Six word Saturday


‘Seaton celebrates’ was a big success!

The sand pies were quite big too (and happy!)

The sand pies were quite big too (and happy!)

A certain lady was hard at work

A certain lady was hard at work on the sand sculpture

And there were a few other crowd pleasers too!

And there were a few other crowd pleasers too!

I loved these ladies so much!  Maybe a new Gravatar?

I loved these ladies so much! Maybe a new Gravatar?

Meanwhile my t'ai chi group 'worked the beach'

Meanwhile my t’ai chi group ‘worked the beach’

And there was all the usual 'fun of the fair'

And there was all the usual ‘fun of the fair’

These were my daughter's favourites when she was small

These were my daughter’s favourites when she was small

There were 'goodies'

There were ‘goodies’

And craft stalls galore!

And craft stalls galore!

And it was great weather for kites!

And it was great weather for kites!

And look what this little girl got to take home on the bus!

Just look what this little girl got to take home on the bus!

All in all, a good day!  The sun shone gently down.  Mike led the t’ai chi group into the water and my ‘crops’ got soaked!  A good time was had by all.  Just one omission!  I forgot to go back for a ‘finished’ photo of the sand sculpture.  It must have been the lure of the icecream.

Have a happy weekend, won’t you, and don’t forget to visit Cate at Show My Face.  You only need six words!



  1. Love your new gravatar – you are such a beautiful girl!!! You will suit together with everyone and in everything. *smile – really like that image of you.
    Love the image with the little girl and her bear – great and pleasant .. full of joy post.

    1. Bless you, hon. I’m ok if I stay well back from the camera 🙂 I went to make Michael some lunch then I have a big heap of ironing to do while he’s at the football and I can put a load of junk on telly. No sunshine so I have no excuses 🙂 Do you still have friends to visit in Smirisham or just go because you love it and for the memories? Hugs, darlin 🙂

      1. I have good friends in Simrishamn that I visit every 5 week. Inger, was like a daughter to mum and she was there for my mum through all the years I lived abroad – so we have a very special bound. And I also have an other couple of friends that I spent time with when I visit mum’s little beautiful home town.
        By the way I want to join your Monday Walk tomorrow … about my walk on my own in Vienna last Monday. I hope I done it right. Added the link and the logo.
        Sunday breakfast hugs

      2. Oh, bless you, Vivi! I’ll look forward to that 🙂
        I was awake early, with the walk in my head, and hoped to get some of it written, but I’ve been catching up with comments, and now the sun has arrived! I may have to breakfast in the garden. The time outdoors is so precious when it gets to this bit of the year. And then it will be Sunday ‘jobs’ 🙂 It might be a very late night tonight 🙂
        It’s lovely that you still have that connection to Simrishamn. Hugs! 🙂

      3. Yes, right thinking … girlfriend – we have overcast today, so enjoy the summer so long as it last. Enjoy your breakfast.
        You’re an early bird, singing before the roster.
        I’m going budget shopping with Inger today … not very relaxing.
        See you at Midnight. *smile

  2. What a relaxed post. I love the shot of you with the blue ones. But I’d miss the familiar gravatar.

    I feel left behind after a week away from the Internet. Where are you packing for?

      1. I did, especially in Slovenia. I got a chance to hang out with some animals :D. That always cheers me up. Are you nervous or excited before your trip? How is packing coming along?

      2. Both! Nervous and excited 🙂 Haven’t started to pack but know pretty much what we need.
        Thanks for spending time with me this morning. I was at t’ai chi and need to go out again soon. It’s horrible adjusting to being back again, and I don’t suppose your workload has got any less 😦

      3. It is horrible to be back, but I will go to Italy (Tuscany) the first week in October :). That is keeping me “alive” 😀 Thank you for spending time with me 😉

  3. So good to make the most of our British Summer when it happens Jo … must remember a builder’s trowel for future beach days then 😉
    Lovely snap of you there with Blue Lady !

      1. I’m OK, thanks Jo….been a bit preoccupied lately, hence no blogging until today. Looking forward to seeing your new Gravatar!

    1. You can drive, right? We’ll take that camper and go places! 🙂
      I love those ladies too, and thank you. In some strange, exotic way, they reminded me of my Lisa. I’m overdue a visit.

      1. Things ok with you? Posting today?
        I was in some gardens yesterday afternoon and they had the cutest little owl sculptures and I thought of you. And then there you were on mine! Magic owls- who needs a genie? 🙂 Hugs!

    1. Hi Lisa 🙂 I’ve been wanting an update for a while but I much prefer to be behind the camera. My blue lady took me by surprise when she took it from my hands. Multi-talented!

  4. Oh, Jo, I wish I could have been there with you; it all looks like such fun. A gorgeous picture of you! Not just because you are elegantly lovely, but because you look very content. I realized I might be able to save this photo of you and begin a photo file of my blogging buddy “portraits” then scroll them for screen saver.

    If I can figure all that out, I’ll have a delightful way to “see” many of you every day!

      1. :-). I don’t know about the blue ladies. I definitely hate clowns, and stilt people are usually a close secind ! But I must admit these two were quite alluring:-) Still … i choose you!

  5. I adore the photo of you with the ‘tall’ blue lady. What a fabulous outing. I am thinking sand sculpture weather is far better than ice sculpture weather. 🙂

    1. I wasn’t too sure what to expect, Jude, but there was lots going on and a good turnout.
      I went to some gardens you would highly approve of this afternoon. Didn’t intend going there initially but I enjoyed them. I’m sure they’ll turn up on here at some point 🙂

  6. I love that picture of you with the seaweed ladies, Jo. You look very happy indeed. 🙂 Ice cream and sand sculptures and lots of fun all around. Looks like the perfect day at the beach. xx

      1. I went to the Chinese embassy on Thursday and they said I can come back Wednesday to pick it up. Once I have it in hand, I’ll buy my one-way ticket! Getting close. Did I tell you Mike and I are taking a trip to Puerto Rico August 9-16?

      2. That’s fabulous news, on both counts, Cathy! Mike’s being really supportive, isn’t he? 🙂
        Rico will be fun! Your dates overlap with our Paris trip (9-14th) I’ll be thinking of you!

  7. What a fun way to spend a day. I can see that little girls is very happy to take that giant fluffy home. I am sure it will grace her bed for years to come 🙂

  8. I don’t know why the beaches always look nicer in other people’s photos than when I’m actually standing there. As always, thanks for bringing me along!

    1. Russell Square isn’t at all a bad venue for t’ai chi. I wouldn’t mind joining you there 🙂
      Thanks, Laura. I quite like it too- it’s distant enough not to show the wrinkles.

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