Six word Saturday

If he could see the future?

This is a special place for me.  I love the outlook from this simple café, across the River Guadiana to Spain.  But more than that, it’s a place where I have a clear and vivid memory of my Dad, standing beside the soldier and smiling back at me.  I have to wonder what he would make of our world today.  From a perspective before Covid-19.

For a lighter mood, pop over to Debbie’s for a bit of Saturday shopping.  Have a good weekend!  I’ll be back with a round-up of walks on Monday.



  1. A short and thoughtful post. It is difficult times and also so exasperating and anger making watching the failures of governments around the world. We are nearby now in Cabanas but ready to risk the flight home and be ‘quarantined’ when we are from some least risks areas. Both my daughters are in vulnerable categories and one of my oldest friend’s husband died of this virus. The emotional landscape and connections are changing. And sometimes all we can do is look out across that river and hope. Take care. Abrazos virtuales!


  2. I am actually grateful that my mother is no longer living in Florida to see all the chaos there.

    Happy memories that probably brought you to this delightful and memorable spot. Hope your weekend was sweet!


  3. Hi, Jo. Great question. I wonder, too, when I think of the brave people who fought wars in the past and went through a terrible world-wide economic depression. What would they think of our current troubles? Take care, Jo. Be well.


    1. Not a lot of good news right now, Patti, though the Algarve is starting to feel more normal. But who would ever have thought masks would appear in the stores as a fashion accessory? 😦 😦

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  4. What would so many of our loved ones think of the world today? I hate to even imagine it. I’m afraid in many ways we’ve made a real mess of things. Meanwhile, I try to stay on a positive course myself (as much as I can!), and I know you do, too. Hope you are good overall!


  5. Nice photo but lovely memories Jo. Strange how certain scenes or locations remind us of long-lost and loved family and friends isn’t it? I often find that scenes and places remind me of my Dad even when he never visited there or has absolutely no connection. Just something clicks and you think ‘Dad would have liked it here’. Never far away are they?


    1. Hi Jonno 😍How’s things? You on the move again yet? Dad was happy for us to have this place but it was never his idea of heaven. He liked somewhere like Benidorm or Ibiza and I’ve not been to either. 🤣💕

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      1. Yep here for over 7 weeks in a huge house with no pets just a load of plants. Very relaxing and a good slow-step back whilst the world is still unsettled.

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  6. Love this one Jo – hadn’t really thought about how my parents would have dealt with the crisis. Knowing them, my dad would have thoughtfully and carefully weathered the storm and my mother would have worried herself into a nervous wreck LOL. Somewhere in the middle is probably where most of us fall!


    1. Dad was always very gregarious, Tina. Being one of eleven he was comfortable surrounded by people. But he was also a great survivor, and I’m sure he would have coped. He’d have given those governments a piece of his mind though! 🙂 🙂

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  7. Memories, memories 🙂
    Enjoy your weekend too. I can’t tell you how much I love to spend time in a good cafe’.


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