Monochrome or not?

Loule park

“Use your imagination”, said Jude, “and hurry up about it!”  She can be very bossy, but I’m trying to be obliging because the lady is stressed.  Moving to the place of your dreams after years of wishing and hoping… well, it has its challenges.

So I took my imagination to a beautiful garden, and tried to turn it into Monochrome.  But I couldn’t live without a splash of colour.

Pink clematis



It seems quite wicked to rob these beauties of the colours with which nature endowed them.  Sigh!  The things you have to do for a friend.  If I’m going to mess with Mother Nature, I might as well enjoy myself.  This little cyclamen is my favourite.

How about you- do you like Monochrome?  Hurry over to Jude’s place!  The challenge only runs till the end of February.


  1. Great job here too … but I agree with noelleg44 – let the flowers keep their colors. You know me I love the world full of colors. So an NOT from me, but you had an excellent play with MONOCHROME!!! I can’t get my head around it.

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  2. Your floral photos are exquisite. The color ones are so pretty, I have to say I prefer them. At least the green shades can be considered “monochromatic!”
    The pink, rose-colored cyclamen is so delicate with her leaf of green shades, lovely dear!
    I rarely like the sepia or black and white versions of my photographs, Jo. I try this with photos of my grandies: Nope. I delete the trials and post the color versions. My sunrises and sunsets wouldn’t be the same. . . I haven’t posted many flowers in the past but this will be happening more often. My first Spring (ever) of posting photos, Jo. 😀

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    1. That’s definitely something to look forward to, Robin! The crocuses are out here, and if the sun honours with his presence, the world’s a grand place. 🙂 Thanks for your company.


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