Six word Saturday and Summer Lovin’


A fun day at the beach

Sand images 1

Hartlepool council have organised Seaton Celebrates , to mark the completion of major sea defence work and the extended promenade at Seaton Carew.  Activities are to include sand sculpture workshops.  Well, there’s no shortage of sand on our beach! Which is just as well, because world champion sculptress Nicola Wood will be creating a large scale sculpture.

I’m hoping it will be on a par with the amazing themed sculptures which feature each year at the FIESA festival in the Algarve.  To be fair, they have a whole team working on them.  We are also promised a roller skating display, and street theatre, which will include sea creatures and a mermaid.  There’ll be nautically themed craft stalls and the singing of sea shanties too.

How do I know this?  The White Crane t’ai chi group (I’m a member) will be giving a demonstration.  I expect to be there, camera in hand at least part of the time.  It’s on all Saturday afternoon, between 12 and 5pm.

Sand 3

What do you have planned for Saturday?  Can you describe it in six words?  Pop over to see Cate at Show My Face and see exactly how it should be done.  This post is just so Summer, I really think it could find a home in Summer Lovin‘.  Don’t you?

I must stop playing with Lunapic.  It’s becoming a bad habit!  Have a happy Saturday.



      1. I just tried the Lunapic website on a picture I have with a reflection in water, Jo. The ripple effect was applied to the whole picture, not just the reflection, so the whole picture was doubled at the bottom. Weird. I may be doing something wrong!


    1. You saw my watery ones, didn’t you? I haven’t had time to play any more but I’ll get back to it one of these dull rainy English days. What am I saying- today IS a dull, rainy…. so bad that I’ve just booked flights to the Algarve again for my birthday in November! Naughty me 🙂


      1. Naughty you, and lucky you! At least, no matter what the weather in dreary England, you can always escape to your heart’s desire! Yes, I did see your watery ones, but mine didn’t look like yours. It was like my whole picture was repeated top to bottom, with the whole picture rippling under the original picture. Not sure if that makes sense. 🙂


    1. I think it must, Madhu. I have very little control over what happens. (in all of life!!!) I just select photos that I think will work and I’ve been lucky so far. 🙂


      1. You’ve been busy lately- with family? Hope all’s ok? I noticed you weren’t posting quite as much but didn’t know if it was a conscious decision to cut back. When’s your safari?


    1. I suppose they have the joy of doing something different and equally clever, Suze. FIESA has been running for many years. I’m hoping to do an evening visit in September, to see it floodlit 🙂


  1. Wow, Jo … very clever and beautiful images – I love the way your photos melt into each other, never seen that before. Excellent work, Girlfriend. *smile


      1. Still soar … time for another pill killer soon. Thanks for asking – I checked Lunapic out – loads of fun. Have to have a closer look.


  2. What a post. And what wonderful bas-relief in sand. I’m mystified by the idea of great effort ending in impermanence. (My efforts at producing a bear from a mould in the Spacerowa park sandpit fade into total insignificance.)


    1. Hi Meg! Sorry I haven’t been over to yours for a day or three. Combination of sunshine and busy schedule 🙂
      At FIESA in Portugal the sculptures are there from May till October so ‘semi-permanent’ but such a shame to dismantle them and start again!


    1. If you follow the link to FIESA it does give you quite a lot of detail, Jackie. The sand sculptures are there from May to October each year then dismantled and a new theme planned for the following year. 🙂


  3. Such artistry ! Hours of fun and possible disappointment if you down work out the tide times correctly :-/
    Oh Jo …you should have shown us your pinkies dipped in the North Sea … I’m not QUITE sure I believe you … oh there again … it was a scorcher 🙂
    Bet everyone is loving the beach up there right now .


    1. The sculptures I’ve shown are quite a few miles inland at Pera in the Algarve, Poppy. A strange notion I know, with all that beach to play with, but they definitely don’t have to worry about the tide 🙂


      1. Oh sorry Jo being dumb :-/ must pay more attention …. got my head in the clouds or stars .. oh and difficulty with my spelling there I can see too .. *don’t work out …


  4. I’ll refrain from making snide comments about being surprised to see so much sand … though I’m sure people will enjoy seeing it piled into sculptures – I always think these are our version of the mandala sculptures, or the flower mosaics Michelle has recently shown us in Spain – representations of impermanence – not perhaps the impression the Town fathers want to project about their restoration/regeneration project 🙂


    1. They would have been inordinately pleased at the turnout, Meredith. It was a superb day, though on a much more modest scale. I will try not to make your point when I post photos of the actual event 🙂 I was more interested in impressing those folks at WP with this one. 😦


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