Six word Saturday


An escape from all the madness



So many images I’ve yet to share with you from my April trip to Tavira!  I’m returning, for another week, on Wednesday.  Beautiful though Britain is, I can’t pretend it won’t be a relief to escape for a little while.  Even grey days over there are greeted with a sunny smile and a wave.

It will be hot, so there won’t be much walking, but almost certainly a little toe dabbling, and lazily watching clouds gather on the horizon.


Early mornings and long warm evenings will be the best times, when I can look out on the world at peace, or enjoy a little quiet companionship.


I will still be walking with you on Monday, but I haven’t decided where yet.  Then I’ll quietly disappear.  Maybe it will all make sense when I return.

Do enjoy your weekend.  I’m off to zumba, as soon as I’ve checked in on Cate.  Share your six words?


Six word Saturday


An Easter bouquet, from our house…


to yours!

Lisa arrived, in a burst of colour and joy, with flowers and the card she’d made.  My Good Friday was the happiest I have shared in a long time.  We walked, in warm Spring sunshine.  We talked.  We ate, and laughed, and smiled a lot.


This morning my house is peaceful, while I wait for everyone to stir.  Wishing you all much love this Easter!  I hope that you are equally blessed.


Six word Saturday


All I want for Christmas is…


Nothing much, really!  A little more love in the world would be good.  Peace and harmony and all those things that go with the Christmas message. No-one going hungry or without shelter.  No children that are unloved or unwanted.  If only the Christmas fairy could make it so!

I haven’t written my ‘Dear Santa’ letter yet.  Maybe I’d better hurry.  Wishing you all a Christmas packed with peace and love.  I’ll be walking again on Monday.  Hope to see you then.




Joy is… the company of strangers

This is a great time of year to show a little appreciation.  I have in my head that children’s Christmas carol that goes… ‘There isn’t any room, there isn’t any room, there isn’t any room for strangers’.  I like to think that there’s a little space for ‘strangers’ on this blog. Some of them have turned into the most wonderful friends!




















I started out with such a great idea!  I wanted to create a Christmas tree out of ‘baubles’.  Each of those baubles would represent a special blogging friend.  Sadly the reality hasn’t quite lived up to my expectations.  My ‘baubles’ have kind of fallen off the tree!  Ah, me and technology!  A fatal combination.  Never mind!  I’m glad it’s the thought that counts.

If you click on a photo it will take you to a person who brings me joy.  I don’t have space on my ‘tree’ for everybody. What a tree that would be!  Please be sure there are many more of you who brighten my life, and I want to take this opportunity to say thank you to everyone.  This is a very special world we bloggers have, isn’t it, where strangers can become friends?  Sending you all Christmas hugs!


I’m linking this to Kan’s Joy is…  This week Yvette has posted a very thoughtful Christmas message. (she’s the little white rocking horse!)  It’s just how Christmas should be.

Wishing you peace and joy this Christmas!  I hope the New Year smiles on you.  A very Merry Christmas, one and all!


Six word Saturday


A hope for peace and harmony

Each morning the beauty of the sky greets us

Each morning, the beauty of the sky awaits us

Unasked, the flowers turn their faces up to us

Unasked, the flowers turn their faces up

With all their shy beauty

With all their shy beauty



And delicacy

And delicacy

Each year they awaken and delight

Each year they awaken, to delight

Peeping out of their pots

Peeping out of their flowerpots

Or maybe we've brought them inside to enjoy

Or maybe we’ve brought some inside, to enjoy

Before the sun sets

Before the sun sets

With maybe just a hint of rain

With, maybe, just a hint of rain

And drains the colour from our world

Before the colour drains from our world

It is so simple, isn’t it?  So beautiful.

My wish for you at Easter is peace and love, with not too many raindrops. (and certainly no more snow for my Stateside friends!)

I almost forgot to link to Cate at Show My Face.  Even on Easter Saturday you can still share your six words.  Happy Easter!



Six word Saturday


Tis the season to be jolly!

IMG_1993And jolly I have been!  But I’m starting to run out of steam.  Yesterday evening was spent in the lovely company of the lady friends I have known since school days. We ate and we drank.  We laughed and we hugged.    As always, when together, we were jolly.  None of us knows what tomorrow may bring.  So I’m wishing you, as I wished them, a wonderful Christmas and the happiest of New Years.  Peace and love!

Almost time to climb that chimney, Santa!

Almost time to climb that chimney, Santa!

I seem too have a thing about reindeer this Christmas!

I seem to have a thing about reindeer this Christmas!

See what I mean?

See what I mean?

This one's another old friend.

This one’s an old, old friend

The decorations were so pretty!

And this one was among the finery at Chatsworth.

Tonight I’m just going to curl up in front of the TV to watch the final of “Strictly”.  As I have from the very beginning, I’m supporting Natalie, but it doesn’t really matter who wins.  I just watch and admire.

