Six word Saturday


An Easter bouquet, from our house…


to yours!

Lisa arrived, in a burst of colour and joy, with flowers and the card she’d made.  My Good Friday was the happiest I have shared in a long time.  We walked, in warm Spring sunshine.  We talked.  We ate, and laughed, and smiled a lot.


This morning my house is peaceful, while I wait for everyone to stir.  Wishing you all much love this Easter!  I hope that you are equally blessed.



    1. Thanks, Rosemay (I forgot to say thank you on my last reply 😦 ). It was such a sunny start to the morning and I was plotting where to go but it’s cloudy again. I expect I should do some (more 😦 ) housework. 🙂

      1. No problem at all Jo – thanks too! Hope the sun comes back out again soon – I never seem to finish housework however much I try (or not try!). How is the weather shaping up over there – it’s a bit difficult to gauge from weather reports? Mlle said it was quite mild the other day and she was sitting outdoors on their apartment roof terrace it was 14 degrees max apparently! Now it was 13 overnight last night here and I was in my Ugg boots this morning for a while so I think she has acclimatised to the Uk! I will feel colder even if it is mild – am in planning mode for outfits but as usual will bring layers and lots of scarves for variety! Hope you get your walk in today! 🙂

      2. Still 3 seasons in one day! 🙂 We did manage a walk, which was a bit of a surprise package, and just beat the rain back in time for lunch. Sunny again now but you’ll need your woollies. Ironing soon, as a concession to housework 🙂 Smiling again!

      3. Yes will definitely pack warmer stuff thanks! Thought Mlle was being a little optimistic! Great that you got your walk in! Have had a horrible day – our bank called at lunchtime to say fraud department had flagged a suspicious transaction on our credit card not a lot of money thank goodness ($10 on an unknown hotel) but once we stopped the card they tried multiple purchases in the US and New Zealand so fortunately the bank picked it up in time. No financial damage (bank will credit us back the $10) just a right pain in the proverbial… just before we leave for our trip. Have spent the day on the phone and doing endless emails to sort things out!! Hoping to go for a calming walk myself soon! Hope your day is much brighter! 🙂

      4. Oh heck! That sort of thing is so unsettling, and a lot of work for nothing. 😦 Get yourself off and forget it for a bit, and enjoy the warmth while you can.

      5. Thanks Jo – sorry hope I wasn’t venting too much!! Just rather unsettling as you say and also especially before we leave for our trip. Very unpleasant as you start wondering how on earth they got our card info plus attempt to use it without a pin number or the security number on back of card. Lot of unnecessary work and hassle! I shall indeed go out and enjoy the late afternoon sun and make the most of it! Have a lovely day 🙂

  1. So pleased to see and hear you Enjoyed Good Friday in one of the best ways.
    I enjoyed it in a similar way, after all the years of travel, my side of the family got together it was a wonderful day._/\_

  2. 🐰🌼🐣 What a lovely arrangement and card. And of course the icing on the cake is that they were brought by your daughter! Thank you for hanging out with me on Instagram as I hide behind my camera there. I promise a post by month. And I’ll say it again here because it is such good news….’the scans were clear, the treatment is working’. Have a wonderful Easter!

    1. Thanks sweetheart. 🙂 I’d bought tulips and a plummy lobelia to sit on the hearth with my Polish Easter eggs, and now I have this burst of happiness at the other end. They make me smile every time I look at them. Happy Easter to you! 🙂

  3. I’m hoping that next year we might have the pleasure of family visiting. This year though has been a lot of cleaning and ready meals 😉 But it is beginning to feel a lot like home 🙂

    1. Awwh! That’s nice 🙂 Lisa went to see a friend from school days this afternoon then after supper we giggled over her old school photos while Mick watched the footie.

  4. The card is delightful, as are the flowers. Sounds as if Easter weekend started off well for you. A social today has been the highlight so far for me, with more activities ahead tomorrow. Enjoy the warm weather!

  5. Such gorgeous flowers and I love the card Jo! I can see you enjoy having Lisa there. Have fun and enjoy the weekend. 😀 ♥

      1. Sounds like my kind of weather. Where is that teleport when you need it. LOL!

        Enjoy supper and have fun darling. ♥ Hugs ♥ to you as well. >3

    1. We did! Not so grand today but Lisa is visiting a friend and I’ve been trying to catch up on here, so nothing lost. Are you doing Sao Bras tomorrow, Becky? 🙂

      1. All being well Sao Bras in morning and Loule in afternoon! MrB not 100% though so decision to be taken in morning – I’m confident though that if we have chocolate for breakfast he’ll be raring to go!

      1. Thank you, dear Jo! Yes, I am at home, in fact, I do not celebrate Easter, since I am Eastern Orthodox, our Easter will be a month later! So, we have a usual, but sunny weekend!

      2. Ah- I should have realised. Just one of our small differences, Ann. 🙂 Enjoy your sunny weekend. Ours was fleeting but the company’s still good.

      3. It’s ok, Jo! I can tell you I still do not understand why these differences should exist…anyway, I am so glad you have a good company! Sending you a little sunny Bunny for your Easter! Always happy to hear you!

    1. Thanks, Lynn 🙂 I have a little time to myself this morning because they’re having a lazy start. That’s what hols are for if you work, isn’t it? Hugs to you!

  6. What a creative, happy card! Glad you had a lovely Good Friday, Jo! I thought I was due a solitary one, but spent a couple of hours chatting in the sun with one of my neighbours and her cute grandchildren ….and later it was tea and hot cross buns with a new friend! The sort of day I like 😊

    1. Thank you sweetheart! I’m still waiting for them to get up, which does give me a bit of morning blogging time. 🙂 Looking forward to reading about the Polish Easter exploits. Having a wonderful time?

      1. Absolutely wonderful time with the children, but a dear friend from uni days died yesterday. Warsaw is becoming marked with my personal grieving, as well as with the immense historical grief.

  7. Sounds like a great start to your Easter, Jo. Very lovely to be with family again, and it sounds like there’s much love going on around your place. Enjoy it all and the great weather. It’s a quiet one at home for me this weekend, which I will enjoy. Happy Easter 🙂

  8. What a clever daughter, but she couldn’t be other wise with a mummy like you. Yesterday was full of gorgeous warm sunshine and blue sky in Devon too, just what was needed. Enjoy the rest of the weekend x 🙂 x

    1. Thanks, darlin’. 🙂 Yesterday was just one of those heaven sent days. Bit more blustery and cloudy this morning but it doesn’t matter. Are you off to the Gbabies?

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