Six word Saturday


An escape from all the madness



So many images I’ve yet to share with you from my April trip to Tavira!  I’m returning, for another week, on Wednesday.  Beautiful though Britain is, I can’t pretend it won’t be a relief to escape for a little while.  Even grey days over there are greeted with a sunny smile and a wave.

It will be hot, so there won’t be much walking, but almost certainly a little toe dabbling, and lazily watching clouds gather on the horizon.


Early mornings and long warm evenings will be the best times, when I can look out on the world at peace, or enjoy a little quiet companionship.


I will still be walking with you on Monday, but I haven’t decided where yet.  Then I’ll quietly disappear.  Maybe it will all make sense when I return.

Do enjoy your weekend.  I’m off to zumba, as soon as I’ve checked in on Cate.  Share your six words?



    1. Morning sweetheart! 🙂 Sorry to have caused you to worry. I got home at 2 in the morning yesterday and it was a full on day getting James reorganised and back to Leeds. I seem to have laptop problems- slow as the grave- so I’m plodding along trying to reach out to the world. I love you for your concern and will email you some time today. A heap of hugs till I make it 🙂 🙂 🙂


      1. Jo, lovely to hear from you … so glad that you’re alive and kicking. No rush with the email … I know that you’re okay and slow internet are so frustrating.
        I just heard the news about what happen last night in Nice … and my happy morning spirit has gone out the balcony door now. How terrible.
        Weather okay … sunshine and rain swaps during every day. So you have been in Algarve???? Welcome home!


      2. I totally understand you. It’s nice to get a good break from mobile and internet.
        Yes, it doesn’t matter where we go today there is always a threat. Leaving for Istanbul and Kosovo on Thursday.


      3. I promise!!! I will visit the Blue Mosque this time, but very early in the morning before the terrorists has woken up. And they have blown the airport up all ready … otherwise I will stay away from the tourist areas, use backstreets.


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