Monday greens

Beside the Rio Giláo, Tavira

Just me, having fun with green. Can’t stay gloomy all the week. Happy Monday! (maybe better if you open the galleries?)

Life in Colour

P.S I just realised, it should be a Monday walk day! Come back later?

Green with envy?

My Hula girls, luxuriating in green

Green is the backdrop to our world, right now, here in the Algarve. Winter rains have refreshed and revitalised the land and filled the reservoirs. It’s a joyful sight because our summer heat can be fierce, and by September everywhere looks parched.

It’s Monday wash day again, but I’m living Life in Colour with Jude. Have a good week!

Six word Saturday

6ws-participating-in-bannerWould you believe,  GREEN this week?

IMG_9952Do you sense a theme going on?  Green has never been one of my favourite colours.  I always feel it needs something else to “lift” it or to provide contrast, but that’s probably my lack of skills with a camera.  In a week of not much happening, I thought I’d try to entertain you with a gallery of green.

It’s such an English colour, isn’t it?  And the colour of that little green demon, jealousy, of which I’m often guilty.  The leaves are falling at an alarming rate, so I guess this is my goodbye to Summer.  Next week’s colour is sure to be Autumn.

Time to see what’s befallen my friends on Six word Saturday this week.  Follow the links or click on the header to visit Cate at Show My Face.