Before and after


I love this shot.  It was a balmy day earlier this month, on the beach at Seaton Carew.  Who’s in charge- man or dog?  I’m not entirely sure that I wanted to convert it to black and white.  But then, I usually feel like that about photos.  What do you think?


I don’t usually do the Black and White Sunday challenge, but Paula made this one so easy, even I could join in.   Backwards, of course.

I’m posting this just before I disappear off to Edinburgh for a day or two, so apologies if I’m slow with responses.  I’ll be back on Saturday.


  1. I always try to love the B&W versions, but I guess my eyes just crave color! Even a soft, pale color like the ones here. I especially like the sand ridges better in that sandy, pinkish shade.


    1. Mortified to find all 3 of your comments hiding in my spam 😦 😦 Oh, the shame! I do seem to have problems with a few folk these days. Do you have a Premium site? Mine is because I ran out of photo memory but that’s a year ago now so I can’t really understand the problem. Yvette Prior often has the same problem so I check my spam evety couple of days. Sorry! 🙂

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      1. Still my usual one, but I have been crazy busy with work and have had no time to post! I’m going to see if I can sit down for two mornings a month and blitz off a whole bunch to pre-schedule. Maybe that will work better!


  2. Lovely atmospheric photo, Jo. Love the light on the right and then moving to the darker on the left side. Personally prefer the subdued hues of the colour one and I really like the windmills in the distance! Hope you’re having a great time in Scotland! Too late for the Tattoo?


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