Weekly Photo Challenge : Colour

How do you like your colour- strong or weak?

I find that I have a distinct preference for the pastel and washed out tones.

The non-colour of the sea

The non-colour of the sea late in the day

Even better when the wind is whipping it?

Even better when the wind is whipping it?

Or with a hint of colour as the fog rolls in

Or with a hint of colour as the fog rolls in

The whitening of snow changes everything.

Our garden this Winter

Our garden this Winter

And blots out all the colour from the landscape

And blots out all the colour from the landscape

And glints through the leaves in Autumn

Uplifting lemon colours the leaves in Autumn

Old gold plays on Medieval architecture

Old gold haunts Medieval architecture

The brazen face of the sunflower

The sunflower shows its bold face

Mingling with the friendly oranges

Lemons mingling with friendly oranges

Voluptuous in their display

And what about this voluptuous display!

Hotter still the hibiscus

Hotter still, the hibiscus

Flirting with the green in the greenhouse

Flirting with colour in the greenhouse

Teasing the blue

Teasing the blue

Ah, those blues!  Who could forget Porto?

Everywhere in the cathedral

It was everywhere in the cathedral

All the way to the spectacular, and midnight.

All the way to the spectacular, and midnight in Durham.

And it wouldn't be complete without my favourite bridge, and we're back with the subtle colour.

But it wouldn’t be complete without my favourite bridge.

And the subtle colours that I love

And those subtle colours that I love

Like sunshine on the water

Like sunshine on the water

I think that’s it!  The full spectrum of colours for me.  Which would you choose?

Check out the other entries on this week’s Daily Post Weekly Photo Challenge.  I’m just a little bit earlier this week.


    1. The challenges drive me crazy sometimes, Madhu, and I vow I’m going to be original and not take part in any more. I hate having my strings jerked. But then I stumble into one again. šŸ™‚


      1. Me too. I have been participating in fewer of late. Have decided I shall only take part when I have the right images to showcase. Or when I can’t think of anything else to post šŸ˜€


    1. It’s a restaurant in the main square in Wroclaw in Poland, Rosie. Impressive, huh? The whole square is a gallery of colour actually. When I think about it, I could’ve just based this post there! Thank you šŸ™‚


  1. Love how you have arranged the gallery from pale to stronger … I like any color really so long as I don’t have to wear it. Have a fetish for light houses and I love sunflowers …. but my pick have to the your favorite bridge in the late dusk – love the purple and dark blue in the photo and the water like a mirror.
    Bedtime now .. so far behind with visiting and posting – seat a deadline to midnight … and what I haven’t done, I have to delete. Glad it’s now 1am – so I’m working on overtime so glad I manage to visit this post.
    Have a wonderful weekend.


    1. I was already tucked up in bed, Viveka, and I really do appreciate your efforts. Sometimes I have to choose- do I write and create and do the things I started the blog to do, or do I just visit all the amazing friends I’ve made? I used the word obsessive in this week’s 6WS and it does get you that way.

      But you know we’re all rowing that same boat, and it has to be fun too. Midnight is a good cut off point (not that you need your beauty sleep!) Hugs šŸ™‚


      1. I’m the same … sometimes there isn’t time for both and there is a real life too … *smile I wonder how those with 300 likes per day do it, I would be stressed out.
        Beauty sleep … I think that is a bit late for that *smile
        I have always been a night person – as my grandma always said – when the night come the lazy ones wakes up – so true .. I always find so much to do when other goes to bed.


      2. 300? I’ll never know…
        My son is one of those lazy ones- 4 o’clock in the morning is normal for him! Not good if you’re a light sleeper like my husband and James is putting pizza in the oven. (noisily!) Chill this weekend, hon. I’ll still love ya! šŸ™‚


  2. Lovely colour gallery Jo. The soft pastels you’ve chosen are really beautiful. I’ve been through our pics a dozen times and it’s hard to choose. That last one though reminds me of the John Denver song, “Sunshine on the water is so lovely. Sunshine almost always makes me high.”


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