Six word Saturday


An explosion of colour and fun



After flirting with Monochrome this week, I though it time to inject a little colour into our lives.  It seems ages since I waved and cheered with the crowd as the Carnival floats passed me by in Loule, but it’s only a couple of weeks.  After 110 years of celebrating the event, this Algarve town really knows how to party.  Can you shimmy?  Or make like a pirate?  Or maybe, be a mermaid?



Whatever you choose, you need to be good with paper flowers, and happy to smile and wave for three hours.  That’s a lot of waving!


There’s always a Pierrot, and lots of dancing girls.  The children are spellbound; many of them in costume and eager to be a part of it all.


There’s a large political element to the whole festival.  The Portuguese love an opportunity to have a ‘dig’ at their politicans and celebrities.  They have a valid point because money is very hard-earned in this country.  But this is a time of celebration and it’s all done in a wonderful, family oriented spirit.  And, of course, there are a few jiggling ladies for the dads.

The pirate theme is highly appropriate.  Most people would agree that politicians rob and plunder.  And if all else fails, there’s always Pinocchio.



I hope you enjoyed your trip to this year’s Carnival with me.  Next year, maybe come along and we’ll party?

Meantime, it’s the weekend again.  Hoping you’ll have a good one.  Don’t forget to pop in on Cate at Six Word Saturday.  And save some energy to come walking with me on Monday!


Festival of leaves

I have a real fondness for leaf shadows

I have a real fondness for leaf shadows

And vivid colours

And vivid sunshine colours

But when it rains the choices are fewer

But on a misty rainy day, the berries look better

In the fog

Gleaming in the fog

Verena at Festival of Leaves has some glowing colours this week.  We’re clinging on to ours for dear life!


Six word Saturday



A refugee on my bathroom windowsill!

A tiny leaf

A tiny leaf, wrenched away from its bigger brothers and sisters

Pretty, aren't they?

Pretty, aren’t they?

I like this shadow almost as much as the leaf

I think I like this shadow as much as the leaf itself!

The holly and the ivy

Can it be holly and ivy time already?

Conkers, anyone?

The conkers have already fallen

But how delicious are these?

But how delicious are these?

Are you enjoying this lovely Autumn season?  It passes all too quickly.  Come and share in the festival of leaves this weekend.  I’m sharing mine on Six Word Saturday.  I know Cate won’t mind.

What will you be sharing?  Whatever it is, I hope you have a joyful weekend.


A festival of damp leaves

My Virginia Creeper- clinging on!

My Virginia Creeper- clinging on!

I’m being a little bit naughty this morning, but hey, it’s Sunday!  I’m allowed?  I just have time to squeeze in two challenges before I go walking again tomorrow.  The forecast is wet so I’ll have to take the sunshine with me.

An abandoned leaf- but it's still green!

An abandoned leaf- but it’s still green!

This one's properly 'washed out'

This one’s properly ‘washed out’

And this one- a brittle brown

And this one- a brittle brown

But I do find colour hard to resist

But I do find colour hard to resist

Do you have a favourite?  Or some leaves to share?

I’m contributing to Festival of leaves- week 3 and also squeezing in a last minute entry to 1 Day 1 World Project 9:00 to 10:00.  I should just get away with the latter because Lisa is all the way over in Seattle so way behind the UK in hours. I’ve been meaning to rejoin her challenge for weeks and time is just slipping away.  I took these yesterday morning, on my way to zumba, in the rain.

If you can squeeze some time, please join in with either or both of these challenges.  They’re so worthwhile.  Happy weekend!

Six word Saturday

6ws-participating-in-bannerWould you believe,  GREEN this week?

IMG_9952Do you sense a theme going on?  Green has never been one of my favourite colours.  I always feel it needs something else to “lift” it or to provide contrast, but that’s probably my lack of skills with a camera.  In a week of not much happening, I thought I’d try to entertain you with a gallery of green.

It’s such an English colour, isn’t it?  And the colour of that little green demon, jealousy, of which I’m often guilty.  The leaves are falling at an alarming rate, so I guess this is my goodbye to Summer.  Next week’s colour is sure to be Autumn.

Time to see what’s befallen my friends on Six word Saturday this week.  Follow the links or click on the header to visit Cate at Show My Face.


Weekly Photo Challenge : Colour

How do you like your colour- strong or weak?

I find that I have a distinct preference for the pastel and washed out tones.

The non-colour of the sea

The non-colour of the sea late in the day

Even better when the wind is whipping it?

Even better when the wind is whipping it?

Or with a hint of colour as the fog rolls in

Or with a hint of colour as the fog rolls in

The whitening of snow changes everything.

Our garden this Winter

Our garden this Winter

And blots out all the colour from the landscape

And blots out all the colour from the landscape

And glints through the leaves in Autumn

Uplifting lemon colours the leaves in Autumn

Old gold plays on Medieval architecture

Old gold haunts Medieval architecture

The brazen face of the sunflower

The sunflower shows its bold face

Mingling with the friendly oranges

Lemons mingling with friendly oranges

Voluptuous in their display

And what about this voluptuous display!

Hotter still the hibiscus

Hotter still, the hibiscus

Flirting with the green in the greenhouse

Flirting with colour in the greenhouse

Teasing the blue

Teasing the blue

Ah, those blues!  Who could forget Porto?

Everywhere in the cathedral

It was everywhere in the cathedral

All the way to the spectacular, and midnight.

All the way to the spectacular, and midnight in Durham.

And it wouldn't be complete without my favourite bridge, and we're back with the subtle colour.

But it wouldn’t be complete without my favourite bridge.

And the subtle colours that I love

And those subtle colours that I love

Like sunshine on the water

Like sunshine on the water

I think that’s it!  The full spectrum of colours for me.  Which would you choose?

Check out the other entries on this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.  I’m just a little bit earlier this week.