Six word Saturday


An Easter bouquet, from our house…


to yours!

Lisa arrived, in a burst of colour and joy, with flowers and the card she’d made.  My Good Friday was the happiest I have shared in a long time.  We walked, in warm Spring sunshine.  We talked.  We ate, and laughed, and smiled a lot.


This morning my house is peaceful, while I wait for everyone to stir.  Wishing you all much love this Easter!  I hope that you are equally blessed.


Six word Saturday


Christmas joy to each and All

Reflecting on Christmas!

Reflecting on Christmas!

So many lovely decorations in the shops

So many beautiful decorations in the shops

And on my tree.

And a few on my tree.

It's a time for going large!

It’s a time for going “large”

And sparkling for all you're worth!

And for sparkling for all you’re worth!

Wherever you spend it, and whoever you spend it with, I hope that you have a wonderful and peaceful Christmas.  I will be cooking, but only for me, Michael, Dad and James, so nothing too hectic.  I’m looking forward to relaxing afterwards.

I’ve been in festive mode lately, with my Ice Sculptures and Christmas Trees.  I hope you’ve enjoyed spending the time with me as much as I’ve enjoyed the sharing.

Let the New Year be kind to all of us.  God bless!

Merry Christmas to Cate at Show My Face, and humble apologies for my 60+ words.  As usual, follow the link or click on the header to join in.