Six word Saturday


An explosion of colour and fun



After flirting with Monochrome this week, I though it time to inject a little colour into our lives.  It seems ages since I waved and cheered with the crowd as the Carnival floats passed me by in Loule, but it’s only a couple of weeks.  After 110 years of celebrating the event, this Algarve town really knows how to party.  Can you shimmy?  Or make like a pirate?  Or maybe, be a mermaid?



Whatever you choose, you need to be good with paper flowers, and happy to smile and wave for three hours.  That’s a lot of waving!


There’s always a Pierrot, and lots of dancing girls.  The children are spellbound; many of them in costume and eager to be a part of it all.


There’s a large political element to the whole festival.  The Portuguese love an opportunity to have a ‘dig’ at their politicans and celebrities.  They have a valid point because money is very hard-earned in this country.  But this is a time of celebration and it’s all done in a wonderful, family oriented spirit.  And, of course, there are a few jiggling ladies for the dads.

The pirate theme is highly appropriate.  Most people would agree that politicians rob and plunder.  And if all else fails, there’s always Pinocchio.



I hope you enjoyed your trip to this year’s Carnival with me.  Next year, maybe come along and we’ll party?

Meantime, it’s the weekend again.  Hoping you’ll have a good one.  Don’t forget to pop in on Cate at Six Word Saturday.  And save some energy to come walking with me on Monday!



    1. I don’t think I can change it, Kathe, without putting in a second entry. I did it in a bit of a hurry because it was very late coming up and I forgot to change my url. Sorry 😦

  1. ‘Jiggling ladies for the dads’. LOL…of course, have to have some eye candy, right? What delightful colour and fun pouring out from your photos Jo, I would love to ‘carnival’ with you 🙂 xx

      1. Haha…well, I do my best 😉 Not bad thanks Jo, not bad. Usual ongoing ‘stuff’…but it’s going! Hope you’re having a good week…hugs back lovely one… xxx

      1. Mine needs work 🙂 Hang with the pirates is right! Some of my photos didn’t come out too well but they had a wild contraption where they suspended a lady offender in the air and a skeleton puppet walking alongside. It looses something in the telling 😦

  2. I think my shimmying days are over, but I can stand and cheer them on. Love the colours and all the work that has gone into making these floats. Reminds me (in a much more amateur way) of the floats we used to enter in to our village fete in Yorkshire, many, many years ago. A lot of time and energy went in to those too.

  3. These Images Are CRAZY!!! I can’t even imagine putting each piece together! UGH But how rewarding to see them move and come alive! LOVE THIS!!!!

    1. I’m reading your comment at the end of the day, Tina, having just returned from a walk and ‘flopped’. I need an energy boost before I start writing my next walk 🙂

  4. WoOOooOooWWWWWWWw! This what I call festival!!! Color, half naked girls and a lot of fun. Just what my grey Sunday needed. One of your best posts!!!! That little camera and you are a fantastic team.

  5. I can shimmy, really, really good – for about five minutes then I’m wiped out and achey for a week!!! What fabulous colour and so much work for this carnival, very bright and cheerful!

    1. It was featured in the Polish language blog this week 🙂 I save the posts to a folder, intending to use them ‘when’ I’m practising Polish. It hasn’t actually happened yet 😦 It looks gorgeous, doesn’t it? I didn’t notice exactly where it was, but yes- one for the list. 🙂
      Your deadline will soon be approaching and throwing you into a spin, hon? Or pure excitement! 🙂 Hope you’ve got the iPad issues resolved. Rather you than me!

      1. The Polish language blog was where I saw it too – the link didn’t look specific enough when I commented,many I didn’t alive you were a follower – with similar intentions to mine.

        Yes. We’re in countdown mode now. The final lists are being made, and departure dreams haunting my sleep.

  6. Beautiful photo’s Jo! Love all that color. I think it would be a lot of fun to see in person. Maybe I can meet you there in a couple of years. 😉

  7. I love colour, Jo. Thanks for sharing. 🙂 Those pictures show a mixture, to my mind, between our German “Karneval” [with floats and figures on them] and the Brazilian carnival [those girls dancing].
    Have a great weekend,

    1. Yes, the Brazilian theme is a part of it all, but the Portuguese have their own humour too. You have to laugh when you don’t have much money. 🙂 Thanks for shimmying with me, Pit! 🙂

      1. Oh wow. I lived in Plympton (Plymouth) for about 2 months, that was in the 80’s when I decided that it would be helpful to speak English, since I was going to marry an American. I went there as an exchange student. Gosh, that’s like a life time ago.

  8. These beautiful, colorful photo of the carnival brought me smile 🙂 Thank you so much for sharing this fun celebration with us, Jo. Love it!!

      1. Ha ha! I’ll work on my shimmy…promise! Well, I didn’t move. When that was posted, I was in the process of having a new website created. The designer didn’t want me to post as he moved everything over. In the end, once the site is up, which should be next week, there will be a link to my blog, but those on WP can see follow my blog like normal. Does that make any sense? 🙂 I’m not good at this technical stuff. Thanks for asking! Thankfully, there were no boxes involved in this move.

      2. That makes perfect sense, Jill, and now that you’ve said it I realise that I should have known all along. Terribly slow on the uptake sometimes. 😦 Phew- no boxes! Poor Jude- I bet she wishes she could swap 🙂

  9. i politici, he? mhhh che gente poco affidabile, ovunque si vada questo si sente dire! il popolo lusitano come noi italiani mediterrano ha molta affinità con i nostri pensieri, la loro colorata fantasia ci dice che come noi sanno apprezzare ed evidenziare i lati positivi della vita
    gran bel reportage amica Jo, vuoi dirmi cortesemente il mareriale di cui sono composti i carri?
    un grande abbraccio augurando anche a te un week da favola kissessss

    1. They have good reason to be unhappy, Annalisa. In Portugal they are taxed to the hilt to repay the national debt. There’s hardly room to breathe and certainly no money spare. But with a few (or a lot of) paper flowers they can be very happy. 🙂 Like you and me! Hugs, darlin’ 🙂

      1. anche in Italia non si scherza con la tassazione, e c’ una parte del popolo che si trova in grande difficoltà, è quasi sparito il ceto medio, qui in Toscana fortunatamente l’alto livello d’inventiva e di creatività ci permette ancora una vita agiata, ma fa male sapere gli altri così provati, quando con meno sprechi e meno corruzione si potrebbe dare a tutti un lavoro e una dignità.Ok si cerca di vivere la vita più serenamente possibile, anche i fiori di carta (grazie per l’informazione) sono un surrogato alla felicità,un grosso bacio

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