Finding a sequence

This is SO not the day for a walk, as storm Caroline huffs and puffs her way towards us, but Paula’s magnificent Sequence this morning sent my mind drifting back to late summer.  I was pootling around in Saltburn-by-the-Sea when I spotted a signpost promising a clifftop walk to Marske.  It was only a mile or 2 down the coast, but the climb up to the cliffs appeared a little daunting.  I knew the views would be great, though!

With a sense of achievement after my climb I set off on the clifftop, peering over the edge at a lone rider and, off in the distance, the towering offshore wind farm at Redcar.  Sweeping views right along the coast.

Soon Marske was ahead of me and I needed to get down off the cliff top.  Uncertain of which way to choose, I made a delightful discovery.  A row of terraced houses with themed seaside gardens overlooking a lovely cove.

And what else, draped in all their winter finery, but a Sequence of tractors, for Thursday’s Special.

Can I just remind you that Becky is playing with square skies all of December?  The lead photo needs to be square, and contain sky.  Like mine!


  1. I envy the horse rider, what a fabulous place for a gallop, and the terrace too, so pretty in the sunshine. I can imagine how the winds would blow in from the North sea, so it might be a bit different today. Marske is an unusual name, Scandinavian history? Have a nice cosy Sunday sweetheart, I’ve got more shopping to do x:-)x


    1. I’m starting to get panicked and grumpy in the shops, Gilly. Don’t go very often so I’m out of practise but I was in Newcastle to see Paddington the other day. 🙂 🙂 Going down to Leeds and hoping to avoid snow today. Wish me luck! 🙂

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  2. Sometimes you just have to brave the wind…and what a most lovely discovery of those houses in the cove…absolutely brilliant. The sky is the sheerest of blue, piercing almost. I loved accompanying you on this walk, Jo…from the warmth of my bed with a cuppa in hand! 😀❤️


      1. Adam’s birthday went well, although we were pretty wary and guarded, all of us; we have another celebration planned for Monday night with Alex and his aunt Barbara. We’ll see how that goes. He’s been at work since the night we went out. Thanks for asking, Jo. 🙂

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  3. Now you must tell this farm girl why the tractors are lined up like that. Waiting for an agricultural parade? Fabulous views from the cliff top Jo. I should like that jaunt very much.


  4. What a lovely lovely walk and not at all where you would expect to find lots of tractors! Thank you so so much for the promotion, the link and the gorgeous blue skies – just loving it all.


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