Six word Saturday


Forget the football- enjoy the knitting!

No prizes for identifying Japan!  Lovely, isn't she?

No prizes for identifying Japan! Lovely, isn’t she?

Ooh, la, la!  The French, they are irresistible, 'non'?

Ooh, la, la! The French, they are irresistible, ‘non’?

Spain?  He's fell over!

Spain? He’s fell over!

Ivory Coast has a cute frog!

Ivory Coast has a cute frog!

And an elephant!

And a very cute elephant!

No foul play, please!

No foul play, please!

Greece seem to have brought along a gladiator to help!

Greece seem to have brought along a gladiator to help!  Or a Trojan?

They grow an awful lot of coffee in ...

They grow an awful lot of coffee in …

And beef in Argentina!

And beef in Argentina (sorry- Ana says it’s Uruguay, and she would know!)

And this guy seems to have crashed the party!

This guy seems to have crashed the party!

There's the sweetest of senoritas!

He has his eye on the sweet senorita!

And a lovely lady from Ghana

Another lovely lady hails from Ghana

Some of us are very laid back!

While some of us are awfully laid back! (here are Ana’s Argentinians)

And some have very noisy supporters (don't they, Paula?)

And some have very noisy supporters (don’t they, Paula?)

Some even have their own transport!

Some even have their own transport!  Must have been an omen.

Or a hot dog!

How about a hot dog, for after the match?

Ecuador has a lynx on guard duty

Ecuador has a lynx, or is he a wolf?

And a lady friend!

And a pretty lady friend!

And a puma seems to have crashed the party!

Such an alert-looking puma!

But this must be the ultimate accessory!

But for me, this is the ultimate accessory!  The Russian dolls are gorgeous.

You’ve guessed it!  Back in England, I’ve been hanging around on Saltburn pier again, and haven’t they done a grand job?  You might remember my yarn bombing post from last year, and I just had to go and see what they had made of the World Cup.  You don’t have to be a football supporter to love these.  Pick a winner?

Apologies to any I’ve left out (or got wrong!).  I’m not sure that all 32 were there.  Hope I’ve managed to raise a Saturday smile or two.

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Six word Saturday

6ws-participating-in-bannerA most unusual point of view

Many’s the time I’ve strolled down Saltburn pier, but it’s never looked like this before.  Roll the gallery for a few smiles.

I felt so sorry for Saltburn when I saw the news this morning.  There was extensive flooding after yesterday’s torrential rain.  This morning they’ll be cleaning up.

Yesterday I posted this young lady in the Weekly Photo Challenge which required a a shot from an unusual point of view.  She is very winsome but not in very good focus.  In retrospect I would have been better using either my first or last gallery photo, don’t you think?  Do you have a favourite?


That’s my six words (and a bit) for this Saturday.  If you’d like to join Cate at Show My Face for Six Word Saturday you’d be very welcome.  The explanation is in the header and the links.

Weekly Photo Challenge : an unusual viewpoint

IMG_9301This is a first for me- a single photograph!  There is a good reason, as I will be posting more in Six word Saturday tomorrow, but this little mermaid seemed to fit the bill perfectly.  The view is of Huntcliff Nab at Saltburn-by-the Sea, another of North Yorkshire’s charming seaside resorts.  A tradition has grown up in recent years of festooning available railings with knitting.  Last year was, of course, the Royal Jubilee, but I was very taken with this year’s seaside theme, artistically draped along Saltburn pier.

I’ve written about Saltburn before, in a post called Secrets, which gives a little of  the area’s history.  Meantime, I hope you like my entry for this week’s Daily Post challenge.  Huntcliff Nab is beautiful in its own right but I love an Unusual Point of View.  Click on the link to view the other entries.

Six word Saturday

So little can mean so much!

And then there were two!

At t’ai chi this week, Liz said she had received over 350 jumpers!  Last week there were just 60.

Following on from last week’s Six Word Saturday, for just a couple of pounds I have knitted 2 jumpers, and derived huge satisfaction from doing so (at least half a jumper was completed this morning while watching Aussie Open Tennis!).  I Googled “fish and chip babies” and discovered that there are many, many people engaged in this endeavour.  How could there not be? 

Thanks to Show my Face for giving me the opportunity to share through Six word Saturday.


Six word Saturday

Fish and chip baby jumper complete!

Fish n chip baby jumper

I haven’t knit for more than 20 years, but when I was asked at a recent t’ai chi class if I could, and learnt the reason why, I had to rediscover the talent.

The Cause is “fish n chip” babies in Africa.  These tiny scraps are sent home, newborn, from hospital, wrapped in newsprint for the want of other clothing.  Can this really be happening in our world?

With my usual flair, I bought wool from a kind market stall assistant, who donated half a ball leftover from her own contributions to this cause, only to find that I had no knitting needles!  I used to have a huge collection, including many from my late Mum, but remembered too late that I’d put them all into a charity sack.  The likelihood of me knitting again hadn’t been great.  After much texting of friends I finally acquired some and the above is the result.  Finally!

It made me really happy to knit this, so I’m starting another, on my borrowed needles.  Also, I’m remembering my manners this week and including a linkback to whose excellent idea Six week Saturday was.