Six word Saturday

6ws-participating-in-bannerWould you believe,  GREEN this week?

IMG_9952Do you sense a theme going on?  Green has never been one of my favourite colours.  I always feel it needs something else to “lift” it or to provide contrast, but that’s probably my lack of skills with a camera.  In a week of not much happening, I thought I’d try to entertain you with a gallery of green.

It’s such an English colour, isn’t it?  And the colour of that little green demon, jealousy, of which I’m often guilty.  The leaves are falling at an alarming rate, so I guess this is my goodbye to Summer.  Next week’s colour is sure to be Autumn.

Time to see what’s befallen my friends on Six word Saturday this week.  Follow the links or click on the header to visit Cate at Show My Face.



  1. I hadn’t thought of it as an English color until I lived here. I grew up in California and saw lots of brown and flowers. Not much green. Even the lawns were usually brown due to the heat and water shortages. So when I moved here, I loved all the green.


    1. It goes well with the whites at Wimbledon 🙂 You can see where my mindset is, TBM – I’m watching Novak with half an eye and waiting for Rafa (who’s going to have his hands full with Wawrinka!) Is it any wonder I don’t get the book written? 🙂


  2. I don’t recognize the first photo. It looks like a succulent? I love it. Maybe we take the color green for granted, usually thinking it needs another color to break up the expanse. But these photos do give me a reason to remark that I love green! 🙂


    1. It’s the tip of what we call a Monkey Puzzle Tree, Debbie. Sorry, I don’t know the technical name for it? I have a mild fascination with them. (must have been a monkey in a former life 🙂 )


    1. Talking of buses, you young whippersnapper (you can’t be old because that makes me even older!) I forgot to include my modern lime green bus with a king size Angel of the North on the side. Now that I’ve written this I realise that you won’t know what the heck I’m talking about so I’ll have to put it in another post! 🙂


  3. Some stunning images there Jo. Particularly the Chinese lantern. I am an Orange/Yellow person, but I quite like green too. Blue is my least favourite, since I find it difficult to work with in interiors!


    1. You must be exhausted, Madhu, now you’ve visited half of Poland with me, and England too! 🙂 Many thanks for your time and attention.
      I was looking at one of Ron Mayhew’s posts on India yesterday and the colours were absolutely scintillating.


  4. Wonderful gallery – I’m a big lover of green … my entrance to my home is green, yellow and white. I love to wear olive green … I think it’s a such great color and your have really made it justice through your gallery here. And then we have all love flavors we get from color green.
    I have done color missions too, but I never done it green … I caught the a set color during my travelling over to mom or over a weekend with her. Really loved to do those color mission. Now with me not travelling over to mom anymore I have lost the plot a bit. Miss mom and my days with her.


    1. Greens don’t suit me much, Vivi. I always feel dingy and sallow in them. The exception is a little lime green satin blouse I bought very cheaply in my cousin Marysia’s shop in Poland one year.
      You haven’t really had chance to get into a new rhythm since Mom died, before your silly ass kicked off! Maybe it’s better she’s not here to see you in pain like this, but she’s at your shoulder watching anyway, isn’t she? Love you, hon. You’ll be back on track soon 🙂


      1. Jo, I’m okay with that mom has left me – because she was so desperate for leaving … and I wear her burned orange autumn jacket nearly every day … so she are with me. But I miss my travel to her and my days in Simrishamn with her … and I know my camera miss it too.
        Haven’t published the photos I took .. my last full day I had there, because I handed over her apartment. Have to do post.
        Thanks for being you, Jo!


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