuggling, which is why I have used the setting in a number of my stories. The gill is beautiful in all seasons 🙂


  2. Wow, Jo, another beautiful walk. I love the English skies; the clouds always lend a sense of drama. I love the loitering Victorians, the cliffs, and the former Zetland Hotel. And, of course, the bag of chips! 🙂 xxx


    1. Hi Cathy 🙂 I’m just trying to find the energy to go shopping for some shoes for the wedding. I should send you for me 🙂 Chips! Don’t you dare! You know I’m a killjoy xx


      1. Good luck finding shoes, Jo! No, I hate to shop for particular things. I only like to shop if I can wander and buy what strikes my fancy. 🙂 I had to find shoes and a dress recently for a friend’s wedding and I finally gave up and just wore stuff I already had. I’m being pretty good at staying away from things like chips nowadays, but there is always a chance of falling prey to temptation!


  3. Another wonderful walk. It looks a bit chilly in your images .. and breezy, but that is how the coastline is over here, most of the time.
    And you love your piers … and me too, when living in Brighton I don’t know how many times I visit that pier. And the old one went up in fire … too.
    Your walks are truly magnificent … thanks for taking me along..


    1. Thanks for reminding me of this walk. It seems ages ago!!! I love having your company. I will return your visit tonight. 🙂 Are you still sore or are the ‘woozy pills’ working?


      1. The bladder problem .. I only had to take pills for 3 days, but plenty of them. But for my sorry ass .. they are magical working, when I increased the morning intake with one. Not all perfect, but for sure a big change for the better … after 8 months of hell, any changes for the better is good. *smile


  4. bene, le mie passeggiate all’isola D’Elba in questi giorni hanno avuto altri colori di queste, ma il loro fascino è indiscusso, le scogliere in particolare hanno attratto la mia attenzione e quelle incantevoli vetrate, le foto che le illustrano tutte splendide e davvero mi sembra di avere passeggiato con te, aspetto per vederne altre molto presto

    well, my walks on Elba Island these days have had other colors of these, but their charm is undisputed, the cliffs in particular attracted my attention and those lovely stained-glass Windows, the photos that illustrate all beautiful and really seems to have strolled with you, expect to see more soon



  5. How wonderful, a walk through gardens to the sea – right up my street! (Or I wish it was). I remember sitting in the car with my younger boys at Easter many years ago parked at the top of those cliffs somewhere, watching surfers near to that pier! Saltburn looks well worth a visit.

    I have a short stroll for you this week, staying locally again:)
    Jude xx


    1. Hi Jude 🙂 I’m currently struggling with booking accommodation in the Pieniny mountains, south east of Krakow, and it’s definitely keeping me out of mischief. I think I deserve some time off to take a walk with you 🙂 Many thanks!


      1. That sounds exciting Jo. When are you off? We’re nipping down to Cornwall again on Saturday. Hope to find a couple of walks for you whilst there – hope the sun shines!


      2. 29th April for the wedding in Krakow on 1st May, and hopefully the mountain trip will fall into place. Fingers crossed. Have a wonderful time in Cornwall 🙂


      1. I love this well-thought theme, Jo 🙂 Happy to participate. He missed the Saturday game, but watched the final game on Sunday from the beginning to the end 🙂
        Thank you, Jo!


  6. That was a very bracing walk indeed, Jo. I love the Quaker’s way of thinking, although these days with airbrushing and Photoshop, almost anyone can look good. 🙂 The Victorians sculpture is really charming, and the stained glass windows are beautiful. Thanks for taking me along with you. 🙂


    1. We’ve hit a freak day or two of nice weather before the Bank Holiday, Ad. Trying to make the most of it 🙂
      There’s one of those ‘put your face here’ Victorian photos down by the pier. I always mean to get Mick to take the shot but I’m too busy snapping.


      1. we are now still living and working in the Middle East (Qatar) but soon we will retire in the UK and your walking trips could be an inspiration for us to plan the day…


    1. They were completely renewed just a couple of years ago, Dianne. I was itching to get up close for some photos of the window detail but there was maintenance work going on. The lift glided off down the cliff before I had too much chance. 🙂


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