Six word Saturday


Waiting for a little night music!

The sun begins to set over FIESA in the Algarve

The sun starts to set on FIESA, in the Algarve

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What ARE they thinking?

What ARE they thinking?

Willy Wonka!

Disapproving of Willy Wonka?

The musical

It’s Show Time!

What did I say?

What?  What did I say?

Not late again!

Not late again!

I’ve visited the International Sand Sculpture FIESA, at Pera, several times, but never in the evening. This Summer I arrived just as the sun was starting to fade.  At first I wandered, nodding and smiling in recognition, and admiring the craftsmanship.  Choosing favourites.  Gradually the sand sculptures took on colour.  Just a spotlight or two at first.

Time to sit in the cafe with Laurel and Hardy and wait

Time to sit in the cafe with Laurel and Hardy, and wait

For the colours to deepen

For the colours to deepen

With great drama!

Enhancing the drama

And a smile or two

With a smile or two

And a frown!

And a frown!

A thoughtful d-j

Don’t knock the d-j!

And that inimitable group again!

Or the world’s greatest rock band

I imagine you’ve guessed that the theme this year is Music.  FIESA started in 2003 and runs from late March till October each year, so if you happen to be in the area, you just have time!  Full details are on the link.

Hope I’ve kept you entertained for a little while.  Have a great weekend and don’t forget to join me on Monday for a walk.  Better just pop in on Cate first, with your Six word Saturday.


Six word Saturday and Summer Lovin’


A fun day at the beach

Sand images 1

Hartlepool council have organised Seaton Celebrates , to mark the completion of major sea defence work and the extended promenade at Seaton Carew.  Activities are to include sand sculpture workshops.  Well, there’s no shortage of sand on our beach! Which is just as well, because world champion sculptress Nicola Wood will be creating a large scale sculpture.

I’m hoping it will be on a par with the amazing themed sculptures which feature each year at the FIESA festival in the Algarve.  To be fair, they have a whole team working on them.  We are also promised a roller skating display, and street theatre, which will include sea creatures and a mermaid.  There’ll be nautically themed craft stalls and the singing of sea shanties too.

How do I know this?  The White Crane t’ai chi group (I’m a member) will be giving a demonstration.  I expect to be there, camera in hand at least part of the time.  It’s on all Saturday afternoon, between 12 and 5pm.

Sand 3

What do you have planned for Saturday?  Can you describe it in six words?  Pop over to see Cate at Show My Face and see exactly how it should be done.  This post is just so Summer, I really think it could find a home in Summer Lovin‘.  Don’t you?

I must stop playing with Lunapic.  It’s becoming a bad habit!  Have a happy Saturday.