Six word Saturday


A hope for peace and harmony

Each morning the beauty of the sky greets us

Each morning, the beauty of the sky awaits us

Unasked, the flowers turn their faces up to us

Unasked, the flowers turn their faces up

With all their shy beauty

With all their shy beauty



And delicacy

And delicacy

Each year they awaken and delight

Each year they awaken, to delight

Peeping out of their pots

Peeping out of their flowerpots

Or maybe we've brought them inside to enjoy

Or maybe we’ve brought some inside, to enjoy

Before the sun sets

Before the sun sets

With maybe just a hint of rain

With, maybe, just a hint of rain

And drains the colour from our world

Before the colour drains from our world

It is so simple, isn’t it?  So beautiful.

My wish for you at Easter is peace and love, with not too many raindrops. (and certainly no more snow for my Stateside friends!)

I almost forgot to link to Cate at Show My Face.  Even on Easter Saturday you can still share your six words.  Happy Easter!




  1. I’ve looked at quite a few of your posts and you really are one heck of a talented woman. Such great photos, such great words. Hope you don’t mind if I follow long.


  2. The Spring … how wonderful isn’t it … and even a spring rain is forgiven. Absolutely beautiful this post – your words and photos, what a wonderful combination.


    1. Today was another warm day. No coat! So strange, but in a nice way. 🙂 Yesterday grey and teeming rain all day, so today everything grows like crazy. Magical time of the year. In love with blossom 🙂


      1. We had a bit of summer .. over Easter, but it gone a bit chilly again – easy to get use to .. the sunshine and heat.
        Had some quite rain drops yesterday.
        This is a truly magical time .. I wouldn’t be able to live where there was no seasons. Love them all when they come when they are suppose to come. *smile
        Spring hug.


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