Thursday : Lingering look at Windows- week 38

Icecream, anyone?

Icecream, anyone?

I think, by now, most people who follow me will have a pretty good idea of how the place where I live looks.  I’ve trekked you north and south of here, showing you some spectacuilar scenery, and a little industrial grunge too.  What you won’t have seen much of, until now, is our neighbouring seaside “resort”, Seaton Carew.

Like such resorts throughout Britain it’s a little tacky, but in the summer months it’s a mecca for young and old alike. (and I’m not just talking bingo!)  It has a decent stretch of beach, a paddling pool and, of course, amusement arcades to part you from your pennies.  There’s really only one street to it, so you can’t exactly be overwhelmed.

Two fish and chip shops scowl at each other across the main street, and you can buy burgers and icecreams from the kiosks.  No candy floss, though.  I used to love that sugary smell and watching it whizz around the drum.  These days I’m rather fond of lemon tops.  I love the sharpness before you get down to the slurpy icecream.  How about you?  What’s your favourite seaside treat?

I don’t know that I’d book a holiday here, but there are a couple of nice hotels and some B & B’s.  The Staincliffe is popular as a wedding venue, and has made a bid for notoriety by naming the Darwin Room after a local character who pretended to have died to get his hands on his insurance.  He paddled off into the sea and was never seen again. (until he was spotted in South America)  Don’t say we don’t have a sense of humour in the north east.

I thought I’d better show you these windows before the last of our hoped-for Indian Summer disappears.  It’ll be too cold to linger soon and we’ll all be clutching our hot chocolates.

There's always Red's when you need to warm up!

There’s always Red’s when you need to warm up!

Hope you enjoyed a saunter through Seaton with me.  I never mind lingering at a few windows.  Visit Dawn at Lingering Visions to spy out a few more.


  1. Just as I would expect of a seaside town in UK …. fish & chips, Chinese, pizzeria, amusement arcades, cafes and an Indian … small B&B’s – what a wonderful view of a buzzing UK summer resort and sleepy winter town. Thank for taking me there … my thoughts goes to one of the best holidays I had in UK – my 14 days in Cornwall.

    1. It’s a very small resort, Vivi, but in this mild windy weather we’re having the chip shops will be buzzing! I should be out enjoying it but we just finished washing up after Sunday lunch and I’m having 5 minutes peace 🙂

      1. Okay … I like the UK seafront in the autumn and winter too … the sleeplessness. Going to Portpatrick in Scotland in the end of November .. a very pretty sleepy place, but i love it like that.

      2. Portpatrick’s lovely! Many years since I was in Dumfries and Galloway but we went often when our son was small. Have you been before?

  2. Enjoyed peeping into all those lovely windows with you Jo. My favourite seaside treat is a spicy green pea concoction called ‘Sundal’ sold in paper cones on the beaches in Chennai. Somehow doesn’t taste as nice when cooked in my sterile kitchen 🙂

  3. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside!!! Brings back memories from many, many years ago when my mother took me to the seaside, Hornsea or Withernsea, every year for a weeks holiday in a caravan. I spent it mainly with the donkeys walking up and down the beach. Do they still have the donkeys on the beach these days? Now in Australia it is the beach that we go to… 🙂

    1. Resorts like Scarborough, Whitby and Saltburn still have their donkeys, Pomme. Usually healthy looking beasts these days, which wasn’t always the case 🙂

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