I may find time to pop in on your blogs, but if I miss anyone, go right ahead and be jolly without me.  And don’t forget Cate at Show My Face!


Six word Saturday


Christmas joy to each and All

Reflecting on Christmas!

Reflecting on Christmas!

So many lovely decorations in the shops

So many beautiful decorations in the shops

And on my tree.

And a few on my tree.

It's a time for going large!

It’s a time for going “large”

And sparkling for all you're worth!

And for sparkling for all you’re worth!

Wherever you spend it, and whoever you spend it with, I hope that you have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.  I will be cooking, but only for me, Michael, Dad and James, so nothing too hectic.  I’m looking forward to relaxing afterwards.

I’ve been in festive mode lately, with my Ice Sculptures and Christmas Trees.  I hope you’ve enjoyed spending the time with me as much as I’ve enjoyed the sharing.

Let the New Year be kind to all of us.  God bless!

Merry Christmas to Cate at Show My Face, and humble apologies for my 60+ words.  As usual, follow the link or click on the header to join in.


Sunday Post : Peaceful


“Peaceful, like heaven on a Sunday…”  Anyone know this Paul MCartney song?  I’ve been singing the opening line all day long, and have only just realised where it comes from.  In the nick of time really, because I need to pull my post together for Jakesprinter’s theme of Peaceful for this week.

Regua in the Douro as the sun sets

Regua in the Douro, in the peace of sunset

Peace and calm at the end of the day, just the tinkle of masts

Peace and calm at the end of the day, on Shell Beach, Tavira

I love a stroll- don't you?

Not a soul to disturb the peace of the Douro


Out on the water, it’s still, flat calm

The beach at Burgau

The tide gently laps the beach at Burgau


Nearer home, it’s peaceful on the Yorkshire coast

Algar Seco, near Carvoeira

Serene at Algar Seco


High tide in Tavira- no space for people

That perfect light off the Turksih coast

Gentle sunset off the Turkish coast

And dusk in Bardolino

And dusk in Bardolino

Sunday was indeed Peaceful this week.  I scrolled back through my media gallery to select my photos for Jake, and this is the result.  Did you notice that they all seem to contain water, and not too many people?  My recipe for peace, I think.

Thanks Jake for supplying my Sunday fun.

Click on the flying dragon logo or the link to visit Jake’s amazing world, and join in.  I always enjoy rounding off Sunday reading the other entries.

Sunday Post : From a Distance

How did Jakesprinter know that this was to be my 100th post, and that I hoped it would be a bit special?  I’m not at all sure, but he’s right on target with this week’s Sunday Post theme, From a Distance.

I’m starting with the words of Bette Midler :

From a distance
There is harmony
And it echoes through the land
Its the voice of hope
Its the voice of peace
Its the voice of every man.

The Ria Formosa from Cacela Velha

This photo speaks to me of harmony and peace.

In writing this, I’m far distant from the Eastern Algarve shoreline that I love so much. Of course, Jake is talking about distance as in perspective and long range photography, and I will try to select my photos accordingly.  Still I can’t help but yearn for faraway things.  It’s part of my “restlessjo” nature.  I sometimes wonder if the Algarve would be so dearly loved if it were everyday and familiar.  Someday I hope to retire there, and then I’ll find out.

One of those irresistible Algarve beaches, wandering off into the distance

Looking out from the town walls of Elvas on the endless plains of the Alentejo

The far distant Silver Coast, seen from Sintra’s Pena Palace

Nearer to home, but still a view from afar, I spent a great few days in the company of my lady friends, in riot torn London in August 2011.  Looking at this peaceful shot, who’d have thought it?

The Royal Naval College at Greenwich with Canary Wharf on the horizon

The peace and serenity that accompanies me when I’m out walking is precious.  My restlessness is soothed in wide open spaces.

Ambling downhill towards Robin Hood’s Bay

Distinctive landscape and a far off lake in Upper Teesdale

The pier at Whitby and a group of walkers, from a distance

I’ll finish with Bette :

From a distance
You look like my friend
Even though we are at war
From a distance
I just cannot comprehend
What all this fightings for
From a distance
There is harmony
And it echoes through the land
And its the hope of hopes
Its the love of loves
Its the heart of every man

It’s one of those songs that leaves a lump in my throat, so I hope that Jake doesn’t mind me sharing it in this post today.  Jake and Sundays.  They’re a winning combination.

To join in with Jake’s challenge and see what everybody else has made of it, click on the flying dragon logo or any of the links.  I’ve enjoyed post 100, and all of those that went before.  I’m hoping that you have too.  Thank you for reading.

Enjoying all the other posts reminded me that distance always seems to play a part in my relationship with my daughter, Lisa.  I love her dearly.  Many thanks to Gemma at First and Fabulous for this.