Autumn Leaves

Six Word Saturday


Is it hug a tree week?


I always feel a little sorry for trees at this time of year.  All summer long they share luxuriant green shade.  Come the Autumn they dazzle and glow, radiating joy.  Then, slowly, one by one, their leaves drift away.  Frail and naked, they are left to shiver forlornly, and tremble in the breeze.

But there’s still a little colour around, so let’s enjoy it while we can.  To quote Verena, it’s a Festival of Leaves, isn’t it?


Jude is embracing Trees this November.  Why not join her Garden Challenge?  I’m off out to set those leaves whirling one more time.  Have a great weekend, and don’t forget to share six words, will you?


Six word Saturday


What an end to the week!





Tilting tipsily!

Idling till another storm

Thrashes their branches


I think I’d better dedicate this to Festival of Leaves, while a few still linger!  It’s been a wild one, but not quite so bad as expected in my part of the world.  Good enough anyway to let me visit Lumiere at Durham last night without getting soaked.  If you get chance, do go! It’s on until Sunday evening and our sea glass wave was beautiful.  Then I came home to yet another horror story from Paris on the news.  What is our world coming to?

I hope you can enjoy a peaceful weekend.  These are the last of my photos from the Lakes.  On Monday I will be sharing one last walk and then taking a couple of weeks off. (the Algarve and a visit to my daughter beckon)  Please say ‘hi’ to Cate and the folks at Six word Saturday if you can manage it.  See you soon!6wsButton

Festival of leaves

I have a real fondness for leaf shadows

I have a real fondness for leaf shadows

And vivid colours

And vivid sunshine colours

But when it rains the choices are fewer

But on a misty rainy day, the berries look better

In the fog

Gleaming in the fog

Verena at Festival of Leaves has some glowing colours this week.  We’re clinging on to ours for dear life!


Six word Saturday


Oh no! Not a duck decoy!

Hello ducky!

Hello ducky!

His friends are looking worried!

His friends are looking worried!

But this guy's not going anywhere

But this guy just refuses to move

It's ok- there's plenty of food

It’s ok- there’s plenty of food

Yes- but there could be a storm approaching

Yes- but there could be a storm brewing

It's fine- look, I've found a shelter

It’s fine!  Look, I’ve found a shelter

And it's big enough for all of us

And it’s big enough for all of us

No!!!!! Can't you read! It's a decoy!

No!!!!!  Can’t you read?  It’s a decoy!

Well, thank goodness we spotted that in time!

Well, thank goodness we spotted that in time!

Strolling in the country park at Sedgefield last week, I spotted the duck decoy sign.  I’d never noticed it before but it gave rise to my little Saturday story. (if you magnify the sign, you will see that it was a method of trapping ducks for the table at the ‘big house’)   Hope it gave you a smile.

And while I’m in the park, here are two photos I took on the boardwalk, just perfect for Verena’s Festival of Leaves.  It’s a lovely autumnal challenge you might like to visit.  But don’t forget to pop in on Cate, will you?  Happy Saturday everybody!


Six word Saturday



A refugee on my bathroom windowsill!

A tiny leaf

A tiny leaf, wrenched away from its bigger brothers and sisters

Pretty, aren't they?

Pretty, aren’t they?

I like this shadow almost as much as the leaf

I think I like this shadow as much as the leaf itself!

The holly and the ivy

Can it be holly and ivy time already?

Conkers, anyone?

The conkers have already fallen

But how delicious are these?

But how delicious are these?

Are you enjoying this lovely Autumn season?  It passes all too quickly.  Come and share in the festival of leaves this weekend.  I’m sharing mine on Six Word Saturday.  I know Cate won’t mind.

What will you be sharing?  Whatever it is, I hope you have a joyful weekend.


Sunday Post : Autumn

“The falling leaves drift by the window
The autumn leaves of red and gold
I see your lips, the summer kisses
The sun-burned hands I used to hold…”

Delicious Nat King Cole.  Oh, that voice!  And then there’s another, wistful “Autumn Leaves” by Ed Sheeran- also a favourite of mine.  Sad songs, nostalgia… Autumn seems always to be about letting go.

I’m in denial!  Jakesprinter’s theme for this week is Autumn and beautiful though it is, I always approach the season regretfully.  It’s no secret, I’m a Summer bird.  Yet the lovely Virginia Creeper on the side of our house has no regard for my feelings, and is subtly, gently taking on those rosey hues.  It must know it gladdens my heart when I turn the corner of my street to be greeted by a wave of colour.

Nowhere better for walking in Autumn than the North Yorkshire villages.  Richmond is a wonderful place for kicking those leaves, beside the mighty River Swale.

Just a tickle of colour

Richmond Castle with a golden frame

The village green at Richmond

The rush of water that I love, the colours so subtle yet

The fine bright days are sometimes overshadowed by the cling of mist and damp, and I rely on the splash of colour from berries and leaves to revive my flagging spirits.

Kildale Abbey swathed in mist

Kilburn Village touched with dark rose

But then, as Autumn progresses, it turns cold and I’m tramping quickly through the woods to keep warm.

The woodland trail

Thankfully we’re not there yet, and I can enjoy some lingering warmth from the sun.  Or, like the birds, I’ll have to fly south for the Winter.

Many thanks to Jake for what is undoubtedly a beautiful theme.  I haven’t begun to do it justice here, but I’m sure you’ll find many inspiring photos if you click on the links or the fabulous flying dragon logo.  Perhaps he’d take me south?