Sunday Post : Peaceful


“Peaceful, like heaven on a Sunday…”  Anyone know this Paul MCartney song?  I’ve been singing the opening line all day long, and have only just realised where it comes from.  In the nick of time really, because I need to pull my post together for Jakesprinter’s theme of Peaceful for this week.

Regua in the Douro as the sun sets

Regua in the Douro, in the peace of sunset

Peace and calm at the end of the day, just the tinkle of masts

Peace and calm at the end of the day, on Shell Beach, Tavira

I love a stroll- don't you?

Not a soul to disturb the peace of the Douro


Out on the water, it’s still, flat calm

The beach at Burgau

The tide gently laps the beach at Burgau


Nearer home, it’s peaceful on the Yorkshire coast

Algar Seco, near Carvoeira

Serene at Algar Seco


High tide in Tavira- no space for people

That perfect light off the Turksih coast

Gentle sunset off the Turkish coast

And dusk in Bardolino

And dusk in Bardolino

Sunday was indeed Peaceful this week.  I scrolled back through my media gallery to select my photos for Jake, and this is the result.  Did you notice that they all seem to contain water, and not too many people?  My recipe for peace, I think.

Thanks Jake for supplying my Sunday fun.

Click on the flying dragon logo or the link to visit Jake’s amazing world, and join in.  I always enjoy rounding off Sunday reading the other entries.


      1. I know how you feel, work has been incredibly busy of late and feeling peaceful would be wonderful. I don’t like WP for resizing images, I use Picasa and export them all at the one size – much less hassle for me 🙂

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