Seaton Carew

Before and after


I love this shot.  It was a balmy day earlier this month, on the beach at Seaton Carew.  Who’s in charge- man or dog?  I’m not entirely sure that I wanted to convert it to black and white.  But then, I usually feel like that about photos.  What do you think?


I don’t usually do the Black and White Sunday challenge, but Paula made this one so easy, even I could join in.   Backwards, of course.

I’m posting this just before I disappear off to Edinburgh for a day or two, so apologies if I’m slow with responses.  I’ll be back on Saturday.

Six word Saturday


‘Seaton celebrates’ was a big success!

The sand pies were quite big too (and happy!)

The sand pies were quite big too (and happy!)

A certain lady was hard at work

A certain lady was hard at work on the sand sculpture

And there were a few other crowd pleasers too!

And there were a few other crowd pleasers too!

I loved these ladies so much!  Maybe a new Gravatar?

I loved these ladies so much! Maybe a new Gravatar?

Meanwhile my t'ai chi group 'worked the beach'

Meanwhile my t’ai chi group ‘worked the beach’

And there was all the usual 'fun of the fair'

And there was all the usual ‘fun of the fair’

These were my daughter's favourites when she was small

These were my daughter’s favourites when she was small

There were 'goodies'

There were ‘goodies’

And craft stalls galore!

And craft stalls galore!

And it was great weather for kites!

And it was great weather for kites!

And look what this little girl got to take home on the bus!

Just look what this little girl got to take home on the bus!

All in all, a good day!  The sun shone gently down.  Mike led the t’ai chi group into the water and my ‘crops’ got soaked!  A good time was had by all.  Just one omission!  I forgot to go back for a ‘finished’ photo of the sand sculpture.  It must have been the lure of the icecream.

Have a happy weekend, won’t you, and don’t forget to visit Cate at Show My Face.  You only need six words!


Six word Saturday and Summer Lovin’


A fun day at the beach

Sand images 1

Hartlepool council have organised Seaton Celebrates , to mark the completion of major sea defence work and the extended promenade at Seaton Carew.  Activities are to include sand sculpture workshops.  Well, there’s no shortage of sand on our beach! Which is just as well, because world champion sculptress Nicola Wood will be creating a large scale sculpture.

I’m hoping it will be on a par with the amazing themed sculptures which feature each year at the FIESA festival in the Algarve.  To be fair, they have a whole team working on them.  We are also promised a roller skating display, and street theatre, which will include sea creatures and a mermaid.  There’ll be nautically themed craft stalls and the singing of sea shanties too.

How do I know this?  The White Crane t’ai chi group (I’m a member) will be giving a demonstration.  I expect to be there, camera in hand at least part of the time.  It’s on all Saturday afternoon, between 12 and 5pm.

Sand 3

What do you have planned for Saturday?  Can you describe it in six words?  Pop over to see Cate at Show My Face and see exactly how it should be done.  This post is just so Summer, I really think it could find a home in Summer Lovin‘.  Don’t you?

I must stop playing with Lunapic.  It’s becoming a bad habit!  Have a happy Saturday.


Thursday : Lingering look at Windows- week 38

Icecream, anyone?

Icecream, anyone?

I think, by now, most people who follow me will have a pretty good idea of how the place where I live looks.  I’ve trekked you north and south of here, showing you some spectacuilar scenery, and a little industrial grunge too.  What you won’t have seen much of, until now, is our neighbouring seaside “resort”, Seaton Carew.

Like such resorts throughout Britain it’s a little tacky, but in the summer months it’s a mecca for young and old alike. (and I’m not just talking bingo!)  It has a decent stretch of beach, a paddling pool and, of course, amusement arcades to part you from your pennies.  There’s really only one street to it, so you can’t exactly be overwhelmed.

Two fish and chip shops scowl at each other across the main street, and you can buy burgers and icecreams from the kiosks.  No candy floss, though.  I used to love that sugary smell and watching it whizz around the drum.  These days I’m rather fond of lemon tops.  I love the sharpness before you get down to the slurpy icecream.  How about you?  What’s your favourite seaside treat?

I don’t know that I’d book a holiday here, but there are a couple of nice hotels and some B & B’s.  The Staincliffe is popular as a wedding venue, and has made a bid for notoriety by naming the Darwin Room after a local character who pretended to have died to get his hands on his insurance.  He paddled off into the sea and was never seen again. (until he was spotted in South America)  Don’t say we don’t have a sense of humour in the north east.

I thought I’d better show you these windows before the last of our hoped-for Indian Summer disappears.  It’ll be too cold to linger soon and we’ll all be clutching our hot chocolates.

There's always Red's when you need to warm up!

There’s always Red’s when you need to warm up!

Hope you enjoyed a saunter through Seaton with me.  I never mind lingering at a few windows.  Visit Dawn at Lingering Visions to spy out a few more.