Six word Saturday


An explosion of colour and fun



After flirting with Monochrome this week, I though it time to inject a little colour into our lives.  It seems ages since I waved and cheered with the crowd as the Carnival floats passed me by in Loule, but it’s only a couple of weeks.  After 110 years of celebrating the event, this Algarve town really knows how to party.  Can you shimmy?  Or make like a pirate?  Or maybe, be a mermaid?



Whatever you choose, you need to be good with paper flowers, and happy to smile and wave for three hours.  That’s a lot of waving!


There’s always a Pierrot, and lots of dancing girls.  The children are spellbound; many of them in costume and eager to be a part of it all.


There’s a large political element to the whole festival.  The Portuguese love an opportunity to have a ‘dig’ at their politicans and celebrities.  They have a valid point because money is very hard-earned in this country.  But this is a time of celebration and it’s all done in a wonderful, family oriented spirit.  And, of course, there are a few jiggling ladies for the dads.

The pirate theme is highly appropriate.  Most people would agree that politicians rob and plunder.  And if all else fails, there’s always Pinocchio.



I hope you enjoyed your trip to this year’s Carnival with me.  Next year, maybe come along and we’ll party?

Meantime, it’s the weekend again.  Hoping you’ll have a good one.  Don’t forget to pop in on Cate at Six Word Saturday.  And save some energy to come walking with me on Monday!



    1. I don’t think I can change it, Kathe, without putting in a second entry. I did it in a bit of a hurry because it was very late coming up and I forgot to change my url. Sorry 😦


  1. ‘Jiggling ladies for the dads’. LOL…of course, have to have some eye candy, right? What delightful colour and fun pouring out from your photos Jo, I would love to ‘carnival’ with you 🙂 xx


      1. Haha…well, I do my best 😉 Not bad thanks Jo, not bad. Usual ongoing ‘stuff’…but it’s going! Hope you’re having a good week…hugs back lovely one… xxx

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      1. Mine needs work 🙂 Hang with the pirates is right! Some of my photos didn’t come out too well but they had a wild contraption where they suspended a lady offender in the air and a skeleton puppet walking alongside. It looses something in the telling 😦

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