Six word Saturday

A peaceful contemplation of the night

Subtitled : Stillness when the storm has abated  It was a humdinger of a storm yesterday morning.  Exceptionally high tides flooded the centre of Tavira.  I hope calm has been restored.  Meanwhile, Debbie has a great message for us on Six Word Saturday.  Enjoy your weekend!



  1. i saw the tropical weather news and was surprised about the ‘alpha ‘ storm – how appropriate that the first storm in the greek alphabet selected an area on your side of the pond…

    thinking of you, reading your post and loving to explore your new world thru your eyes.

    battery all but dead so sending this fast!

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  2. Interesting that we are half a world away Jo and we’ve been having wind and rain as well. Fortunately for us we are only experiencing the outer bands of Hurricane Sally which hit hard on the Gulf Coast of the US. Nothing is more beautiful tho, than the world after a storm clears. Happy Sunday to you!


    1. We only had half a day of rain, Tina. Could have done with a lot more. Two days of local floods but the river here is tidal and that occasionally happens. The wind was crazy but great fun to watch the scudding waves. Flat calm now after a pleasant walk with friends and lovely lunch 🤗💕


    1. It’s been a long hot summer, Pauline, and we’ve been praying for rain, without any real conviction that it would arrive. It did, on Friday morning, but by afternoon it was sunny again, but with gale force winds and exceptionally high tides. Tavira does flood in these circumstances, and it has, 2 days running, without significant damage that I can see. I don’t think this year is normal in any respect, hon. More rain would be very welcome but who knows when it might arrive. 🙂 🙂 How are you doing?

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      1. Yes rain is always welcome so long as it comes in moderation ☔️. It is jack’s year of problems and doctor visits. He has now pulled a big muscle in his backside 🙄very painful to bend down, but he keeps smiling 😃


      2. Sounds like you’ll be doing the gardening on your own, Pauline 😦 Is he alright sitting? At least then he can do artwork, but you do like to keep active. Give him a gentle hug for me 🙂 🙂

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      3. Yes he can sit down ok but can’t touch toes, so I have to help with putting shoes on. But slowly getting better. We thought it was a pulled muscle but doc says it is pinched nerve. Gentle hug been giving, he loves hugs and sends a virtual one back to you. 🤗

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