My cloud fixation

The blue horizon

The blue horizon

These days I seem to have one eye permanently on the sky.  Cloud formations totally fascinate me.  They bump into and fold around each other with such gay abandon!  From the moment the sun slips over the horizon I’m aware of their constant movement.  Maybe it’s the restlessness in me that is drawn by them as they wander far and wide.

Nowhere are the clouds more wonderful to watch than on the coast.  Why is it that the sea seems to push the clouds away and hang on to the blue, even when the land is covered in thick cloud? I’m sure there must be a meteorological explanation.  Meantime, join me in a cliff top walk.

Layer upon layer of cloud rolls out to sea

Layer upon layer of cloud rolls out to sea

I was on the coast just north of here, not far from the former pit village of Easington.  There are few signs these days of the coal mining industry.  The occasional lift shaft is preserved as a reminder, along the coastal trail.  According to Wikipedia this is the only place on earth with dolomitic limestone cliffs on the coastline.  The railway runs up the north east coast, often providing sweeping views out to sea.

Notice the goods train in the foreground

Notice the goods train in the foreground

Walking back the sun glints off the water

Walking back the sun glints off the water

And I return to the pit lift, where I started out

And I return to the pit lift, where I started out

I hope you enjoyed cloud gazing with me.  See you next time!


  1. First I thought it was photos from Ireland …. *smile – you and your camera are such a wonderful team. Wonderful gallery, my favorite is “clouds breaking up” under the arch.

      1. …. it’s maybe easier to walk to you – then fly .. *smile
        I would love to do some walking with you … anywhere.

  2. I have to agree we can see so many different images in the clouds above us. These natural diffusers can be so powerful to a shot!

    1. It’s the shaft where the lift was, to take the miners down into the ground. It’s all old coal-mining territory, but tidied up now and the mines closed. A lovely walk on a sunny day 🙂

  3. That looks a fabulous coastline Jo . I think you are right the combination of sea coastline and clouds is a source of endless fascination too for me whenever I get the chance to visit such parts of our country or others .
    Aah I’m so grateful that there are so many simple things in life we can take pleasure from .

    1. Wow! What a fantastic share, Dale 🙂 Thank you so much. I hadn’t seen the video before. I was just about to do another cloud-related post and you’ve delayed me a bit, but I’m happy! Just shared it on FB.

  4. il mare e il cielo sembrano toccarsi abbracciandosi, mia preferita è la penultima foto, molto suggestiva
    buona notte Giovanna

    the sea and the sky seem to touch hugging, my favorite is the penultimate photo, very impressive

    1. I have lots of sunrises out of this window, Madhu. Some work better than others 🙂 Jake wants moonshine this week- I don’t have so many of those! Don’t think he means “hooch”. 🙂

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