A festival of damp leaves

My Virginia Creeper- clinging on!

My Virginia Creeper- clinging on!

I’m being a little bit naughty this morning, but hey, it’s Sunday!  I’m allowed?  I just have time to squeeze in two challenges before I go walking again tomorrow.  The forecast is wet so I’ll have to take the sunshine with me.

An abandoned leaf- but it's still green!

An abandoned leaf- but it’s still green!

This one's properly 'washed out'

This one’s properly ‘washed out’

And this one- a brittle brown

And this one- a brittle brown

But I do find colour hard to resist

But I do find colour hard to resist

Do you have a favourite?  Or some leaves to share?

I’m contributing to Festival of leaves- week 3 and also squeezing in a last minute entry to 1 Day 1 World Project 9:00 to 10:00.  I should just get away with the latter because Lisa is all the way over in Seattle so way behind the UK in hours. I’ve been meaning to rejoin her challenge for weeks and time is just slipping away.  I took these yesterday morning, on my way to zumba, in the rain.

If you can squeeze some time, please join in with either or both of these challenges.  They’re so worthwhile.  Happy weekend!


  1. Your brittle brown is my favourite. I still need to check the pics from my trip, but down there it was too early to catch some colour. Here in Zagreb the weather has gone from Summer to Winter and all the foliage has gone from green to dead 😀

      1. Yes, Jo, it was a wonderful holiday all around! It helped make up for me missing fall. Sadly I don’t get another break until February, but I really hope to be able to take some short trips on weekends. I want to see as much as I can see in my year here. 🙂

  2. Your photos take my breath away. They’re gorgeous. The leaves are late in turning here on the US West Coast.

  3. Our September was glorious with tons of sunshine but today is cloudy and chilly. It started to rain about an hour ago so I am sure if I went out I could find many damp leaves. I love the colours in the first image.

    1. It was wonderful while it lasted, wasn’t it? We came back from the Algarve to a week of damp and fog, but since then it’s been quite balmy. I could get used! 🙂

      1. I would hate it too! I have a Japanese maple I’m looking at right now and the leaves turn a beautiful shade of red in the fall but when they blow away I’m always sad…

  4. Beautiful and colorful leave to fill the 9 to 10 am. Very clever, Jo! I love the pink color, but I also like how you take these leaves from different angles.

    1. I’ve been hopeless with Lisa’s challenge, Amy. I took some for the 8-9 slot last week then didn’t find time to post them. The penny ‘dropped’ as I wandered down to zumba yesterday morning that the timing was right, if only I could find time to post. Sunday is a busy household day for me and I try to write my walk in gaps in the weekend. Back I go! 🙂

      1. Plus, you have a weekly theme to take care. It’s growing so fast and into a big community, amazing. Blogging and post all are very consuming.

    1. That’s a nice thought, Jill 🙂 We’ve lived in this house for 25 years and it’s a part of the family now. I hate when it’s leaves fall off in winter. You too!

  5. Happy weekend to you too, Jo! Norfolk is sunny and dry and so much hoping for rain, send it down to them … Lovely shots of the leaves, what would autumn be without them.
    Enjoy your walk tomorrow!

    1. Thanks a lot, Dina 🙂 It’s sunny and mild again today but I’m too busy to go out and enjoy it. 😦 I think rain is sweeping the country tomorrow so Norfolk should get a share.

    1. I like the brittle brown one best, I think, but I’m well capable of changing my mind. 🙂 It’s beautiful weather for a walk today but I’m up to my ears in ironing etc. Ugh! 😦

      1. It’s non stop football on Sundays in our house 😦 NFL now! I’m waiting for him to go back to Leeds, fed and watered, so I can watch the Strictly dance off. 🙂

  6. All beautiful in their own way – if I have to pick a favourite it would be your Virginia Creeper I just love the colour! It’s raining here in Perth too today we are having rather bizarre weather very warm for a couple of days then the temperature plummets and a cold front sweeps in from the ocean. Just dashed out for a bracing walk by the sea between showers 🙂 I will have to look in to these challenges – am still learning about “links” though. I took some lovely photos a couple of weeks back of our beautiful walk down by the sea which I’m hoping to turn into a post for your “Monday Walks” one week it’s such a great idea!

    1. Oh, please do, Rosemay! It can be as long or as short as you like. I should be working on tomorrow’s now but I have a heap of the son’s ironing needs doing. I’m indulging in a little escapism before I go back to it. 🙂

  7. I love the up view and the second one is my favorite – the green one on the bumpy surface – nice contrast and a neat to see a green one down…

  8. I love the idea of a festival of leaves, and your damp ones are delicious. We’re a bit desperate for damp here – and as for festivals, the one to the fore in my head at the moment is HuntFest which is proposing the sale of guns at their festival in my peaceful part of the world. Your leaves make infinitely more sense.

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