Six word Saturday


Fluffy clouds





and boat people


Random moments from my Algarve week.  I seldom take photos of animals.  They have a habit of moving as soon as I point the camera.  The three cats intrigued me, however, as they sat and just stared, and stared.  I looked around for the hypnotist but he wasn’t anywhere about.  The boat, in “dry dock” in Albufeira, was equally unmoving.

It seems so much more than a week since I was there.  I have lots of golden moments to share, but there’s no time.  I’m off to Lisa’s wedding.  SO excited, I can barely type!  You can guess what next week’s 6WS is going to be.  Meantime, please visit Cate at Show My Face to share your week in six words.  Click on the header or the link for details.

I hope to catch up with some of you tomorrow, but I may be a bit giddy!



  1. Amazing how close the 3 cats sits – like a statue. Just love that photo. Can’t wait for all the photos from her wedding …. Want so to see that special gown. I hope you will feel today tomorrow … I always say if we don’t feel anything the next morning, the night before has been wasted.

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