Sunday Post : Wonderful

Jake’s back, and how wonderful that is!  In case you’re “wonder”-ing, yes, I did go to the fireworks last night.  The tide was coming in as I walked along the promenade, and there was a delicious whoosh as the sea met the shore.  The white caps in the darkness were beautiful- just one of the many wonderful sights that make up this world of ours.

I’ve never witnessed any of the spectacular world-renowned sights that fill our world with wonder- the Grand Canyon, the Great Wall of China, Macchu Pichu…  I’m going to start small, with the things that are wonderful to me.

Lisa, on the beach at Scarborough

My wonderful firstborn child.  I make no apologies for the quality of the photo, which is 38 years old.  What you can’t see from this shot is the absolute fear which gripped me that day, as I thought I’d lost her, there on the beach.  Or the relief when she was returned to me, wailing, as I frantically combed the beach.  Or the wonder that she is now a fullgrown and beautiful woman.

James, by the lakeshore at Fuschl, in Austria

Nineteen years behind his sister, James brought his own wonder.  Here, I think he’s wondering which piece to move next?

When it comes to family, it doesn’t get more wonderful than the reunion that brought my Dad together with his brothers and sisters in Poland, after 64 years of separation.

Together, at last, in Poland

So that’s the sentimental part.  For me, it’s always wonderful to wake to the sun, rising in the sky.  The sky and the cloud formations are endlessly fascinating as the sun climbs up through them. 

An Algarve sky has a different quality.  The view from my Tavira rooftop is wonderful to me.

And the sky so often ends up purest blue, reflected in the sparkling sea.

Just now and then, I can capture some clouds.

Often they build towards the end of the day, then it’s over, as wonderfully as it began.

What do you find wonderful in the world?  There is so much to celebrate, and Jakesprinter works hard every week to share with us his talent.  He would love you to share your world too.  Don’t worry- he’s always kind.  Follow the flying dragon or the links to join us.

No song this week?  My friend Madhu says “What a wonderful World”, but I was singing that old Jimmy Ruffin song.