Six word Saturday


Pie and mash and a pier



Relaxing comes in all shapes and sizes.  A bath, a book and a glass of wine is one of mine.  But I do have a weakness for a magnificent landscape, and any time that someone else is doing the cooking, that’s relaxation for me.

Strolling down the pier at Saltburn-by-the-Sea, how is it possible to have a care in the world?  The shoreline is inexplicably festooned in seaweed, and in the shops swathes of tinsel drape the trees.  Cocooned in the warm, the simple pleasures of pie and mash will do me just fine.

You want to join in?  It’s Six Word Saturday and time to simply Relax.



      1. Sorry to hear that Jo, hope you don’t get it too! That saying, starve a fever, stuff a cold? Glad he enjoyed the trying and hope he feels better soon! Hugs back lovely! xxx


  1. Looks like that meal would go down easily. The pie looks yummie. Do you live close to the sea, Jo? When Mick is feeling better, a walk on the hard-packed sand under a future blue sky looks like a good anti-dote for relaxation. I’m not good at relaxing, especially during the week. That’s why I like a rainy weekend once in a while, to sit on the couch and read, or browse the web. 🙂 Sunny weekend now, so we are happily out and about!


    1. Walking distance if I’m feeling energetic, Liesbet. It takes about half hour to get down to the marina, and beyond, the open sea. We’re going inland today to visit an old friend’s pub so the company will cheer him up. Have a good day! 🙂


  2. Oh Jo, that looks so delicious. I’ve always avoided mushy peas and they aren’t really a thing in Australia except in South Australia where pie and mushy peas is called a pie floater. But I had them several times on our trip to UK and they are so tasty.


      1. Heard of it, somewhere close to where I used to drive through to where I worked in Fulwood which is much closer to the countryside. Sharrow Vale is close to the centre of the city and near the Botanical Gardens and Endcliffe Park. A lot of terraced houses – I thought your friend was on the edge of the Peak District? I was imaging somewhere further out of the city – Totley or Hallam.


      2. So was I 🙂 It was a bit of a surprise when we looked at it on Google Earth but I’m so looking forward to seeing her again. Music in the pub too 🙂


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